Hi Steve, we have not been able to test the binding to get an idea of release value, yet.
Hi Steve, it roughly translates to a US size 10 men's shoe. Mondopoint sizing, which ski boots use, is essentially based off the length of the foot in centimeters. For a more accurate picture of what size you would want, I strongly suggest that you measure both of your feet in centimeters and choose the size that most closely correlates.
Hi Alexandra, I think in your case that the 100mm brakes will likely have enough clearance to work.
Hi Katie, you definitely are not crazy. Colin Haley has been doing exactly what you propose for several years (along with other alpinists). My suggestion, if you are using them exclusively for approaches, would be to use a skimo race ski instead of a touring ski or kid's ski as you'll save substantial amounts of weight. Feel free to email us at help@skimo.co and we will be happy to continue the discussion and dial in your approach setup.
Hi Haoran, the S/M fits a head circumference of 48-58cm and the M/L fits a head circumference of 53-61cm.