If you can’t see you can’t ski.  Good protection from the sun and elements is essential in order to climb and descend safely.  Make sure to bring a headlamp for the dawn patrols and late skis when you might be returning in the dark.

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Julbo Aerospace Goggles
Finally, some goggles that work for uphill skiing. Julbo has an ingeniously simple plan for tackling the inevitable fogging that occurs if you ski with a typical goggle in the backcountry. All you do is pull the lens away from your face, which pops open to leave a sub-centimeter gap all around the glass. This is just enough to let your steam escape and a freshening airflow to work ..
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Uvex Downhill 2000 Goggles
If you can’t see, you can’t ski. Avoid that problem with the Downhill 2000 goggles. German industrial giant Uvex makes the best lenses in the industry, in terms of break-resistance, anti-fog technology, and distortion-free vision. Because of this, Downhill 2000s are great for racing, touring, and ski mountaineering. The goggles feature Supravision® anti-fog treatment, which has dou..
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Julbo AirFlux Goggles
Now the award-winning SuperFlow system is available in a more affordable goggle. The Airflux sports the same amazing ventilation found in the Aerospace, but without the chromatic lenses. Instead the goggles are fitted with an assortment of Julbo Spectron lenses, each adept in different lighting conditions. If you’re headed uphill to ski, pop the lens away from your face with a simp..
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Ski Trab Attivo Goggles
The Attivo Goggles are simple glasses geared for uphill skiing and mountaineering. Choose from single or double lens configurations to keep the snow and wind off your eyeballs. The goggles come with both standard straps and shorties that plug into receptors found on the Attivo helmet. The receptors are a secure hold that lets you move the goggles between your face and the front of ..
Uvex Sportstyle 202 Race Sunglasses
Race with style, protection, and clear vision. The Sportstyle 202 race glasses provide all these in spades. Uvex engineers sunglasses with the highest level of protection from impact and ultraviolet light. They do so with the clearest lenses in the industry, capable of transitioning from dark to light in a few seconds. Supravision® technology is a superb anti-fog treatment that, co..
Julbo Trek Sunglasses
The Trek sunglasses are the go-to eyewear for general and ski mountaineering. Transition lenses keep the light transmission optimal and a wrap-around style blocks the U/V light from melting your face. The glasses feature air vents on the lenses to prevent fogging, and also allow airflow underneath. In addition, you can remove the side wings to further increase the venting on warm s..
Uvex Sportstyle 104V Sunglasses
Not only do the Sportstyle glasses provide the best low-light vision, they also offer the best protection. The name Uvex derives from the technology that fully blocks U/V light (UV-EXcluded). That includes all wavelengths of damaging UVA, UVB, and UVC light. It also happens that the lenses can withstand the impact of a 6mm steel ball fired at 160km per hour. More conveniently, you ..
Ski Trab Aero Headlamp
We do a lot of racing and skiing at night. The more lumens a lamp puts out, the faster you can ski. The Trab Aero Headlamp projects up to 1600 lumens down your favorite chutes. That is enough to ski with confidence yet remain oblivious to the obstacles further below. Perfect for concentrating on the task at hand above a cliff band. The Aero lamp has a secure tripod mount that can b..
Gloworm Lights
Gloworm is a New Zealand based company making high end, bright LED lights. The more light you have the faster you can ski and the more time you have to react to whats coming at you. With Gloworm's X1 and X2 headlamps with interchangeable lenses you can get just light you need at your finger tips. X1- This is the single bulb light weight option has the ability to program 3 differ..
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Gloworm Accessories
Gloworm accesories available to upgrade or add to your existing setup. Other parts available upon request. ..
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