Hi Jason, The medium volume Pro Tour liner is likely a better replacement for the stock if you are looking to go with this Intuition liner. Especially if you have narrow feet and need the liner to take up some space. If you'd like to stick with the stock liner, we do offer the Scarpa Pro Flex G liner which is what comes in the Maestrale.
Hi Peter, thanks for asking. In my experience the lateral movement of the boot is enough to offer some comfort but not dramatic enough to lose edge hold. On numerous spring days, I had no issues at all with icy side hill performance.
Hi Tom, now that we have these boots in stock and I've had a chance to familiarize myself with them a bit, I wanted to get back to you with an answer. The fit of these boots is very similar to the MTN Lab in shape. Low instep, relatively narrow. These boots have a much better heel pocket and much tighter ankle fit than the MTN Lab. My experience Fitting the MTN Lab shell, is that it runs a bit long. In your case with the 26.5 Lab feeling a little short, my suggestion would be to go with a 27.5 in the X-A...
Hi Tom, We have not yet received this boot so I don't want to shoot in the dark based on the fit of other boots and possibly mislead you. Have you shell fit your MTN Lab boots? Depending on the shell fit of your MTN Lab boot, whether it's 1, 1.5, or 2 fingers behind the heel, I can help guide your fit with this boot a little better when we receive it.
Hi Sather, this pack is designed to work with one axe. Depending on the axes, I think you could make two fit in a pinch, but it wouldn't be ideal.