Hey Mark! Good eye. Yes, there is a slight difference between the SCTT that we've had around for a while and this SCTTT. The extra "T" in this title just means that there's a titanium heel spring in the binding as opposed to the steel spring in the SCTT.
Hey David! It's a 98mm last, though we have gotten some seriously wide feet into this boot thanks to the Memory Fit plastic and unless your instep is particularly high then it'll probably end up working if you want to put in some time and effort. You can punch it very, very far too. If you're not interested in punching the lateral side of your foot then something like the Scarpa Maestrale RS 2.0 is probably worth checking out as it's a 101mm last and has a lot of liner to work with.
Hey Eric! Not 100% sure yet as we haven't been able to really tear the boot apart and analyze it, but I do believe it goes a bit higher than the older Dynafit models and stops somewhere kinda high up in the front where the cuff wings overlap (approximately the height of the velcro). If there are any monumental changes we'll try to get an updated picture from Dynafit and get an update in the description.
That's awesome to hear actually, I'm glad to hear that it's going well. We have definitely built a few of these setups before and have had no negative reactions (so far) so it sounds like it's entirely doable. Sounds like my apprehension was a bit excessive to begin with. Still not recommended by Dynafit and we haven't been able to put these setups on our release testing machine so I can't comment on exactly how it performs under stress, but it sounds like it's working close enough to appropriately that it'...
Hey Andy! Based on those last sentences about your skiing style, the 175 seems to make way more sense to me.