Welcome to Skimo Co, the new go-to source for light and fast ski mountaineering gear. We've taken great care in selecting products that meet stringent quality and weight requirements. Please let us know if you need help choosing gear that is right for you. We are currently featuring the following brands and products:

  • La Sportiva
  • Scarpa
  • ARVA
  • Hagan
  • Millet
  • Movement
  • Plum
  • C.A.M.P.
  • Ski Trab
  • Dynafit
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Pomoca Climb Pro Glide Skins
$178.95 From $159.95
Based on 4 reviews.
Dynafit PDG Speed Package
$2099.85 $1931.85
Voile Wasatch Speed Project
$624.95 From $479.95
Based on 1 review.
La Sportiva Spitfire Boot
$898.95 From $532.74
Based on 1 review.
Dynafit Cho Oyu Ski
$799.95 From $599.95
Based on 2 reviews.
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