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Used Dynafit Parts

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New parts for old bindings are hard to find. Used parts for old bindings should now become easier. Trade in your used and/or broken Dynafit bindings for store credit, and we will make the working parts available for others.

Please note these parts come with absolutely no warranty. We do a reasonable eyeball inspection of the parts, but can in no way guarantee their integrity. If you are not comfortable taking risks with used parts, please purchase a new part, toe, heel, or complete binding instead.

For information on trading in your alpine touring binding, see our current policy on binding recycling. Below is a list of some the parts we have accumulated.

Speed Rad Heel Base - Adjustment mechanism w/ heel post.

Speed Rad Heel Housing - A full heel piece except for the base plate.

Radical Roof - Black top with risers for Speed, ST, FT.

Radical Roof Screws - The little Torx screws that hold the lid on.

Radical Heel Pins - Pin with plastic spacer they pass through.

Radical ST/FT Toe Piece - Whole toe unit. No baseplate or screws.

Radical ST Toe Plate - Plastic lifters under the ST toe pieces.

Radical Crampon Receptors - Bent metal pieces that hold crampons.

Radical ST Heel Baseplate - Original ST baseplate that had removeable brakes. No brakes included but Vertical ones will work.

Vertical ST/FT Toe Piece - Complete toe piece for the old ST or FT (as listed), with baseplate.

Vertical ST/FT Toe Plate - Plastic baseplate that goes underneath the toe pieces. Includes integrated metal crampon receptor.

Vertical ST/FT Heel Piece - Brakeless heel piece for the Vertical ST or FT (as listed), including base plate. These are sometimes white and sometimes brown. Brakes sold separately.

Vertical ST/FT Heel Housing - The whole turret that rotates on the base plate tower, complete with riser. No baseplate

Vertical Brake - Brakes that work with either Vertical model and likely the Comfort series.

Vertical Brake Retainer - Retainer "H" clip that holds Vertical, Comfort, and first-gen Radical brakes onto the heel piece.

Tri-Step Toe Piece- Tri-Step toe piece, complete with baseplate.

Tri-Step Heel Piece- Complete heel piece for Comfort or Tri-Step binding, including baseplate.

Tri-Step Heel Housing- Just the plastic body of the heel piece for a Tri-Step.

Tri-Step Volcano- Red volcano riser for the Tri-Step binding. Works for Comfort series as well.

Thimble Bushing - Bushing that holds the lateral springs against Vertical or Radical heel towers.

Adjustment Screw - Grey lateral release screw.

Light Lateral Springs - For bindings up to RV 10 (Speed Rad, STs). Both inner and outer springs for one heel.

Question from Fredrik
I\m looking for the adjustment screw for the heal on a Radical FT. Its maybe M5 and 90 mm long?
Answer from jbo
Hi Fredrik, we don't have those separately but you grab one of the used brake units and pull it out.
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Question from Gregg
Looking for a Vertical st toe plate.
Answer from jbo
Hi Gregg, we have Vertical ST toe plates here.
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Question from Steven Sherotsky
Looking for a compression spring and metal spacer pin from a radical 2.0 ski brake AFD. Spring is about 53mm long and 3.5mm outside diameter. The pin floats inside the coil. Please contact me if you can source these parts new or used. Thx
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Steven! Unfortunately I don't have any used AFD parts, though I do have an AFD kit here that includes the spring as well as an AFD, but no pin. If you have one to take a picture of would you mind sending it in? That may eliminate some confusion.
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Question from Jacob Lyman
Hey. So I crashed by truck and in the carnage, my brand new Radical 2.0 FT 120's broke- sorta. I am interesting in selling/trading/buying so I can get new pin tech bindings without buying new Dynafits, cause I am in school and broke, so if you have any ideas, and I mean ANY ideas, lemme know. Here is the situation with the bindings.
Both toes pieces are 10/10 not damaged, used twice and not even a paint chip to remember the turns. One heel piece is the same way, in perfect conditions and looking gucci. The other heel piece is where the sad part lies. I don't know the names of all the parts, so bear with me here. The grey track that mounts to the ski? Yeah, the black rotating heel piece that can be adjusted via the rear screw popped outa the track, and I am missing a small tab of plastic on the bottom rear of that same heel piece. This plastic tab holds the black bolt which is screwed midway onto the silver screw underneath the black rotating heel piece. This black screw presses against the plastic tab I am missing, providing a place for the silver spring which is set around the silver screw underneath the black heel piece to push back on. I am also missing this spring, and I suspect I am missing a piece which the end of the silver screw screws into, which I further suspect to provide the other end of the spring a place to press against.
Thank you for reading this novel, and if you have ANY help at all please let me know.
Answer from I-M
From the sound of it the damage is only to the baseplate and not the actual heel piece. You can potentially get a new Dynafit Radical 2.0 baseplate/brake in a 120mm width, remount it and place the old heel piece on the new plate. Otherwise, it definitely gets more complicated to fix.
Answer from jacob l
No, the damage is to the heel piece itself, to the very bottom part of the headpiece that grabs onto the tracks of the heel piece...
Answer from jbo
Hi Jacob, that's a lot of words! I think it would best best if you sent us a photo of the damage. That way there will be less room for confusion.
Answer from jacob l
*** here’s the broken part
Answer from jbo
Hi Jacob, I concur with I-M that you need a new baseplate+brake! It's possible you need a new housing as well, but I don't see any specific damage to that in the photo.
Answer from jacob l
So this bit broke off, circled. Am I using the wrong name? The grey track at the bottom of the binding is what I am calling the baseplate- am I wrong???
Answer from jbo
Hi Jacob, as you can see in our photo on the Dynafit Brakes listing, the black area is also part of the baseplate+brake system.
Answer from jacob l
jbo, if you were here right now you'd get a huge highfive and maybe even a hug holy cow that gets me stoked. THANK YOU SO MUCH
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Question from Nick
Looking for a new toe lever for one of my Vertical ST bindings. I still have the pins and spring, but the plastic lever piece is broken. Cheers!
Answer from Nate
Hi Nick, while we are no longer able to get Vertical toe levers, Dynafit recommends the Speed Radical toe levers as replacements. You can find those levers in our Dynafit Binding Parts listing.
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Question from Mirek
I have Dynafit TLT Vertical ST bingings. Unfortunatly one heel stand(handler) was broken (see attached foto). Do You have this spart part in stock? (I think that this is part number 4 on picture above).

Answer from eric
Mirek- You have to replace the whole heel housing to replace that tab. Unfortunately we do not have any at the moment. We get people trading in bindings and we then list the usable parts here. The heel should still function unless you want to use a brake in which case the tab is necessary.
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Question from abp
I have a set of the old pre 2011 tlt speed heels (the grey ones) that both have cracked screw holes on the mounting plates, which from my experience is very common for that generation. Would the heel housing of those mount to the tlt speed plates you have listed here?
Answer from Trace Leches
What's up Adam? Good to see your name come through here again! I think there's a good chance that'll work, but why don't you send a picture of your heel pieces to make sure we're talking about the same thing?
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Question from Mike

I am looking for the vertical ft heel plate, as the adjustment base broke. Do you have any?
Answer from jbo
Hi Mike, no used ones at the moment, but we do have a few new parts.
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Question from Aaron
I'm looking for the Radical Brake Retainer - Retainer "H" clip that holds Vertical, Comfort, and first-gen Radical brakes onto the heel piece. I think it is #9 on the diagram. Do you have one to purchase?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Aaron, thanks for reaching out. We have those "H" clips in a box labeled "Gold" because they're so valuable, but unfortunately we are fresh out at the moment. Keep your eyes on this listing though, we get them in every so often and they will be available once they are listed.
Answer from jbo
Hi Aaron, we just got a few of these if you want to grab one. It's labelled Vertical Brake Retainer.
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Question from Mark
I'm looking a TLT Vertical Tri-Step toe plate replacement. Any chance you have this in your inventory?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Mark, thanks for reaching out! I don't have Tri-Step toe parts, however, the toe plates on most of Dynafit's 5-hole pattern bindings are interchangeable. We just got in a bunch of Vertical ST Toe Plates that are compatible!
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