Just noticed that the whole Alp Tracks line went on sale recently -- does this mean that the "limited" run is coming to an end or being phased out of the shop? Or just a spring discount on a ski that you'll be stocking 2018/19? I love the AT 84 so much I'm considering other widths, wouldn't want to get burned by indecision. Thanks!
This is a downright excellent ski. Now, I'm no race-ski savant -- I've skied about half a dozen different pairs over the years, but only have extensive experience with one other set of race sticks (Dynafit PDG, which I skied for multiple seasons and at a couple dozen races of different types). That said, after about 35 days on them, the Ascent is my clear first choice for any of the race skis I've been on, and has even started to supplant some "real" skis in my quiver during casual skinning days and backcou...
Thanks Nate, that's exactly the info I was looking for.
I got a pair of these before SkimoCo had them in stock, so unfortunately I didn't get to give the good fellas of Booter Friday fame my business -- but I figured I'd throw a review up here for any potential/interested buyers. Short version, not only does the mono-link work well, I actually think it works better than a traditional two-spring (duo link?) race binding (e.g. Low Techs, ATK race, or Plum 145, the latter being my typical choice). I got the Ultras mounted up on a pair of Hagan race sticks this past...
Spirit guides of SkimoCo -- how would you compare this ski in a 177cm length to a 178 Voile Objective? I've been skiing the 171cm Objective as a long-tour option for two seasons now and considering getting it in the 178, but I've been a little disappointed with its hard snow performance. Would the Alp Tracks take refrozen mank better than the Objective? Or would it be a little less versatile, and more of a quiver ski? Thanks in advance, dudes!