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Add a GPS watch to your extensive gear list to track your day from heartrate to elevation gain. Data from every tour is recorded and easy to view in an app on your smartphone.

If your charging cord has grown legs and walked away, or your watch band is starting to look a bit haggard, we have you covered. A few offerings to keep you connected to your watch, your workouts, and your world. APEX 42mm / PACE 2 Silicone Band - sillicone band for your APEX 42mm or PACE 2 watch. APEX 46mm / APEX Pro Silicone Band - silicone band for your APEX or APEX Pro wa..
From $19.95
We all know how to pace ourselves on the skin track, but how does one pace 2? The simple answer is to get the PACE 2 sports watch from COROS. This gem is both light on the wrist as well as the wallet. Don't let that fool you, there is still a long-lasting battery behind the CorningĀ® Glass face and feature-packed software as well. The customizable display lets you make your most imp..
Ever wonder if you could quantify that perfect day in the mountains or that time you did more laps than you thought possible, or even that type II fun sufferfest that you're now proud of in hindsight? Funny thing, COROS makes these fancy watches to help you do just that! The APEX features an intuitive software system, tons of customization options, and a battery life that we dare y..
From $298.95
Racking up vert, but don't know how much? Track your stats all day with the APEX Pro watch from COROS. Built in GPS, touch screen and an insane battery life of up to 40 hours in full GPS mode. This tech savvy sports watch can also check oxygen levels in your blood so you can decide if you're pushing it a little too hard (but you'll probably keep pushing hard anyway). For easy navig..

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