With decades of podium experience in alpine and Nordic racing, Atomic is no rookie when it comes to making skis.  Unsurprisingly, their more recent skimo racing designs have placed them on the podium again.  The brand is steeped in skiing history, both present and future versions.

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Atomic Backland UL 65 Ski
As the successor to the acclaimed Ultimate 65, the Backland UL has some big shoes to fill. That’s big in the sense of reputation, not size. These are skimo racing skis, after all. The new UltraLight, or UL, series features a redesigned tip, with a slimmer..
Atomic Ultimate 65 WC Ski
Atomic enters stage left, moves to center stage. It’s a simple script for a major ski industry player to enter a new niche. Just make a bunch of decent skis and sell them through a large established network of dealers. Atomic is the star of this play, ..
$699.95 $499.95
Atomic Backland UL 78 Ski
Atomic changed the name, but not the singular purpose. The Backland UL 78 is a ski mountaineering weapon. The ski is capable of slicing and dicing on hard snow, while remaining playful in soft snow due to the lightly rockered tip. The double-carbon constr..
Atomic Ultimate 78 Ski
A wider version of the Ultimate race ski, the 78 is an elite mountaineering ski made by Atomic. Inspired by Kilian’s transition from racer to extreme alpinist, the Ultimate 78 is designed to go high and fast. An all-mountain rocker and innovative sidewall..
$699.95 $479.95
Atomic Backland UL 85 Ski
Still the widest platform in Atomic’s high-end backcountry lineup, the Backland UL 85 is the ticket for all-season usage. From deep powder in the winter to those spring corn harvests, the 85mm waist will perform. Atomic redesigned the tip from the Ultimat..
Atomic Ultimate 85 Ski
At this rate we’ll see a 100mm Ultimate ski by 2017. After proving their ultralight carbon platform could handle the steeps with a 78mm waist, Atomic is now expanding its waistline to the sweet spot for daily touring (if you poll Europeans). With carbon s..
$749.00 $509.95
Atomic Backland Women's Boot
Atomic did not forget about the fairer sex when developing its new line of alpine touring boots. The Women’s Backland is packed with most of the same technology as the carbon version, but with a softer flex and better colors. The boots ascend like a dream..
$648.95 From $479.95
Atomic Backland Carbon Boot
Atomic pulled out all the stops for the new Backland series of touring boots. This figurative expression not only refers to pipe-organ knobs, but also to financial constraints, production impediments, and reasons that may stop you from buying them. This i..
Atomic Backland Carbon Light Boot
The Light version of the carbon Backland boots has been tuned for speed. With a lighter and even more breathable liner in the nearly frictionless pivoting shell, the boots were made for walking and skinning. You can leave in the Soft Flex tongue with nary..
Atomic Backland Tongues
The Atomic Quick-Click tongue system allows you to transform your Backland boots from excellent up-hillers to excellent down-hillers. Or you can get a compromise tongue to handle a little of each. Choose from the options below, which are interchangeable a..
Atomic Backland UL Skins
Atomic’s Ultralight Rocker skins are designed for the Backland UL series skis: the 65, 78, and 85. They are 100% mohair and equipped with bungees designed to be use with race-style tip notches. The Backland UL skins feature the unique Atomic Rocker design..
From $169.95
Atomic Ultimate Race Skin
You gotta skin it to win it, so it’s nice to have the most efficient skins out there. That crown might now be held by Atomic who, in partnership with Colltex, developed an innovative new Glide Zone at the tip of their skins. Formally called Rocker Skins, ..
$129.00 $99.95
Atomic Rocker Skins
There is still plenty of room left for innovation in climbing skins. Just a little less room, however, after the advent of Atomic’s Rocker skins. Since most of the grip when skinning comes from underneath and behind your feet, looking for weight savings a..
Atomic Ski Bag
The bags from Atomic are nice durable ski totes. The come in single or double wide sizes to carry one or two pairs of adult alpine skis, which means 2-4 skimo race skis. Choose from padded or non-padded options for your rock or precious setups, respective..
From $69.95
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