Hi Adrian, yes, that is correct.
Hi Yann, while I don't believe the Objective is an overly stiff ski by my or most other people's description, it has a substantial camber and I don't think it's any softer (particularly underfoot) than the V6. In terms of a ski that offers the soft flex you are looking for I would suggest the Elan Ibex 84 Carbon XLT though you would lose the scaled BC base Voile offers.
Hi John, this liner is a new option for us in the 18/19 season and we haven't received into stock yet to be able to give official word. With that being said, I feel that there is a good chance this liner may work for your replacement needs as it is much closer to the original Dynafit liner in thickness and the Palau foam molds and compresses very nicely when molded.
Hi Zach, out of the Hagan skins selection the Race skin is the one that will fit the Ascent the best. You are not limited to a precut Hagan skin with that ski though. Any pre-made race skin will fit equally well.
Hi David, we have not ever tried these on the Sideral 2.1 so we cannot say. It may be worth contacting B&D directly to see if they have any knowledge of the compatibility.