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Dynafit PDG Boot

Brand: Dynafit
Model: Dy.N.A. PDG
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PDG is short for Patrouille des Glaciers, a famous ski mountaineering race hosted by the Swiss Army. Designed for such races, the Dynafit PDG alpine touring boot could be the perfect blend of weight, price, and skiability. At just 125 grams (4.4oz) more than the Dy.N.A. EVO race boot, the PDG weighs in at only half the price. It features the same one-motion Ultra-Lock ski-walk buckle system that the Dynafit made popular on its race boots and recently on more general touring boots. Quick transitions are joined by fast descents, as you can actually ski with confidence on these lightweight boots. Changes for 2014/15 include a new liner, sole, and color.

  • New Custom Light liner shaves a few grams while wrapping your foot more evenly.
  • New blue EVO 2.0 sole blends expanded polyurethane and rubber into lightweight grip.
  • Fiberglass cuff offers surprisingly stiff support so you can drive your skis through turns.
  • A full 62 degrees of rotation in walk mode lets you take a more natural stride.
  • Ultra-Lock buckle system uses the buckle for changing modes, speeding transitions.
  • Patented Quick-Step binding inserts help your toes get locked in more easily.
  • Optional power straps add some muscle to the downhill (32g/1.1oz with screws).

Update 2016/17: The PDG gets a modest makeover with brighter colors and a beefier instep buckle. Dynafit also inserted Titantex fiber in the cuff to add a bit of stiffness and updated the liner. Net weight change is +20 grams (0.7oz) versus the amount listed.

-> ounces
815g [27]
Weight (pair) 1630g [27]
Buckles 2 w/ Ultra-Lock
Boot Sole Length 259mm [23.5/24]
269mm [24.5/25]
279mm [25.5/26]
289mm [26.5/27]
299mm [27.5/28]
309mm [28.5/29]
Binding Compatibility Tech only
Cuff Rotation 62°
Forward Lean(s) 15°, 18°
Specs Verified Yes
Materials Grilamid shell, Grilamid & fiberglass cuff
Liner EVO race
Sole EVO race
Skimo Co Says
Usage Rando racing, speed touring
Notes Pared to only the essentials, exposed liner above cuff skirt, great price for weight.
Bottom Line Optimal blend of price and weight.
Question from Erik
Looking for a new training boot in this weight class ~800 g
What are the most narrow and low volume boot? The PDG or the the Syborg or other?
The first gen TLT6 are ok for my foot, but a little too wide to be perfect.
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Erik, the PDG seems to feel a bit narrower in the forefoot than the Syborg does. However, the Syborg feels a bit narrower in the heel though. Why don't you fill out our Boot Fitter and we can talk a bit more in depth about the history of your boots and shape of you foot?
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Question from Spindogg
hey guys
my TLT5s are actually 297 mm BSL not 287. So as far as i know they are size 27s. It looks like the BSL i want for PDG would be 299. Is that a 27.5/28 shell?
it looks like a 27 in the PDG would be one size smaller. What size PDG do you recommend?
Answer from jbo
Hi Spindogg, aligning BSL isn't a great way to size a boot as it doesn't correlate well with internal length across models these days. Yes a 297 would be a 27 shell. It's possible you could get a performance fit in a 27 PDG since they are a bit wider. It might be short though, in which case you'd need a 27.5 and hope it isn't too sloppy. I'd give us a ring to walk through a shell fit on length with your current boots handy. 801-942-9084.
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Question from Spindogg
hey guys
i've been in the Dynafit TLT 5 and it's a 287 boot sole length. The boot fits perfectly. What size in the new PDG would that be?
Answer from jbo
Hi Spindogg, the 26.5 should work well for you.
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Question from Andy
Will a 26.5 PdG have the same sole length as a 26.5 TLT6? Or will I have to remount bindings?
Answer from jbo
Hi Andy, the PDG soles are 289mm whereas the TLTs are 287. Close but not quite!
Answer from Andrew F
Is the price/model year right for the 26.5?
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Question from Kevin
Hi, i'm looking to buy a light weight boot the old boots i'm skiing in are garmont mega-rides size 27.5, I wear a 10.5 in most shoes can you recommend a size in the dynafit pdg or the la sportiva syborg?
Answer from jbo
Hi Kevin, that is easy, I'm also a 10.5 and fit the Mega-Ride 27.5. You want the 27.5 PDG or 28.0 Syborg.
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Question from Jason
Hey Skimo,

Looking at these as a new training boot.
I am a perfect fit in La Sportiva Specter 25.5. My old boots for this purpose were Garmont Masterlites also a 25.5.
I'd like room for a medium/ heavy sock for colder days (fit in my Specters but not the Masterlites).
What do ya think? 25.5 or 26?
Answer from jbo
Hi Jason, ahh Masterlites! You should be good in the size 25.5 PDG.
Answer from Alexandre B
Hi Jason,
did you purchase the boots? in witch size?
My girlfriend had TLT5s before and apparently there were 25.5 (in her Memory but she doesn't have them anymore), but we measured and her foot is 24cm long.
She would like to buy the PDG but now she doesn't know what size to order now.
What is your foot size?
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Question from michael
the price is for one boot ?
Answer from jbo
Hi Michael, the price is just for the left boot but we throw in the right one for free :P
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Question from Carl
Hello Skimo,

I have always wanted to try this boot but this is the first year with a size 30. How does the fit compare to the old tlt5 mountains in a 30?
Answer from jbo
Hi Carl, the PDG 30s are a few mm wider and a few mm shorter than the TLT5 30s.
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Question from aaron
I'm so out of date on boots and no one around here uses skimo boots. How does ski performance compare between these and the Scarpa F3s I am currently skiing? At the time the F3s were my best option for weight and performance, but I'm guessing that modern PDGs likely best the F3s in weight, hiking and downhill performance.

I'm contemplating these as my go to ski touring boot biased towards light and long. I grew up parallel turning on leather boots and cable tele bindings so I assume these are a massive step up.
Answer from jbo
Hi Aaron, weight and hiking is no question improved. Downhill performance might be tossup. What you lose from all the buckles and thicker liner is gained by lack of bellows and relatively stiff fiberglass cuff. Obviously a step up from leather :)
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by Karl (downright abused product)
Never skiing a traditional alpine boot again. Although I may get a beefier non-race ski mo model, the low weight, incredible range of motion in walk mode, super slick one lever transition to ski mode, and just as rigid (as I've ever skied) as an alpine boot, and I see no reason to use a "normal" boot even for resorts.
Prior to buying these I used a pair of Scarpa Matrix and Scarpa F1's for skinning. Both gave me either hot spots on the shin or near the ankle. Neither had great motion but it was what I knew so I really didn't know.
Specific to skinning up and the little ski mo racing I recently did, they continue to amaze. The flexibility makes the one choice post on the dynafit low tech bindings I chose (PDG skis also) completely adequate in all but the steepest pitches. Paired with a pair of stirrup pants with cut outs, they feel just as comfortable and secure in uphill mode as my Nordic skate boots and not all that much heavier.
They are a bit narrow as I have a somewhat wide toe box. I was already having some nerve pain in my toe prior with my bike shoes in summer and they aggravate it a bit, but nothing that a boot fitter, a metatarsal pad, and a bump out can't fix. They didn't cause it. Just reminded me that solid non-flexing soles aggravate what I already had. However, this was after skiing them in a ski mo race in the AM and then all day after skiing with my wife. Foot likely a bit swollen from a long day in them. They are surprisingly comfortable for such a minimal boot though.
As for downhill, they lock seamlessly and are super solid. As an avid Nordic racer, my bar for support is low, so please take that caveat. I'm used to opening it up with a lot less. So this boot with a locked in heel makes me feel unstoppable on fast groomers. On anything else, it's user error. My skills in hard snow black moguls, trees, and chutes is mediocre at best.
In a nut shell, I ski as well in these as I DID (seriously I'm NOT going back!) in my traditional alpine boots.
Buy them!!
Thanks also to the staff whom I called when I got these. They felt tight so he walked me through it all on the phone. They've "packed out" as promised and are quite comfortable.
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