Hi Jamie, it does not appear that these lids will fit on Nalgene or Gatorade bottles. At this time, CAMP does not make an adapter for other bottles.
Hi Sean, a 50 is roughly a size Large in US sizes. In this pant specifically it's probably a 32-34 waist and 32" inseam.
Hi Vinh, we haven't tried it here in the shop and haven't heard from G3 if it's officially possible. Looking at the housing, it appears that it could work but I'm not positive.
Hi Rasto, when an item does not appear in the menu it means that we are currently out of stock. I've double checked our inventory and that does appear to be the case with the 1/4" size at this time.
Hi Jamie, I'm going to assume that you've got a fixed race mount given the boot we are discussing. I'm sorry to say it but I'm almost certain you'll have to remount. The easiest way would be adding an adjustment plate to the heel as it will keep your toes in a good location and avoid adding more holes than necessary to your ski, but it obviously comes at a very minor weight penalty.