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Dynafit Boot Parts

Brand: Dynafit
Model: Boot Parts
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Break a buckle or lose a tongue? Don’t run to the checkout with a new boot just yet; check here for spare parts first. This is our small but growing collection of Dynafit boot parts. Most everything is sold in pairs, one for each boot (unless specified as left or right).

(11) PDG Cuff Buckle Set - Complete upper buckle & catch system for PDG boots; ski/walk mode.

(12) PDG Instep Buckle Cord - Cords that latch into the instep (lower) buckles on the PDGs.

(3) PDG Instep Catch - The white plastic catch mechanism for the lower PDG buckle.

(2) PDG Instep Buckle - The blue buckles that you probably broke off if you're looking here.

DyNA Evo Cuff Buckle Set - The upper buckles on the DyNA Evo boot, including cords and rivets.

DyNA Evo Cuff Cord - Kevlar cord used on the cuff buckles of Evo boots.

DyNA Evo Instep Cord - Instep velcro with kevlar cord found on the black Evo boots.

(11/12) TLT6 Soft Tongue - The TLT6s only come with stiff black tongues now. If you’re thinking you’d like a little more flex, check out the green tongues. Sized per shell.

(11/12) TLT6 Hard Tongue- Replacement stiff black tongues for the TLT6s, men's and women's.

(2) TLT6 Mtn Cuff Buckle Set - Buckles, catches & cords for the TLT6 cuffs.

(2) TLT6 Cuff Buckle & Catch - Cuff buckles for the TLT6. Includes cord & catches. Choose left or right boots.

(3/4) TLT6 Mtn Instep Buckle Set - Lower TLT6 buckle replace set with catches and cords.

(9) TLT6 Spoiler Set - The black plastic rear spoiler mechanism with the metal brackets that the upper cuff buckle feeds into for ski mode. Spans two shell sizes.

(7) TLT6 Cuff Rivet Set - New rivets for TLT6P (Performance) or TLT6M (Mountain) boots. The former are yellow, the latter black. 4 rivets and washers included.

(1) TLT6P Power Strap - Removeable TLT6 Performance power straps come in 3 sizes, under 27, 27-28.5, and 29+.

Boot Heel Inserts - AKA Heel Tech Inserts, these are the bits of metal that allow boots to click into Dynafit and other pintech heels.

Beast Heel Inserts - AKA Power Inserts, the kit to retrofit a boot for use with the Dynafit Beast bindings. Includes metal bands and screws.

Question from Marc
Hi Guys, I'm wondering if you sell just the replicable bracket on the TLT6 Spolier that the upper buckle goes into? Mine has developed slop over the seasons and I'd like to replace just that piece that is held on by 2 torque screws.
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Question from Jose
Hello, Did you guys received already hard tongues for the TLT6? Thanks!
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Jose, we are unable to order any more TLT6 tongues as they are "reserved for warranty purposes only."
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Question from Gavin
Hi, do you have (or think you'll be getting hold of) the power strap from the 2nd gen TLT6's? And would it be possible to retro fit them to the first gen TLT6? I'm wondering if they add some extra support and would add to the downhill performance without adding too much weight? Thanks!
Answer from Trace Leches
The hole pattern should be the same between the 1st gen and 2nd gen, so I think they are compatible. However, the issue is that we haven't been able to order those power straps for a long time and I doubt we'll see any of them again.
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Question from dylan
how do i get on a waiting list for a pair of hard tongues?
Answer from jbo
Hi Dylan, send an email to help@skimo.co with the model and size you'd like.
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Question from Ben
Hi, Do you have a stiff black tongue for a Dynafit TLT6 mountain womens 26.5 (light blue)?
Cheers. Ben.
Answer from jbo
Hi Ben, unfortunately we are out of stiff tongues, hopefully more will be available in the fall.
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Question from Tomislav
I broke catche on my Dynafit ONe PX. Can I order spare parts from another model (TLT6 or another)?
Answer from jbo
Hi Tomislav, the Vulcan buckles are the same as the ONE, you can use those.
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Question from Bjørn Arne
I have snapped off a tongue in my ski boots, DYNAFIT ZZERO4 Machine-TF - carbon. From around 2012 as far as I can tell.
Size 29,5.
I do not expect you to have the exact part available, but I am looking for a pair of replacement tongues that can be adapted to fit.
Preferably something stiff, Black Dynafit or similar.

Can you help or point med in the right direction?

Regards Bjørn Arne Føleide
Answer from jbo
Indeed Bjørn, parts are no longer available for that boot. I don't know of a particular tongue that would be easier to adapt than others.
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Question from Nicholas
I need some hard tongues for my Vulcans size 30. Got any lying around?

Thanks, N
Answer from jbo
Hi Nicholas, unfortunately we and Dynafit are out of those for the season.
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Question from Dan

I managed to get a replacement spoiler for a Dynafit Evo (from Dynafit), but they didn't send the pin with it (which was bent and deformed in a crash). Do you happen to have any of these pins lying around? I reckon a TLT/PDG pin would do just fine.


Answer from jbo
Hi Dan, I found a pin for you on my old pair of PDGs if you still need one.
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Question from will
I broke off the upper buckle on my TLT 5 (the part that locks the boot into ski mode, and I saw above that the TLT 6 parts would work but you are out of stock for those. Would the PDG or the Vulcan cuff buckles work for my TLT 5 boot?
Answer from jbo
Hi Will, the PDG buckles are the same and would be ideal, but you could probably get the Vulcans to work as well.
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