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Dynafit Brakes

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Moving Dynafit bindings from one ski to another often requires a brake change to accommodate the new width. Brakes can also get damaged. Please note some of the Dynafit brakes listed below are priced individually so you will need two in the former case or one in the latter. The brakes have a few millimeters of wiggle room, so a 100mm brake will work on a ski slightly over 100mm in underfoot width.

Superlite 2.0 75mm x2 - Removable TLT Superlite 2.0 brakes, in a 75mm width for skinny skis.

Superlite 2.0 90mm x2 - 90mm all-around version of the new cool Superlite brakes.

Superlite 2.0 105mm x2 - The widest brake available for the Superlite 2.0, for those powder skis.

Vertical ST 92mm x1 - Mud colored 92 millimeter wide brakes that also work with older Comfort series bindings.

Vertical ST 100mm x1 - The standard Vertical/Comfort brakes in a ~102mm width, also dirty brown.

Radical ST 92mm w/ Baseplate x1 - Radical series brakes are integrated into the base plate, so you need the whole thing.

Radical ST 100mm w/ Baseplate x1 - Requires un-mounting the old base plate and re-mounting the new. Same screw holes at least.

Radical ST 110mm w/ Baseplate x1 - ~112mm Radical brakes that all come with anti-friction plates to make lateral release fluid.

Radical ST 130mm w/ Baseplate x1 - Fits wider-than-necessary skis! Up to about 132mm underfoot.

Radical FT 110mm w/ Baseplate x1 - Brakes for the FT also are integrated into a baseplate, these are ~112mm wide.

Radical FT 130mm w/ Baseplate x1 - You can deduce what these are from the repetitive descriptions above.

Question from Tyson
Would the 75mm superlite brake work with the Atomic Ultimate 78? Thanks.
Answer from Trace Leches
Yeah, 1.5mm on each side should work. You may have to bend the arms a little bit, especially if your ski has a sloping sidewall, but I think it'll work just fine.
Answer from jbo
Hi Tyson, I just threw those on the ski for you, plenty of room.
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Question from fausto
Hi, i have a k2 sidestash 108 mm in the center, with a binding dynafit vertical st.
I wanted to know if the dynafit vertical st brakes 100 mm fit on it...wideninig it a little....
thanks a lot, bye
Answer from Trace Leches
I'd say probably not, an extra 4mm on each side is pushing it a bit too far for my comfort. You risk the brakes not being able to deploy fully, quickly, or consistently, even if you were to bend them out.
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Question from Jason
Are the Dynafit Radical FT and Radical ST brakes compatible/interchangeable?
Answer from jbo
Hi Jason, sort of. They can both hold either housing, but the FT baseplate has a system that connects with the toe piece.
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Question from seth
Is the radical st 100mm base, post and break compatible with the radical ft heal unit?
I have the FT set and want a 100mm break.
Answer from jbo
Hi Seth, yes the post is the same. It won't be able to connect to the toe piece with the lockout feature but you can use the brakes.
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Question from Mike
I managed to lose the AFD from one of my Dynafit Radical FT binding brakes. Do you sell replacement AFD units?
Answer from jbo
Hi Mike, unfortunately that part is not offered separately, you'll need to buy a whole brake unit.
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Question from Marc
Do the 100 mm brakes fit the original dynafits?
Answer from jbo
Hi Marc, if you mean the original Dynafits from 1986, probably not! The Vertical series brakes works with some older models like the Comfort.
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Question from Spiros

I would like to buy brakes for the radical 2.0 ST bindings.
The radical 2.0 listed above brakes will they fit at the ST 2.0 model

Kind Regards
Answer from jbo
Hi Spiros, yes the Radical 2.0 brakes fit both the ST 2.0 and FT 2.0 models.
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by lance j (used product regularly)
I went ahead and purchased the brakes to go with my Dynafit Superlight 2.0 bindings despite the fact that I really prefer a leash for backcountry skiing. My thought was that for resort days cruising with my son, I would be able to easily slap on the brake and not have to go on-and-off with the leash.

The brakes came in both at 80g - 5g under their claimed weight - which was nice. The finish quality of the brakes looks great and installing them is a piece of cake. Unfortunately, taking them off requires tools - you need to depress the pins on the sides of the bindings all the way down past the inside face of the frame that attaches the brakes to the bindings - so a couple screwdrivers or allen wrenches or any other device to push the pins in all the way past the brake mounting frame is required. This seems like a bit of an oversight to me - with a nice round chamfer on the ends of the pins you would be able depress them far enough with your fingers to get the brake off without tools - but maybe Dynafit has a reason for making them this way that just isn't apparent to me.

Stepping in to the bindings is basically just as easy (or hard depending on what you think of the Superlight 2.0's step in force) as without the brakes. If you've ever used the Radical ST or FT, the principle to get the brake out of the way in tour mode is the same, just hold the heel pad down the to the ski with your hand and twist the rear portion of the binding so that the pins point toward the back of the ski and the brake is secured up.

The reason I give these brakes 4 stars rather than 5 is that on numerous occasions the brakes have not deployed when I have stepped out of my skis - while I haven't crashed and had a ski just slide away down the mountain, that's what makes me nervous about these brakes.

When you step into the binding the heel pad pivots the brake arms up and then as they come to the top of the upswing, they pinch inward. That inward pinch and the resistance of the steel brake arms running through the pivot hole in the steel frame is what prevents the brakes from deploying properly when I come out of the bindings. I've tried a couple different lubricants (PTFE and a waterproof grease), but haven't noticed a significant difference in how often the brakes end up sticking. Also, the more snow that accumulates under your boot and in the brake, the more likely it seems that the brake will catch. Hopefully this is something that will 'run in' and over time the issue will go away.

And, for what it's worth, for backcountry skiing these brakes have done nothing to change my opinion that a leash is the best choice.
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Question from Andrew
Hi, I need new brakes for my Radical STs. Problem is I don't know what size I currently have.

If I measure between the brake arms at the inside of the bends (their narrowest point) I get about 100mm.

If I measure between the plastic stoppers on the ends of the brakes, again on the inside, I get about 110mm.

Which measurement should I be using?
Answer from jbo
Hi Andrew, measure your ski instead!
Answer from Andrew S
Hi jbo, that's simple - they're 97mm underfoot and around 100mm where the binding is mounted.

The challenge is that I need only one new brake and I want to match the size to the other ski, and it seems the bindings could be either 100 or 110mm.

Looking at it differently, if you can cross-check the measurements I've given you, I can be certain that I'm going to order the right one.

Answer from jbo
Got it Andrew, you measure near the bend while deployed so you have the 100s.
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Question from lance j
I assume that the 75mm brake would work with the Sportiva RST ski, yes?
Answer from jbo
Hi Lance, you must mean the Superlite 2.0 brakes. Yes, those would work.
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