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La Sportiva Spitfire 2.1 Boot

Brand: La Sportiva
Model: Spitfire 2.0 / 2.1
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La Sportiva is turning things upside down. This time, we are talking about ski walk/mode levers. The new Speedfire™ closure system incorporates a rear lever that latches at the top instead of the more-familiar bottom where it can become packed with snow when booting. The design goals remain the same as the original Spitfire: speed and performance. The former is accomplished through use of lightweight materials and one-motion transitions. The latter goal is met by incorporating carbon fiber reinforcements into the upper cuffs and stiff Ergal aluminum into the vertebrae. Sportiva also tacked on another goal: compatibility. The Spitfire 2.0 is the first boot to work with step-in frame bindings, Dynafit-style tech bindings, and also the unique TR2 binding from Ski Trab. The result of all these goals is a truly special ski boot that meets the needs of similarly goal-oriented mountaineers.

  • WarmSole™ inserts are an extra barrier between you and snow, good enough for cold days.
  • Dual-density LazerGrip™ soles are extra tough in the toe and heel where abuse is highest.
  • SPEEDfire Closure System™ is a one-motion transition and cuff adjustment mechanism.
  • Forward lean can be adjusted amongst three different settings by changing the lock latch.
  • CRP Cuff™ is a carbon-reinforced polymer upper shell that offers a smooth-yet-stiff flex.
  • 3S Insert™ offers compatibility with tech and TR2 bindings, while deep welts fit into step-ins.
  • 2BT Tech Last™ is a lower shell mold that offers an improved fit while being tech-compatible.
  • 2BT Tech Heel™ is a volume minimizing shape in the heel to help prevent blistering.
  • Slightly-less-rockered sole fits more crampons but still provides easy walking on rock.
  • Cuffs allow for 68° of ankle articulation so there is nothing impeding the longest of gaits.
  • G-Shell™ lower is a Grilamid mold that is light, stiff, and resistant to low temperatures.
  • EZ Flex™ is a Grilamid tongue with flex spots to provide unrestricting walking and good skiing.
  • Optional spoiler (+22g) and power strap (+22g) included if you want more beef for the descent.
  • Pegasus buckles have been incorporated from the Spectre that are easy to use and fine tune.
  • Skimo liners are thermo-moldable Paulau® with EZ Flex ankles for good fit and movement.
  • Borrowed from high-altitude mountaineering boots, a patented lacing system has double tension.

Update 2016/17: The Spitfire has a minor version number increase. The "2.1" has a re-designed upper buckle that makes it a bit easier to open and close. The rest of the boot remains awesome.

-> ounces
1130g [27]
Weight (pair) 2260g [27]
Buckles 2
Boot Sole Length 277mm [25/25.5]
287mm [26/26.5]
297mm [27/27.5]
307mm [28/28.5]
317mm [29/29.5]
327mm [30/30.5]
337mm [31/31.5]
Binding Compatibility Tech, Frame, TR2
Cuff Rotation 68°
Forward Lean(s) 12°, 14°, 16°
Specs Verified Yes
Materials Grilamid shell, PA12 nylon + carbon fiber cuff, Ergal lock lever, Pebax tongue
Liner Skimo
Sole LazerGrip by Davos®
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski mountaineering
Notes 3-way binding compatibility
Bottom Line Beautifully fast & performant
Question from Barry O (used product regularly)
I have the first edition of the spitfire, Its been a great boot but have to fiddle with some of the straps at times.
Have the upgrades addressed some of the issues from the first edition spitfire?
Answer from jbo
Hi Barry, Sportiva completely redid the upper buckle and ski / walk mechanism. It's a stiffer boot and easy to operate. The optional power strap is simple Velcro and can be fiddly if you use it, but otherwise it's fairly refined.
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Question from Thatcher Kelley
Is there an ideal way to attach a leash to this boot? My dynafit leashes are currently connected to the lower buckle on the inside. My problem is that having it on the inside may cause snags, especially if I leave the cable loop on when I'm cramponing in the boots. Also could be easy to lose the cable loop while buckling and unbuckling. If I move it to the outside it's even more losable, and I worry that any tug on the leash if ski releases, will open up the buckle and I'll lose the ski. Anyhow, is there a better spot for the leash than the lower buckle strap?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Thatcher, I think for a leash that short the best spot is the instep buckle. That being said, if you are really worried about it, the B&D Leash is long enough to wrap all the way around your lower leg.
Answer from brian h
The B and D leash is the best one out there. Transitions are a breeze since you can leave it attached. Breakaway tabs can be added if you're really worried about getting rolled and want to be free of the ski anchors.
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Question from Andy
I assume from your BSL measurements that these boots break on the whole size. i.e. will a 26 fit effectively the same as a 26.5? Maybe the smaller size will need a little more liner love. I wear a 26.5 in both Spectre and Syborg and really like them, but want something in between for big days and little skis.
Answer from jbo
Hi Andy, yes the 26 and 26.5 are the same shell, and there is scant difference between them. After skiing or a mold, they are the same.
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by Tony (used product a few times)
These fit great on wide feet for a lightweight boot! I've got a lot of miles on my 1st generation Spectres which had to be punched for my knobby feet significantly. The Spitfire 2.0s required none of that so far (but may in one spot. I'll see after a bit more use). I was maxing out the reach of the lower buckle until the liners formed a bit. Looks like they'd fit much narrower foot without issues.
The stiffness on the downhill feels about even with my TLT 5 Carbon boots (with the tongue in) but significantly more progressive. They tour comparable to the PDG but walk much better do to the rocker shape I guess.
Finally, La Sportiva is crushing everyone with the sole rubber compounds they're using. The Spectres are suction cups on the rocks and the Spitfire 2.0 are damn close. Of note here is that the 2.0s don't have as much coverage nor is the rubber as thick as the Spectre. It's a lightweight boot so I didn't expect nor did I want that.

What could be better?
- The new ski/walk mode has a quirk. if there is much tension on the big aluminum bar which makes it work, the boot won't come out of ski mode all the way or will temporarily pop back into ski mode while walking. This is happening under my softshell pants which do not have an abundance of space for ski boots.
- The "screw" which holds the lower buckle onto the scafo should be a real screw so I can shift things around or add longer buckle for my fat feet.

That's it. Love the things.
Reply from Tony
One follow up to the review. One of the screws which hold the lower buckle in place was seized up. The other 3 released after heated up a bit with a soldering iron.
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Question from Chad
Difference between spitfire and sideral? I know the spitfire is a little lighter and perhaps a little more race oriented but does it feel different than the sideral fit wise. Does it ski better than the sideral. I want to do 1 or 2 races per year but use this boot as a light weight touring boot and for spring conditions.
Answer from jbo
Hi Chad, the Spitfire 2.0 has a new ski/walk mechanism and has carbon in the cuff which combined ends up being noticeably stiffer than the Sideral 2.0. So yes, it does ski better for most folks.
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Question from Jeremy
Any thoughts on how these fit compared to the Spectres? I'm wondering about width and volume as well as length...Thanks!
Answer from jbo
Hi Jeremy, we won't have a perfect feel until the production models are in our hands in a couple weeks. They are spec'd slightly slimmer than the Spectres, and are probably a touch shorter as well.
Answer from Anthony O
so are these slimmer than the previous spitfire, width wise? Is there a posted forefoot width last?
Answer from jbo
Well, they aren't any wider than the Spitfire 1.0, and not as wide as the Spectre. They seem a touch lower volume than the previous version.
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