Hey Tom! The downhill performance of this ski is wicked! They're very fast and energetic but also definitely require you to stay on top of it, the stiff tails will get away from you if you get thrown in the back seat. If you can stay forward though, these things are rockets. There's a substantial amount of camber in them and once it flattens out it produces a ton of tip rocker as opposed to the Minim which has a long running edge and a relatively low amount of camber. The Minim is smooth edge to edge, power...
Hey Robert! Yeah, same toe pattern between the TR-Race and Gara Titan bindings! Similar hole pattern to the Kreuzspitze, Plum, Hagan/ATK/Black Diamond/and some of the older Dynafit bindings.
Hey Gabriel! There aren't necessarily pros and cons to the different flexes and the softer one definitely isn't less durable than the stiffer one. I think it depends a bit more on how much you weigh or how you ski. For example, I weigh 59kg and skied the 60 flex and it was great, but only as long as you are willing to really pay attention to the ski. If you are about 70kg or heavier you could probably choose based on how stiff of a ski you want, but if you are substantially heavier than that you should prob...
Hey Matt. Tough to say for sure as Dynafit has a handful of bindings called the TLT Speed. Would you mind sending us a picture of the binding so we can eliminate any potential confusion?
Fast and dry warmth! Pretty impressed with it! Never tried any other fishnet baselayers but if they're anything like this then I am a 100% advocate for them. Now if only I can pull this off in public without wearing something over it...