Hey Will! My two cents: never size up or down to get a proper fit in a boot. A few years ago that used to be common just because there weren't very many boots on the market. Now there are so many options that it's not worth doing that. I think the Scarpa Alien 3.0 has a better chance of fitting your forefoot. It's not a wide boot but it's definitely wider than this boot. The new Dynafit Pintech boot may fit you even better though. It has the widest forefoot of any carbon race boot that I've seen and probabl...
Hey Schralp! I don't have an overall binding delta for it yet just because we'll have to measure the heel piece once it shows up and I'm not 100% positive on which adjustment plate they used. The toe piece is likely going to be in the realm of the 28-29mm area though. For what it's worth I'd be surprised if the binding delta was greater than 5mm or so.
Hey Christian! Not sure yet, totally possible though. Once we get them in we'll be able to inspect them a bit closer. Regardless of whether it matches or not though, we'll post the info here.
Hey William! These are the hinges for the tongue, correct? If so it looks like we're out (and have been for some time actually) so unfortunately directing you back to Scarpa is the best I can do at this point.
Hey Jeff! No official plans yet, but I'd be surprised if we didn't see a Zed 10 in the near future. I think it's fine for lighter and less aggressive skiers (partly because the ramp angle is flat, that works really well especially for skiers like that) but only as long as they're within the release value range, otherwise the theoretical Zed 10 would be a better choice.