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Voile V6 Ski

No Longer Carry

The term “one-ski-quiver” is a moving target, highly dependent on what you like to ski and when. The Voile V6 could be one of these select skis for backcountry touring in powder-ful areas of the West. Voile is known for making durable skis that retain their value, performance, and usability over the years. A lightweight aspen wood core keeps offers good flotation per gram without sacrificing durability. It’s also incredibly fun. One layer of carbon fiberglass and one layer of tri-axial fiberglass have been integrated into the core for added reinforcement and pop. Polyamide is a low-density fiber akin to fishing line that is highly flexible, lightweight, and extremely abrasion resistant; it also makes up the top sheet of the V6 and ensures your top sheet won’t peel off the first time you cross your tips. The V6 incorporates a 2mm thick, full-perimeter edge that won’t pull out after your first early season rock-strike. Voile's signature Hybrid Rocker is the heart and soul of the V6, embodying the easy-skiing nature and hard-charging stability that is associated with the brand. The V6 is capable of turning beginners into experts and ensuring your tours are as happy and worry-free as possible.

  • Backcountry Magazine’s Editors’ Choice
  • Round flex pattern is confidence inspiring and doesn’t hold any surprises.
  • Tip to tail edges are 2mm thick and aren’t afraid of a bit of abuse.
  • Polyamide top sheet is abrasion and scratch resistant.
  • Aspen core is durable, light, and poppy.
  • Skis have black p-tex bases
Lengths (cm) 163, 173, 178, 183, 188
convert to ounces
1335g [163]
1490g [173]
1530g [178]
1625g [183]
1760g [188]
Weight (pair) 2670g [163]
2980g [173]
3060g [178]
3250g [183]
3520g [188]
Dimensions   126-96-108 [163]
129-98-110 [173]
131-99-111 ]178]
133-100-113 [183]
139-102-115 [188]
Turn Radius   17m [163]
18m [173]
18.5m [178]
19m [183]
20m [188]
Skin Fix   Rounded tip and tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Voile Hybrid Rocker, rocker tip & tail w/ camber underneath
Shape   Rounded tip & tail w/ medium radius
Construction   Cap
Core   Light Aspen wood, carbon & triaxial fiberglass layers
Skimo Co Says
Usage Daily turns in soft and mixed conditions
Notes Very easy to ski
Bottom Line Easy all-rounder
Compare to other High-fat Skis

Questions & Reviews

Question from Cawley
Do you guys have any beta on the Voile Hyper series? projected weights, date to market, etc?
Answer from I-M
We have a demo on hand that the weight came in at 1275g a ski for a 178cm, we expect to see our order arriving in September. It's a fun ski.
Answer from Chris C
cool. i should have clarified; is that for a hyper charger, or a hyper...something else?
Answer from jbo
Hi Chris, that is for the Hyper V6. We figured that's what you were asking about on this page :)
Answer from Chris C
That is certainly the logical way to look at this. Thanks Jason!
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Model: V6

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