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Used Dynafit Parts

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New parts for old bindings are hard to find. Used parts for old bindings should now become easier. Trade in your used and/or broken Dynafit bindings for store credit, and we will make the working parts available for others.

Please note these parts come with absolutely no warranty. We do a reasonable eyeball inspection of the parts, but can in no way guarantee their integrity. If you are not comfortable taking risks with used parts, please purchase a new part, toe, heel, or complete binding instead.

For information on trading in your alpine touring binding, see our current policy on binding recycling. Below is a list of some the parts we have accumulated.

Speed Rad Heel, Complete - A full heel piece.

Speed Rad Heel Base - Adjustment mechanism w/ heel post.

Speed Rad Heel Housing - Whitish plastic heel housing.

Radical Roof - Black top with risers for Speed, ST, FT.

Radical Roof Screws - The little Torx screws that hold the lid on.

Radical Heel Pins - Pin with plastic spacer they pass through.

Radical ST/FT Toe Piece - Whole toe unit. No baseplate or screws.

Radical ST Toe Plate - Plastic lifters under the ST toe pieces.

Radical Crampon Receptors - Bent metal pieces that hold crampons.

Radical ST Heel Baseplate - Original ST baseplate that had removeable brakes. No brakes included but Vertical ones will work.

Vertical ST/FT Toe Piece - Complete toe piece for the old ST or FT (as listed), with baseplate.

Vertical ST/FT Toe Plate - Plastic baseplate that goes underneath the toe pieces. Includes integrated metal crampon receptor.

Vertical ST/FT Heel Piece - Brakeless heel piece for the Vertical ST or FT (as listed), including base plate. These are sometimes white and sometimes brown. Brakes sold separately.

Vertical ST/FT Heel Housing - The whole turret that rotates on the base plate tower, complete with riser. No baseplate

Vertical Brake - Brakes that work with either Vertical model and likely the Comfort series.

Vertical Brake Retainer - Retainer "H" clip that holds Vertical, Comfort, and first-gen Radical brakes onto the heel piece.

Tri-Step Toe Piece- Tri-Step toe piece, complete with baseplate.

Tri-Step Heel Piece- Complete heel piece for Comfort or Tri-Step binding, including baseplate.

Tri-Step Heel Housing- Just the plastic body of the heel piece for a Tri-Step.

Tri-Step Volcano- Red volcano riser for the Tri-Step binding. Works for Comfort series as well.

Thimble Bushing - Bushing that holds the lateral springs against Vertical or Radical heel towers.

Adjustment Screw - Grey lateral release screw.

Light Lateral Springs - For bindings up to RV 10 (Speed Rad, STs). Both inner and outer springs for one heel.

Question from Mark
You list a part for sale that doesn't have a description - the Vertical Crampon Receptor. Can you explain what part this is?

I need the "Vertical ST/FT Toe Plate" which apparently includes the crampon receptor. My need is for the front portion of the plastic baseplate - the ridges that engage the lever in tour mode have completely worn off on mine.
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Mark. Yup, you got it, the Vertical ST/FT Toe Plate includes the crampon receptor. The Vertical Crampon Receptor is just the little metal bracket that threads through the plastic plate. The complete Vertical ST/FT Toe Plate is what you'd need to get your toe piece back in working order!
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Question from Nick
Does the Radical Toe Piece come in a set for 70 or 70 each?

Answer from jbo
Hi Nick, the parts are sold individually.
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Question from Albert
Do you have two (2) Dynafit Vertical 82 mm brakes in your used parts inventory? If so, are they $15 each or $15 for two? Thx.
Answer from jbo
Hi Albert, currently just one, priced individually.
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Question from John
I need the riser tower that says ST on it. Old tlt bindings pictured. My heel riser snapped off.
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey John. I am assuming you mean that the Vertical binding that is pictured is the one that you currently have, in which case Dynafit has stopped supporting that model so an aftermarket solution from B&D Binding Parts is your best bet. You'll need a new roof and Volcano.
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Question from Sarah
I have a pair of old dynamite bindings and the plastic piece under the toe broke - it's #1 in your figure shown, but I didn't see a key so I'm not sure which part to order. I'd probably get 2 so that things will match - my bindings are silver, including the plastic plate below that broke, so I'd like to match. I'm assuming the plates underneath are universal? If not, what can I do to check? I bought these used this year so I don't know what the exact model is, but it's probably from 2006-ish. Thanks for your help!
Answer from jbo
Hi Sarah, I wouldn't say anything is universal in this game! Feel free to send us a photo to double check your version. There is a good chance the Vertical ST toe plate would work, but I can't be sure without a photo. It certainly won't match the color though.
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Question from Mark
I have the dynafit vertical ST and the heal piece is broken.
I believe they are also called the TLT?
would the TLT Speed Heel work for this?
Answer from jbo
Hi Mark, looks like you need a new roof. The Speed Heel is not compatible, but you can get some aftermarket parts from B&D. The Comfort Roof + Volcano will get you back in working order.
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Question from Chase G
Are the Radical heel pins the same for the speed radicals? I snapped one of the pins on my speed radical heels earlier and need to replace it.
Answer from jbo
Hi Chase, they sure are!
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Question from Johnny Duguay
I broke my dynafit vert ft 12 heel post , do you have this part?
Answer from jbo
Hi Johnny, we often get used ones. None in stock at this moment, but we are happy to give you store credit for your working parts.
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Question from Jim
HI Folks,

I have a broken #5 plastic "volcano" - (highest heel lift position only) for a Vertical ST. This is probably a silly question, but there are a couple threads above that mention you are out of Vertical ST bindings? They are however still available for purchase in the drop down menu. Should I purchase on your site? Cheers and happy turns!
Answer from jbo
Hi Jim, this listing is for used parts, which come and go since we offer a trade-in program. Send us your broken binding for store credit or shop for working parts here. You'd need a Vertical ST heel roof or a Vertical ST heel piece to fix your issue, which we have from time to time.
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Question from Cris Wilhelm
I have a broken Vertical ST base plate. I see that I can order that piece. Can I also order the complete heel piece with brakes and bindng?
Answer from jbo
Hi Cris, we get those in occasionally, none at the moment, sorry.
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