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La Sportiva Syborg Boot

Brand: La Sportiva
Model: Syborg
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This could be the one. The skimo race boot that you wouldn’t hesitate to use on your other adventures. Borrowing features from their award winning Stratos line of world cup race boots, La Sportiva has made the most complete and affordable race boot yet. With full coverage liner zips, a proven single-throw buckle system, durable soles, and amazing race weight, the Syborg (not Cyborg) boot could be the new standard in tour-able race boots.

The 75 degree range of motion is more than your ankle has, making this the leader in striding efficiency. The CavoBike lever is taken directly from the Cube and offers reliable one-motion transitions. The overlapping cuff and ratcheting lower buckle secure you nicely for the down. The zippered liner cover keeps the snow out while booting, and the LazerGrip sole (borrowed from the Spitfire/Sideral/Starlet) is touring ready. A 100.4mm last makes the Syborg comfortable for all day affairs. We can’t think of anything La Sportiva left out. Can you?

  • Carbon-reinforced Grilamid® cuff is a unique combination of stiffness and lightness.
  • LazerGrip2™ sole is borrowed from La Sportiva’s touring boots to provide durable grip.
  • Optional power strap can be used for aggressive skiing or removed to save grams for a race.
  • 35 degree backward and 40 degree forward range of motion is like not wearing a boot.
  • Syborg EZ Thermo™ liner (119g) is designed to take advantage of the range of motion with flexible ankles.
  • Forward lean is adjustable with four different options to choose from: 14°, 16°, 18°, or 20°.
  • Lower “spider” buckles secure the Grilamid shell and lock your heel into place, preventing blisters.
  • CavoBike lever provides effortless switching between ski/walk modes and won’t snag your pants.
  • Ample 100.4mm forefoot width handles more than just skinny feet and keeps your blood flowing.
  • Included optional insert plugs rear "Sportiva gap" to prevent snow from attacking your achilles.
-> ounces
825g [27]
Weight (pair) 1650g [27]
Buckles 2 + power strap
Boot Sole Length 257mm [23.5/24]
267mm [24.5/25]
277mm [25.5/26]
287mm [26.5/27]
297mm [27.5/28]
307mm [28.5/29]
317mm [29.5/30]
Binding Compatibility Tech only
Cuff Rotation 75°
Forward Lean(s) 14°, 16°, 18°, 20°
Specs Verified Yes
Materials Grilamid shell, Carbon/Grilamid cuff
Liner Syborg EZ Thermo
Sole LazerGrip2
Skimo Co Says
Usage Racing, speed touring
Notes Zippered liner cover helps keep out snow
Bottom Line Feature complete yet featherweight
by Brent (used product regularly)
I'm a long time skinner (~60 days/yr), but new to racing. I bought these late last season (sz 28.5).

Despite their flimsy look, they ski great and tour even better. But today, after about 25 days on them, the lower plastic buckle snapped off. Really disappointing. It wasn't ratcheted too tight, just snapped in half on the uphill after 2 laps.

Something more durable is needed.
Reply from jbo
Hi Brent, La Sportiva will warranty that for you. I'd reach out to your dealer for an exchange.
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Question from Patrick
I'm trying to narrow down what size boot to get. This will be my first skimo racing boot. I wear a 26.5 for the scarpa maestrale and they are comfortable and perhaps a tad roomy. Should I go to a 26.0 for the Syborg? Thanks!
Answer from jbo
Hi Patrick, these are a touch shorter than a Maestrale in the same size, so I wouldn't go down. Especially since 26.0 is a whole shell size (1cm in length) smaller.
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by wag (used product regularly)
These are my first pair of race boots, so I don't have any specifics comparing them to other boots in this category. I'm 6'5" 190lbs and I was skeptical of how flimsy they seemed out of the box, but when I took them out for their first tour I was blown away by how well they ski.

I've used them on race skis, as well as some Dynastar Mythics, and some Dynafit Carbonio 74s. For a race boot they are fantastic, and they work well with the Carbonios. I'm looking forward to using the Carbonio + Syborg combo for spring skiing objectives. I've skied the Mythics with the Syborg and a Dynafit Titan. The Titan definitely drives the ski a little better, but the weight advantage and comfort of the Syborg on the up is more than worth the trade off.

For waterfall ice, i'd say up to WI4 there's not much difference between these and an ice climbing specific boot. My boot size is 30.0 and I've been using a Black Diamond Cyborg crampon. This combo works fine, and there's no interference between the boot latch and the crampon latch.

As an added bonus, driving in your ski boots has never been easier! I will likely buy another pair when these wear out.
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Question from Scott Bierman
Looking at picking up a pair of Syborgs but none of our local retailers carry them. The Scarpa Alien in a 26.0 fits me perfectly, does anyone know how the fit between these two compares?


Answer from jbo
Hi Scott, you would be a 26.0 in the Syborg too then.
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Question from SVH
Has anyone had the leather upper rip. Mine ripped when the zipper froze and i pulled the liner out of the boot which resulted in a large tear and de-lam. Kind of a bummer as it's now a matter of time before the upper is useless, tried to glue it but it just takes too much pressure when the liner comes out.
Answer from jbo
Hi SVH, you should not force the liner out without unzipping the cover (which is not leather). We tell customers to zip up without the velcro attached to avoid unnecessary strain on the cover. Sportiva warranty covers problems not due to abuse.
Answer from sean v
thanks for the response jbo,
the zipper was frozen solid so i couldn't unzip it, not necessarily looking for a warranty though. do you have any advice on how to repair so that the entire upper doesn't rip off? gorilla glue and duct tape failed pretty quickly.
Answer from jbo
Sorry Sean, haven't had to try yet. I've been babying mine.
Answer from Andrew D
yes, i've had little rips on mine but likely because when removing my foot from the boot (liner still on), i forget to pull off the velcro first. it was a learning curve after years of pulling my foot out while leaving the liner in...
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Question from Chris
What is the last width? What is the widest of all skimo race boots?
Answer from jbo
Hi Chris, Sportiva lists it as 100.4 in the size 27. The widest race boot is currently the DNA.
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Question from Derek
I live in Alaska, and will be in Utah Dec 3-16. Can I swing by your warehouse and try a pair of these on? Easier than ordering the wrong sized and dealing with the epic shipping fest to Ketchikan.
Answer from jbo
Hah, sure Derek! We now have a brick and mortar location in Cottonwood Heights, near the base of Big Cottonwood Canyon.
Answer from Derek W
Good to know. Thanks. I guess I'll have to make the annual trip to Utah to get skis tuned, buy gear, etc;)
Answer from jbo
I'm still trying to figure out why you moved away!
Answer from Derek W
I guess this isn't the place for the reason, but think........endless new outdoor opportunity (skiing, hiking, fishing, rafting, packrafting) with nobody around, true wilderness that doesn't exist in the lower 48, anywhere. You're it. You, the bears, the fish, and the mountains. Silence...........
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Question from Ben
Was wondering if anyone could compare sizing between the Syborg and Scarpa's F1 Evo. I'm begrudgingly returning my warrantied pair and am looking for something to fill a similar niche. Thanks!
Answer from jbo
Hi Ben, I'd say the Syborgs are touch shorter, especially in the half sizes. I went from 27.5 Evo to 28 Syborg. Forefoot last seems similar. These are easier to get into if you didn't cut the rubber on the Evos :)
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Comment from Carl
I can think of one thing La Sportiva forgot...a size 31 boot!
Reply from jbo
Hah, you have a point there! I would suggest shortening your foot, it's worth it.
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by Randolph R (downright abused product)
I bought these boots with the intention to use them as a daily driver and for some longer technical ski traverses. I chose them to fill in the gaps I saw where my Alien 1.0 are a bit week. I wanted something that, like the Alien 1.0, was 1) light weight, 2) full range of motion, and 3) stiff but that also 4) was full coverage, and 5) had a locking mechanism that was less prone to breakage / could easily be repaired in the field. No doubt that the Syborg is light, stiff, and has a full range of motion (and at a great price!) - criteria 1-3 check! On full coverage: I have found that the vinyl outer on the front and the additional insert for the back to be sufficient. The front has proved surprisingly durable and has provided no problems. The back inserts however are flimsy and poorly attached to the boot. Once these back inserts see a bit of wear they easily bent out of shape and sometimes come out of place. when putting the boot liner in the shell. As long as I am concious of the issue it's fine. So criteria 4 is met... but not with flying colors. Criteria 5 is where things get tricky. On first inspection and use the locking mechanism is smooth as can be, but there are some issues. First, the locking lever gets in the way of most automatic crampons. You can adjust the tension on the locking lever to make space for a normal automatic crampon heel lock - but this is completely impractical in the field. I have gotten around this by using a pair of CAMP race 290's which utilize a TLT specific design or by using a pair of crampons with Petzl's sidelock mechanism - neither of which get in the way of the boot's locking mechanism. This is something potential buyers must be aware of - without the right crampons this boot can become significantly less useful (at least in my mind). This is especially relevant as I consider one of the boots greatest strengths is how well it climbs. I have lead WI4 in these boots without any problems (much better climbing boot than the Alien 1.0). Howerver the real issue with the locking mechanism that it can potentially be pushed upwards, triggering a safety release, when walking in deep snow (especially walking downhill). Resetting the spring back into place is a major pain in the ass (even if you're sitting at home in your living room). I've only had this issue on two occasions but it was enough to bend the spring that tensions the locking mechanism so that even once the spring was reset there was not enough tension for the boot to lock into ski mode. Luckily I was sitting by a car and could take the time to sit down and get at the spring with a leatherman and bend it back into shape to provide just enough tension to lock the boots into ski mode. I would expect a more durable and robust build for such a crucial part on the boot - which in the end has proved quite flimsy. The Syborgs are a great everyday touring ski that super comfy (great liner that dries super quick) and ski great. I detract one star from my rating because of the specific technical details with the locking mechanism and the flimsy nature of the rear snow guard inserts. Overall I am quite satisfied with these boots.That being said, I prefer the alien 1.0 without question when it comes to racing and training. I often tell people that I think of the alien 1.0 as a running shoe, the syborg as an approach shoe, and the the tlt6 as a light boot.
Reply from jbo
Hi Randolph, thanks for the detailed feedback. FYI there is a fix for the lever spring issue. Sportiva is sending out new lock levers that have a pin to prevent the upwards movement that releases the spring. I can send you a set when they arrive.
Reply from Randolph R

You are really are the best internet retailer I've ever dealt with (by a mile - even 10 miles!)!
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