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Arc'teryx Procline Carbon Boot

Model: Procline Carbon
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When Arc’teryx hired Federico Sbrissa away from Dynafit in 2012, it was with the Procline in mind. Of course no one knew how the project would turn out, but the gamble was on a man largely responsible for the iconic DyNA and TLT5 boots. The result speaks for itself. The Procline Carbon may be the first true ski mountaineering boot, with carbon fiber ski performance and unrivalled climbing agility. The latter is enabled with a cuff that splits vertically while in walk mode, an innovation that offers 12° of lateral articulation. The boot is also truly sealed from the elements with a rugged, waterproof gaiter. Slip on the Procline and try not to slip off your favorite mountain.

  • Cuff is made of carbon fiber with over-injected Grilamid to achieve lightweight stiffness.
  • Rotating cuff allows 360® of articulation by way of a vertical split in the carbon cuff.
  • Hybrid Closure System enables climbing freedom and switches easily into ski mode.
  • PVC coated nylon power strap offers exception pressure distribution with dynamic flex.
  • Cam lock adjustment on the power strap is micro-adjustable with just a tug, no Velcro.
  • Inserts are certified by Dynafit to ensure the critical boot-to-binding interface.
  • High-density CORDURA® gaiter is puncture resistant and reinforced in abrasion zones.
  • Gaiter is integrated into the shell for complete, waterproof and snowproof protection.
  • Lightweight-yet-strong 6060 aluminum upper buckle secures the cuff around your calf.
  • Optimal Fit lower buckle ratchets around a cable to hold your foot from multiple directions.
  • Upper buckle lies flush on the boot to prevent opening and help fit under tight pants.
  • Vibram® sole is optimized for climbing with a special tread pattern for rock moves.
  • Rubber toe cap further improves grip in tight spots and adds to the life of the plastic.
  • Choose from two liners: Support for rugged ski performance, Lite for optimized climbing.
  • Thin rubber sole on the bottom of the Support liner is for walking around camp.
-> ounces
1240g [Lite, 27]
1285g [Support, 27]
Weight (pair) 2480g [Lite, 27]
2570g [Support, 27]
Buckles 2
Boot Sole Length 255mm [23/23.5]
265mm [24/24.5]
275mm [25/25.5]
285mm [26/26.5]
295mm [27/27.5]
305mm [28/28.5]
315mm [29/29.5]
325mm [30/30.5]
Binding Compatibility Tech
Cuff Rotation 75° fore/aft, 35° lateral
Forward Lean(s) 14°
Specs Verified Yes
Materials Grilamid shell, Carbon cuff
Liner Thermoformable EVA, Lite or Support
Sole Vibram sole and toecap
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski mountaineering, ski alpinism
Notes 360° rotation
Bottom Line A true ski mountaineering boot
by Stano Skintrack (used product a few times)
I know many are interested about these boots (I was too) so here we go :)

So far I have only one day on these boots and that's why I am giving only 4-4.5 stars as I cannot speak about durability yet.
Here's what I can tell you already:

My first day was a full-on backcountry skiing in our Canadian Coast Mountains - about 7500f and about 7h (with a descent off a peak - true ski mountaineering conditions). I had them on my feet for about 1h the day before to figure out how they fit.

No question these are snug boots, although, the liner gave in after about 2-3h of touring. The forefoot width feels about the same as TLT6 (maybe 1-2mm narrower), but they are lower in height in the front part and over the top of the foot - that suits my feet well.
Note, that sizing is a bit "off" and you will likely need to size-up 0.5-1 size. However, this is only on paper because my TLT6 are 28 and 307mm while with Procline I had to go 28.5 but the shell is 305mm.

Probably negligible weight increase compared to TLT6 but absolutely not noticeable once on your feet.

I am impressed with the way these walk. Very smooth whether on skins or bootpacking.
I put in a green Superfeet insole from my TLT6 and it spread the liner a bit wider.
Overall, very resistance-free and nimble feeling walking/skinning in these.

I knew they would walk well, after all it's Arcteryx, but I wondered about skiing. In 4 runs I skied everything from very wind blasted to breakable snow a glacier, to high alpine skiing off a peak, and tree skiing lower down - I couldn't tell a difference compare to TLT6 except the Procline liner feels to have better support higher up.
Skiing steep (around 45 degrees) slopes felt very solid, hence, I wouldn't take a boot up such terrain on a first day if I didn't feel it was good enough.
All the buckles, their positioning and tension do a great job adjusting pressure and lock you in.
I skied them on Atomic Backland 78 176cm.
Overall, I believe everyone would like how they ski. Of course, these are not for hucking big jumps but they will skiing anything (even drive a bigger ski than I had) and exactly what they are intended for.

Random thoughts and observations:
- Getting into the boot and out is little more demanding than TLT6.
- The whole system of buckles was a bit daunting to me but after about 3h I was as efficient as with other boots. So it's just a matter of getting used to the boot.
- I used the thinnest socks I have because the full gaiter looked warm (and I don't get cold on my feet) but I think it will be just fine for majority of people, and for women for sure.
- I popped my old TLT6 liner in just to see how it feels since the shell length is almost identical, and they felt very much like TLT6 :) So if you find any reason for not liking the Arcteryx supplied liner then you can swap for your older one.

Bottom line:
These won't fit every foot (perhaps like the old TLT5 were a bit narrow for most) but when they do then you won't be disappointed.
I am not commenting on their mountaineering abilities because I did only a short scramble and about 20min boot pack (and they walked as great as mountaineering boots), and then there are much more qualified people to chime in on that ;)
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