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Skimo to SkyRun - 5/10/2021
Unless you live near glaciers, there comes a time each summer when the mountains are significantly more brown and green than white. And although we’d never officially suggest hanging up your skis, sometimes it does make more sense to leave them at home (we do love efficiency). When this is the case, we still recommend getting out there, but with a pair of trail running shoes instead. This is why we started SkyRun, after all. So for those of you who love skinning ..
It’s May and you know what that means, time to keep skiing! Here in the Wasatch, most folks don’t think May is a great time to backcountry ski. We disagree. If anything, the skiing is even more interesting nowadays! Here’s why: Mid-May powder day. It's not over until the snow is gone. 1. Variety is the spice of life This time of year, you never know what you’re going to get. Just because it snowed two days ago, that doesn’t actually mean much when ..
I-15 Ski Lines - 4/12/2021
For most of us, we can’t always be in the mountains. Things like work, errands, and familial obligations keep us valley-bound. This is especially true in the Wasatch front of Utah due to very limited housing opportunities in Little and Big Cottonwood. Showing off for all of Utah County. As a result of all this valley dwelling, the faithful spend many hours staring up at the mountains dreaming of lines and monitoring the snow to see if they're filled in..
At Skimo Co, our staff obsesses over gear. And while shiny news skis are great, what really matters most are the experiences that the gear affords. Backcountry skiing is a fun way to get outside, challenge yourself, and explore nature with good company. And that’s exactly why Amelia Mayer added backcountry skiing to her family’s repertoire. Along with her husband and five children, Amelia lives out of Jackson, Wyoming where she hosts a website called “Tales of..
People often associate lightweight ski mountaineering gear with superhuman athletes wearing skin suits. While such equipment is indeed required to ascend the podium at your local skimo race, it turns out that the same approach to ski gear selection benefits normal humans even more. In other words, the heavier your gear, the slower you’ll be. Certainly, spandex doesn’t make sense for most tourers, but shaving a few grams here and there definitely does. The result? Bi..
Skins are a crucial part of your kit - after all, they get you to the top! Without skins, skiers would be relegated to post holing in deep snow, or, worse, snowshoeing! Originally made out of seal fur (hence the name), skins have come a long way but still provide the same essential function - one-way forward progress uphill while providing enough grip to fend off gravity’s pull. No matter your skill level, it’s important to consider which ones will best mat..
by Trace Williams If you have had your ear to the ground in the running world over the past two or three years, you have probably noticed that more and more elite level, as well as local athletes, are using human-powered skiing during the winter months to access otherwise off-limits terrain. Conversely, if you have had your ear to the skin track, you will have probably noticed that most skiers make a natural transition to mountain runners. There are a lot of reas..
"Let’s go to the Sierras and ski the Mendenhall Couloir and Bloody Couloir!” “Quick trip out to ski Shasta?” A few years ago, if you had made these statements to me, I would have laughed loudly, confident that you were sarcastic. While these objectives aren’t cutting edge, they are all fairly big lines; steep descents that come with enough avalanche danger that they can’t be taken lightly. Each is the type of descent any skier who has spent time in unforgiv..
By Jason Borro, Skimo Co Owner We’ve decided to let you in on a little secret. A secret known only to skimo racers, paraplegics, high-school physics teachers, and the rare students who retain knowledge after the test. The secret is a simple machine known as the Inclined Plane, shown below.     Like all machines, the Inclined Plane provides a mechanical advantage. In this case, the advantage is defined by the ratio of an object’s w..
Words for Snow - 10/21/2013
It is often said that Eskimos have dozens or even hundreds of words for snow. Linguists laugh and say this is just a myth started by anthropologist Franz Boas, who didn’t understand an advanced word-formation technique known as polysynthesis.  Modern anthropologist Igor Krupnik is fighting back, however, counting at least 53 meaningfully distinct words for snow in the Inuit dialect spoken within the Nunavik region of Canada. While we prefer to remain on the ..

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