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A generously-sized, carbon-cuffed race boot! Some of you have been waiting a long time and Dynafit has delivered. If you take the carbon cuff from the venerable Dy.N.A Evo and the lower shell from the TLT7, you have the PDG 2. The classic Ultralock 1.0 lever handles ski/walk duties so you know transitions will be fast. The buckle-pin locks through the Driving Spoiler 2.0 to stiffen the boot for surprisingly good skiing. The Speed Nose uses an offset toe-fitting that is moved a few millimeters closer to your toe for a more natural skinning motion. Some might call this parts-bin engineering, but the parts came together nicely at a great price considering the carbon! The Dynafit PDG 2 is an awesome racing, missioning, or fitness-touring boot that accommodates some bigger feet.

  • Ultralock 1.0 Closure System is bomb-proof and simple.
  • Speed Nose places skinning efficiency above all else.
  • Driving Spoiler 2.0 provides a stiff platform in ski mode.
  • Carbon fiber cuff provides great lateral power transmission.
  • The Grilamid shell and spoiler give a lively feel to the boot.
  • Waterproof gaiter over the forefoot seals out the elements.
  • Compatible with Cramp-In crampon system.
convert to ounces
827g [27.5]
Weight (pair) 1654g [27.5]
Buckles   Velcro instep buckle, Ultralock 1.0 closure system
Boot Sole Length   243mm [22/22.5]
243mm [23/23.5]
253mm [24/24.5]
263mm [25/25.5]
273mm [26/26.5]
283mm [27/27.5]
293mm [28/28.5]
303mm [29/29.5]
313mm [30/30.5]
Binding Compatibility   Tech only
Cuff Rotation   62°
Forward Lean(s)   14°, 17°
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Grilamid shell & spoiler, carbon fiber cuff
Liner   Custom Light
Sole   Pomoca race
Skimo Co Says
Usage Rando racing, speed touring
Notes Speed Nose means faster skinning
Bottom Line Carbon boot for wider / higher volume feet
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Questions & Reviews

Question from William R
How can I untie the knot on the power strap cord? I am maxed out in the velcro tightness so I would like to make the cord itself have a shorter loop to it but the knot is insanely tight
Answer from Niko M
Hi William! Its tight for a reason! You could just cut the cord and then retie?
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JDMTB (used product regularly)
Ordered these boots two years ago, and not sure why, but they sent me a used pair. I was assuming I was going to be getting new boots, but no, they were used. Now, two years later the liners are trashed, seams busted. Unfortunate, especially for $600.
Reply from jbo
Hi JDMTB, there must be some mistake as we don't ship used boots unless specifically marked in our demo category. Please note that the median life a ski boot liner is somewhere between 100-200 ski days, but it can be less for very thin race liners. Replacement liners are a common purchase to refresh a ski boot and keep it going. There are also warranty options if there is "premature" wear, according to the manufacturer's discretion.
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Question from Ted I.
I have the dynafit PDGs and am looking to upgrade. My PDGs fit great and I have no performance complaints. The one challenge I have with the PDGs is that when I am in walk mode and in boot high soft snow, I get a fair bit of snow coming in through the opening that exists just below the buckle. In race pants which cover the boot, this is somewhat mitigated, but in pants that are not designed to cover my boots, these seem somewhat exposed. Cold feet is one of my primary concerns on longer excursions. Would I be better off with the PDG2 and how water tight is the boot cuff in comparison (I realize all boots let some moisture in)? It looks like the DNA boot may be even more closed on the front of the foot, particularly in walk mode. Is this accurate? Any other considerations with respect to warmth / dry fit as it relates to the PDG2 versus the DNA.
Answer from Jeff
Hi Ted, First, your old PDG boots are narrow. The PDG2 went to a wide fit, so these likely will not fit you.
These are race boots. Like all race boots, they have no tongue, minimal cuff flaps and thin liners. They let snow in. Heavier boots do not. The gaiters on these and most race boots are not all that tight and don't keep powder snow out. They are meant to be used with race pants.
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Question from Bob
Hi can you punch the ankles on these boots?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Bob. It could be possible, however, it would depend on where the punch is needed in relation to the carbon cuff. If there is any overlap, it couldn't be done as you'd be at risk of crushing the carbon. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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Question from Math
I am a standard 43/9.5. Feet lenght of 268mm. Very wide toe line and second toe longer than big, so need as much width up front as possible. Been only wearing Garmont/Scott 27.5 (Cosmos, Cosmos 3 and Orbit) for better and for worst (living with the catastrophic hardware because the fit is very good for me). Question : Are the 27 and 27.5 identical or there is an actual difference (in the liner ?). Which size should i get ? Thanks !
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Math,

The Dynafit PDG 2 is about as wide as a race boot gets. Based on your prior boot history, the PDG 2 is likely a good option for your foot in last width. It also has a medium bordering on high volume instep area, which compares well with the Cosmos.

As far as size is concerned, based on your foot measurement in mm, I would go with the 27.0. The 27.0 and 27.5 can be considered the same, as any differences in the liner will be negligible after a heat mold and some skiing. If you have any other race boot questions, reach out to!
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Question from Jesse Wall
Just curious if you guys have decent luck doing any fitting adjustments to these boots. Can the material be manipulated? I have the TLT7s and they fit my fatties well but definitely needed some extra space in a few spots. Fitter was able to apply a little heat and then push them out. Can this be done on a boot like the PDG?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Jesse, thanks for the question. The material that the lower shell of the PDG is made of can be punched for some extra width. Let us know if you have any more questions!
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Question from David Hochschartner
I have a TLT5 (28), which fits quite nicely. Would I likely be a 28-28.5, or a 29 in the PDG 2?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, David. The TLT 5 is a substantially different fit from the current line of boots that Dynafit is producing (including their race boots). You may find that the Atomic Backland Ultimate is the most comparable boot within the race category. Unfortunately, it appears that the size you would need is out of stock. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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Question from George

I have a TLT 8 in 28.5 which runs a bit large (1.25 inch width between the shell and my heel). What would you recommend for the PDD 2 if I'd like a more precise fit?

Thanks in advance
Answer from Tristan M
Hi George,

If you really want to hone in the fit on a boot, I would recommend checking out our Boot Fitter tool. We would be happy to help you find a comfortable boot race boot to log some serious vert!
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Sheel (used product regularly)
I have around 30 days this season so far in a variety of conditions, and so far (knock on wood) have not had the durability issues with the power strap mentioned in other reviews. These things are great on the up, feels like a hiking boot almost, and can definitely keep skinning all day. I would credit these with giving me an extra lap on the up. On the down, I wouldn't call them the most progressive flex, but definitely good enough especially if the conditions are good. On bad frozen mank up here in the PNW I can feel the race boot but that is my fault for using a race boot in bad snow. The one issue I have is the cramp-in system, I have to use semi-automatic crampons and I think that the increased efficiency from skinning is not worth it.
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Question from Daniel Zvirzdin
Guys, I've been skiing on the old Scarpa Aliens (29) for years and am looking to upgrade. The 29 Aliens were always just a little too long and narrow for my feet (I typically run in 10.5-11 trail shoes, FWIW). How would these compare? Reading up on the fit others have experienced, I'm thinking that a 28 would work in these boots, but I'm hesitant to pull the trigger. Thoughts?
Answer from Jeff
Daniel, Where the Aliens are a narrow 99mm last, these PDG2 are 103.5mm last, so likely will be too wide. You are most likely right on the size. Please fill out our boot fitter and we can help you find the best boot for you.
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Alex (used product regularly)
This is my third dynafit boot, and first race boot from the company. I was previously using an Atomic Backland Ultimate boot which I found to be very soft. The PDG is hands down a better boot for almost all applications. The ankle fit is loose but this can be easily fixed with some foam. This is the boot I reach for most days.. or it was.

Recently the velcro closure on the cuff completely delaminated meaning that the cuff won't close nor will it walk into ski mode reliably. I have sewn the velcro back together as best I can but I no longer trust the construction in the backcountry. It is a shame to see such a great carbon boot laid low by some crappy velcro. Light is good but durability is important as well
Reply from Peter M
The exact same just happened to me. I just sent dynafit a note hoping to get a replacement part. a really disappointing defect. I had only skied them 10 days max. and all spring skiing, pretty low wear and tear at this point. pretty surprising
Reply from alex l
Exactly what happened to me. I have emailed dynafit and have not heard anything. would the closures from a PDG 1 work to make this into a frankenboot?
Reply from eric
Alex- I'm not sure if the pivot to pin is the same on those 2 buckles. Most of the other boots there is not much crossover. We do have replacement velcros here: called PDG2 power straps. The other option would be to stitch some industrial velcro on the strap with better longevity.
Reply from Doug F
Greetings, SKIMO - I’m considering a pair of PDG’s and am curious if Dynafit ‘s Fall ‘20 shipment of boots addresses this Velcro issue experienced by Alex? Thanks in advance! -Doug
Reply from Chris C
FWIW, this happened to my pair also. I used a nice layer of super glue in between the pieces that delaminated, let it cure for 24hrs, and it’s holding up fantastic after many more uses now. I’m sure it will fail at some point, but until then I’ll enjoy the easy solution!
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Question from Scott Allen
I have a great fit in 28.5 Hoji Pro Tour (fall 2018)
Looking for a lighter, spring touring boot.
What size do y’all recommend?
Answer from TSB
Hey Scott, thanks for reaching out! If your feet and the Hoji Pro Tour are a match made in heaven (err, the Alps), congrats, you have a Dyna-foot! The PdG 2 is likely to be a good, snug fit for you either in that same size (28.5) or one size up (29.0) if you like some more foot splay in a race boot. You might also consider the TLT8 Carbonio in a 28.5 if you're not sold on going full race-boot; the Carbonio will drive skis that are >80mm/1000g much better than the PdG 2, which (as the name suggests) is meant for straight-lining down glaciers on race gear and dodging crevasses while roped together.
Answer from Scott A
Thanks TSB for getting me started on my search. I am needing the broad forefoot last of the Hoji Pro tour at 103.5mm.
My research has now honed in on the Dynafit Speed Fit Pro with a 103mm last. My goal is to lighten up for spring and summer tours, but keep a wide last.
Please check my numbers, I think I save about a pound per boot going with Speed Fit Pro vs. Hoji Pro Tour.
Should I keep my 28.5 size?
Answer from TSB
Hey Scott, glad we could be helpful! The Speed Fit Pro is built on the older TLT6 last, which isn't quite as wide as the modern Dynafit lasts on the TLT and Hoji series boots. The forefoot is more tapered which might not accommodate your foot in the way you're looking for. I would recommend sticking with the PdG 2 if you're stoked on a race boot, or the TLT8 for something a little more beefy!
Answer from Scott A
Sorry, a bit confused: Are you saying the Speed Fit Pro (at 103mm last) but on the older TLT6 form, whereas the PdG2 is 101mm last but a bigger toe box?
In other words, comparing lasts across models is problematic and not reliable...?
Answer from jbo
Hi Scott, not sure where you got those last numbers, but they are not correct. The PDG2 uses the TLT7/8 molds which are wider than the SpeedFit Pro, which uses the TLT6 molds. Please note the PDG2 is downsized from the TLT7/8, so you'll be in a smaller shell with a smaller last at the same indicated size.
Answer from Scott A
Thank you Jason for the straight scoop. I got those numbers from Cripple Creek BC website.
I hope to put in an order for these soon from you guys at Skimo!
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Question from Sean
How do these compare to the Hoji Pro Tour in terms of fit? 29 fits me nicely, wondering if I should keep the same size.
Answer from Jeff
Sean, two very different boots. The size 29 would most likely be the right length, but the fit/last is different. You will have a bit more width in the forefoot and a higher instep compared to the Hoji. These race boots have a thin/light liner that will feel different. If there is too much volume, try on with a footbed.
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Question from Donnie
What options outside of races skis will this boot handle? I love the fit of this boot but wanting to know if it can handle anything bigger underfoot?
Answer from TSB
Hi Donnie, the PdG2 can definitely handle some substantial skis, especially compared to its predecessor. I would say the boot will be confident on lightweight skis up to about 85mm under the waist in all conditions, and may be able to push even bigger skis in soft conditions. I've used them to good effect on the Movement Session-X (89mm) in crud, corn and hot pow.
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Eric (downright abused product)
Used as my primary training and actual ski mountaineering boot for the 18-19 season (while racing on the DNA). This is a major change from the previous blue/grey or orange/white PDG. I'm typically a 29.0 with a bit of extra punching required but found myself absolutely swimming in the 29. Downsized to a 28.0 (which felt terrifyingly tight) and with some extensive punching and molding, got a good fit. Be prepared to do some homework on sizing!

I like the new gator which comes up higher than most other race boots. This helps protect against spring slush pouring into your shell and soaking your feet though it's not completely impervious. Definitely an improvement. The tightening system is simple and light and the boot overall is quite light so a plus there as well!

The speed nose has been endlessly debated. I don't care for training but for racing in crampons, it's a potential inconvenience (again, I used the full carbon DNA for racing which has a toe welt). For ski mountaineering - climbing easy mixed terrain and moderate ice, I'd prefer a toe welt to be able to use full auto crampons. Semi-auto's just don't inspire the same confidence. As well, in firm spring conditions, booting without crampons feels less secure with less edge possible. This is really dependent on intended use so I'm not going to hold it against them on this boot.

The only real downside for me was that I perceived the boot to be rather soft. The upper cuff (carbon) seems to be quite stiff and transmits power well but the plastic lower seems to absorb rather than transmit. It's most noticeable on bigger (90 underfoot) skis but even can be noticed on race skis in really adverse conditions (PNW elephant snot). Again, not a huge issue for a training boot but if you're rallying in difficult conditions, can be unnerving.
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Anthony O (used product regularly)
5/5 for being the only company offering a light boot that fits wide feet. The boot skis skinnys fine and i have used it up to around 1300 gram ski+binding combos. That is my personal limit of weight i would want to ski with this, but considering most will be skiing under 900 gram setups with these then I would say thats pretty good. My only problems with this boot are related to fit. The whole lower is high volume, so for people with wide fat feet, thats great, but the upper cuff doesnt get anywhere close to enveloping my calf, which required added a lot of foam to the shin area to suck up volume. I also found the heel hold to be terrible, largely i think due to the location of the minimal forefoot "strap" which i find to be more over the mid and forefoot as opposed to over the ankle. If it was 1cm rearward it would have actually provided heel hold. I eventually cut into the boot and added an extra strap which totally fixed my personal fit issues. As far as durability i have about 20 days in my and have some play in the cuff but no signs of undue wear or cracking. I have used them mostly on piste, but lately have been skiing off piste in variable snow in steep terrain. Like a normal race boot I use a balanced to rearward stance and do not really drive in these, esp in bad snow, but i have total confidence in them for steep adventure skiing so far. Compared to the syborg, the gaiter's durability is significantly better. If you can get a decent fit this is a great option.
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Question from Steve
How do these compare to a TLT 6 performance in skiing?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Steve! On smaller skis, it's just as good. On bigger skis, not so much. In the words of one of our employees that has owned both of those boots, "It's about halfway in between skiing a TLT6 with a tongue and without a tongue, but the walk mode on the PDG2 blows the TLT6 out of the water."
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Question from Casper
How does this boot compare in foot fit to the Racetron and Sytron? My feet is pretty wide, which is why I chose the Racetron, but find that I get a lot of blisters in it, anyways. I am looking for a more decent fit and wonder if it is worth getting calluses to be able to use the La Sport step-in system to step in to the Gara Titan binding without opening the pins first. Is it possible to step in like that with the Masterstep?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Casper! It's a bit taller over the instep than the RaceTron or Sytron. Where are you getting callouses/blisters? Either way, it's probably not worth it to be able to step into those bindings hands-free, even though features is really sweet.
Answer from CASPER C
Hey Trace
I get play in the heels and had to install some foam. The blisters are on the back of the heels. Additionally, I have to tighten the lower buckles quite tightly. I also get some redness from where the bikini liner overlaps.
Answer from CASPER C
And actually I mean the RaceBorgs.
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Casper! My two cents would be to fill out our boot fitter instead of diagnosing it on this page, if possible.
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Question from Carl
How does the fit compare to the Alien RS? I heard a rumor that these were using a size lower tlt7 shell but with a thinner liner in each size.
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Carl, it's built on the same lower shell as the TLT7, and we assume it has an even thinner liner. It should be wider and higher volume than the Alien RS! We'll have more details about the shell sizing when we have them in hand.
Answer from jbo
Hi Carl, indeed these are a shell size smaller than the TLT7, and with the liner, feel somewhat the same out of the box. There is a whole shell size less room without the liner though!
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Question from Peter Morgan
I was curious about the toe box width. The TLT7 performance was too tight in the toe box for me, but he TLT7 expedition CR was just right. any insight on the toe box width? thanks! (also, when do you expect them in stock?)
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Peter! It's built on the same lower shell as the TLT7, but I am assuming it has an even thinner liner so it'll have more space than the Performance and then for sure the Expedition. I'm interested to get a bit more info to clarify a few things, would you mind filling out our boot fitter? Dynafit hasn't given us a more updated ETA yet though so I can't really give a more detailed answer unfortunately. "Soon" is about the best I can do without speaking out of turn.
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