Voile is somewhat of a rarity, being a U.S. based manufacturer of backcountry ski gear.  Good thing the Wasatch mountains overlooking Salt Lake City provide plenty of inspiration and testing grounds to help them compete with their European bretheren in the Alps.  Check out the new Wasatch Speed Project ski, the first skimo racing ski made in the United States.

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Voile Scraper
Another Voile accessory you can’t live without. This simple slice of plastic has almost as many uses as the world-famous Voile ski straps. Scrape ice off your skis, skins, goggles, boots, or anything else. The scraper has a pointy corner for poking in tig..
Voile Wasatch Speed Girl
Voile believes in equal opportunity skiing. Therefore, it’s no surprise that a female-specific version of the Wasatch Speed Project has come to fruition. Although the prototypes were pink, we applaud the decision to make the production WSG green. Either w..
$649.95 $519.95
Voile Wasatch Speed Project
Imagine if you applied the solid lightweight construction and easy skiing rockered tips of Voile skis to an ultralight size geared for skimo racing and speed touring. Well that’s just what Voile did when they started the Wasatch Speed Project. The resulti..
$624.95 $499.95
Voile Objective Ski
We love the name almost as much as the ski. Voile designed this mountaineering tool to help you succeed in those alpine missions with a specific goal, AKA an Objective. While it can’t guarantee success, you can rest assured it won’t cause a failure. The i..
Voile Vector Ski
Voile started supplying Salt Lake City with solid lightweight backcountry skis in 1991. Their simple formula has been so successful that you can now find their skis all over the world. The basic recipe is this: "make as lightweight as possible without com..
$624.95 $574.95
Skimo Ski Strap
Not only can Voile ski straps hold a pair of skis together, they also come in handy for various unforseen circumstances. They've been used to hold skins onto skis when glue fails and hold boots onto feet when a buckle fails. They can also lash a broken po..
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Voile V6 Ski
From Voile: The Voilé V6 represents the epitome of versatility in a backcountry ski. It’s the go-to ski for backcountry tours in places where the snow conditions and terrain to be skied might be somewhat unknown beforehand. Inspired by the Voilé V8, t..
Voile Skin Parts
Want to make your own skins for your splitboard? Voile makes Tips and Tails to do it. Splitboard Tail Clip- Perfect for fitting a splitboard tail. ..
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