Hi Kevin, We just received some of these into our inventory. They are listed in this section as the Spectre Ski/Walk Mechanism and are sold by left or right side.
Hi Tom, The 91mm crampon is no longer available, 97mm is available though. I just weighed the 97mm crampons and they weighed 77g each.
Hi Martin, I have a good friend who owns a climbing shoe re-sole business. I've asked him about resoling ski boots and his reply was that they would be very easy to resole, provided one could find the proper sole material. Last we spoke, he still hadn't sourced the material. If you can find it, I'm sure you could get someone to do it.
Hi Cim, The official answer is no, we do not have any shims for the G3 Ion. I did take the time to size up some of the B&D shims to see if your idea of drilling extra holes would work. It appears that the Radical FT/ST shim could work, but I can't say for how long as it is not intended to be used with that binding. Drilling extra holes in the shim may cause it to crack or fail in some other manner. If you decide to try it, keep in mind that you'll need to replace the screws with longer ones as well.
Hi Anthony, It was worth a shot, but you're correct that it won't work. You'll be drilling new holes if you switch bindings from the Radical 2.0 to the Ion.