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Fischer Travers Carbon Boot

Brand: Fischer
Model: Travers Carbon
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Welcome Fischer to the skimo boot club. And what an entrance! The Travers Carbon is a compelling ski boot that weighs barely a kilo. It has the torsional stiffness of an alpine boot, due to the placement of a carbon fiber sheath in the sole. It has an incredibly smooth fit dial on the forefoot: a BOA cable rigged around brass pulleys. It has a rugged Velcro upper-buckle that controls the stiffness. It has a simple ski/walk mode lever for quick changes. It has a robust, waterproof liner cover to keep the snow out. It has 80° of ankle articulation. Did we mention it barely weighs a kilo? True story.

  • No-Torsion base is built with a layer of carbon fiber in the sole to prevent twisting*.
  • Waterproof gaiter affixed to the lower shell keeps all outside moisture off the liner.
  • Lace Frame System is a BOA closure that enables a precise fit with a simple twist.
  • Active Cuff is a free-pivoting cuff system with incredible range and lack of friction.
  • Forefoot width is on the plus side for the categories of racing and lightweight touring.
  • Comfortable Palau liner is heat moldable and easy to get on and off with webbing loops.
  • Phatt Maxx Tour buckle is a combination buckle and adjustable Velcro power strap.
  • Simple rear lever-throw is stiff and tucks neatly into the cuff when walking.
  • FYI, Travers (not traverse) is an amalgamation of the words TRAnsalp and VERSatile.

* With tech bindings, the boot sole is the bridge between the toe and heel, and a more rigid connection results in greater power transfer.

Update 2016/17: Fischer updated the sole after the early production run of spring 2016 to prevent premature wear. All our stock has the update.

-> ounces
1048g [27.5]
Weight (pair) 2096g [27.5]
Buckles one + Boa lace
Boot Sole Length 276mm [25.5]
286mm [26.5]
296mm [27.5]
306mm [28.5]
316mm [29.5]
326mm [30.5]
Binding Compatibility Tech
Cuff Rotation 80°
Forward Lean(s) 14° + Velcro spoiler
Specs Verified Yes
Materials Grilamid, Carbon
Liner Custom moldable Palau
Sole No-Torsion
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski Touring, Ski Mountaineering
Notes Carbon sole added for better power transmission
Bottom Line Great touring boot to get you deeper and farther into the mountains
by Eric C (downright abused product)
I race in the DNA and was using the Dynafit PDG as my training/touring/climbing boot for which it was adequate at everything but excellent at nothing. I switch to the Travers and have completely stopped using the PDG.

-It's stiffer and skies better than the PDG. Paired with a 80-100mm underfoot ski for touring days, it's freaking awesome.
-An actual full gaiter means that snow and slush don't pour into the front of the boot like the PDG. No snow in my boots! It's a miracle!
-Much warmer than the PDG for alpine climbing.
-Only a few grams heavier than the PDG so I still feel reasonable doing training sessions/intervals in them when my feet hurt too much to use the DNA.
-I like the boa system - feels very secure.
-Have already endured a good beating that would have taken serious life out of the PDGs.

-A little heavier sure.
-Less ankle flexion. I wouldn't race in them.
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Question from Jeff
How can I tell if I have the updated sole -- are there obvious differences?
Answer from jbo
Hi Jeff, easiest way: if you bought it from us, you do! Second easiest would be to send us a picture.
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Question from Matthias

will be size 30/30.5 in stock?

Thank you!
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Matthias. Unfortunately we have placed order after order for that size and so far haven't seen any at all in the shop. At this point I don't think we'll be seeing any.
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Question from Kevin
Just wondering if anyone has used these with the phantom splitboard binding or any other hard boot split binding?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Kevin. I haven't heard of anyone using this exact boot for a hardboot setup, though it would actually make an awesome hardboot because of the flex characteristics.
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Question from Jeff
Hi Jason - what is the effective tech length for this boot compared to a 27 TLT5? (i.e. can I get away with not redrilling a set of ATK RTs if I get the size 27 Fishers?)
Answer from jbo
Hi Jeff, I don't have a 27 TLT5 on hand at the moment to compare, but I'm pretty sure you'll be about 1.5mm off.
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Question from Fedor F
Hi Jason, could you please provide the exact BSL of these boots for the sizes 26.0/ 26.5 and 27.0 / 27.5 ?
Answer from jbo
Hi Fedor, BSL is a hard thing to measure precisely. I'm happy to compare the effective tech length for you, as compared to another model.
Answer from Fedor F
Thanks Jason. I think that official BSL wich is usually printed on the hill of every boot would be OK for me
Answer from jbo
Sure Fedor, the 27/27.5 says 296mm. Have to wait for more 26.5s but pretty sure we checked those last spring so our specs should be right.
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Question from todd
Why no 27's boots? I am an american 9 to 9.25. The 26.5 dynafits are too small.
Answer from jbo
Hi Todd, Fischer only makes one liner size per shell, meaning 27 and 27.5 are the same boot. You will be close on the 26.5, which are a bit wider than some Dynafits of the same size.
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