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New parts for old bindings can be hard to find. Used parts for old bindings should now become easier. Trade in your used and/or broken Dynafit bindings for store credit, and we will make the working parts available for others. Please note that the photos shown here are often of new products, simply for reference. The item you receive may have visible wear. Used parts can be returned within 10 days if you are unhappy with the condition or discover the part will not work for you.

Please note these parts come with absolutely no warranty. We do a reasonable eyeball inspection of the parts, but can in no way guarantee their integrity. If you are not comfortable taking risks with used parts, please purchase a new part, toe, heel, or complete binding instead.

Check the drop list for the parts we currently have in stock. For parts with model names, the model should match your binding exactly. If a part works with more than one model, we use a generic descriptor with a reference chart below. Some specific notes:

Brake Retainer - Retainer "H" clip that holds Vertical, Comfort, and first-gen Radical brakes onto the heel piece.

Heel Adjustment Screw - Big lateral release screw cap for Radical 1.0, Speed Rad, Speed Turn. Often grey color.

Heel Thimble Bushing - Bushing that holds the lateral springs deep within Vertical, Radical 1.0, Speed Rad, and Speed Turn heel towers.

Radical 1.0 Crampon Receptors - The curved metal pieces that hold ski crampons onto Radical 1.0 toes.

Radical 1.0 Heel Pins - Pin with plastic spacer they pass through. Works with Radical 1.0 ,Speed Rad, and Speed Turn bindings.

Radical 1.0 Roof - Black top piece with risers for the Radical ST, FT and Speed Rad.

Radical 1.0 Roof Screws - The little Torx screws that hold the Radical 1.0 roofs on.

Radical ST 1.0 Heel Turret - Includes the heel turret, heel adjustment screw, springs, and thimble bushing. Does not include the baseplate. Also compatible with the Radical FT.

Radical ST/FT 1.0 Toe Piece - Whole toe unit, but no baseplate or screws.

Radical ST/FT 1.0 Toe Plate - Plastic lifters under the Radical ST or FT (1.0) toe pieces.

Radical ST/FT 1.0 Heel Baseplate - Baseplates for the very first version of the Radical 1.0 that had removeable brakes (brakes not included). The newer version with the integrated brakes are listed as Radical ST/FT 1.0 brakes.

Radical Removable Brakes - Brakes for the first version of the Radical 1.0 bindings that required the "H" clip brake retainer. Retainer not included, listed as Brake Retainer above.

Speed Rad Heel Base - Adjustment mechanism w/ heel post. Often the older model with a brass pin for anti-rotation.

Speed Rad Heel Turret - A heel piece minus the base plate.

Vertical ST/FT Toe Piece - Complete toe piece for the old ST or FT (as listed), with baseplate.

Vertical ST/FT Toe Plate - Plastic baseplate that goes underneath the toe pieces. Includes integrated metal crampon receptor.

Vertical ST/FT Heel Piece - Brakeless heel piece for the Vertical ST or FT (as listed), including base plate. These are sometimes white and sometimes brown. Brakes sold separately.

Vertical ST/FT Heel Turret - The whole turret that rotates on the base plate tower, complete with riser. No baseplate

Vertical Brake - Brakes that work with either Vertical model (ST or FT) and likely the Comfort series.

Speedskin Tip and Tail Replacement Kit - Kit containing two rubber tips and two tail hooks for repairing Dynafit Speedskins.

Ski Tip Notch - Tip notch piece for Dynafit freeride-style skis (e.g. Beast and similar).

Descriptor Compatible Models
Comfort TLT Comfort (Vertical predecessor)
LTR Low Tech Race 1.0 or 2.0
LTR 1.0 Low Tech Race only
Radical 1.0 Radical ST or FT or Speed Radical
Radical 2.0 Radical 2.0 ST or FT (Rotation predecessor)
Rotation Rotation 10 or 12
TLT Classic TLT Speed (Speed Turn predecessor)
Speed Speed 10 or 12
Speed Rad Speed Radical
Speed Turn 1.0 or 2.0
Speed Turn 1.0 Speed Turn only
Superlite Superlite 1.0 or 2.0
Superlite 1.0 Speed Superlite only
Vertical Vertical ST or FT

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Aurora
I went to remount my bindings and discovered a crack in the heel plate. I have the dynafit radical FT bindings and I am just wondering if the Radical ST/FT 1.0 Heel Baseplate listing would be the correct part? It is not currently in stock, will this part be re-stocked? Thanks
Answer from Will McD
Hi Aurora,
The ST/FT 1.0 Heel Baseplate is indeed the part, but unfortunately, we don't have any used baseplates and are not expecting more. You can get a new baseplate from here; the Radical ST 1.0 brakes will be compatible with your Radical FT heel turret.
Answer this question:

Question from Russell V
Actually I have the Vertical plate with a Radical turret. It worked well enough for one day but like I said, it doesn't lock into the riser positions.

To confirm - you haven't got any Vertical turrets about?
Answer from Jeff
Russell, Sorry, no Vertical parts lying around. As mentioned below, you can add the Radical ST baseplate/brake to your new Radical Turret, brakes. You will have a properly working heel set and for only $39.95.
Answer this question:

Question from Russell
Seems like there aren't any available right now, but I am looking for the heel center tower (what exactly do you call the metal piece the turret spins on?) seen in picture 6

My base plate is in fine shape and the local ski shop swapped in a Radical tower which fortunately still works for flat and downhill but doesn't lock in to the riser positions.

Would the Comfort Heel Plate work or is the tower a significantly different height?

Answer from Jeff
Russell, Mixing the Radical, Vertical and Comfort baseplates and turrets doesn't work well if it fits at all. Since you now have a Radical plate, you can add the Radical heel turret. (also currently out, but back in stock soon). Or recycle your Vertical's with Skimo for credit towards a new binding. That's it till someone sends in some Verticals for recycling.
Answer from jbo
Hi Russell, sorry no Vertical turrets at the moment. You could get the Radical ST Heel baseplate to have some functioning risers.
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Question from Donde

Thanks for providing this service.

Just wondering if this crack is an issue and if so, do you have the correct part?

TLT vertical

Thanks for your time.

Answer from Jeff
Donde, That should not affect anything. You still have a complete Volcano, that is key.
Answer this question:

Question from Simon T
I have a Vertical FT heel piece that is broken. I attached a photo. Will the Vertical ST heel plate work for this? It doesn't look the same as the plate on the FT but you have it listed as compatible.
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Simon. The Vertical series are interchangeable, however, it appears the "Vertical ST/FT Heel Piece" is out of stock. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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Question from Ulf Tingström
I have lost a brake retainer to a Dynafit TLT Vertical ST10, is this something you might have available from stock?
Answer from Cole P
Hello Ulf, we have sold the retainer in the past but currently the item is out of stock. What you will need to purchase is either a Vertical ST brake or a Radical ST brake. The Radical ST brake will come preinstalled on the base unit which you will need to remount in the existing holes then re-install the heel turret on the new base. Using the Vertical ST brake will replace your existing brake and will come with a new retainer but you may experience the same issue down the line. You can purchase dynafit brakes here.
Answer this question:

Question from Adam J Connolly
I have a dynafit rad 1.0 ft the heal piece broke does a new heal turret come with new lateral springs thimble and adjustment screw.

called dynafit today they said the st would work but I can't tell if it comes with all the parts I need.

for sure need turret and springs for lateral and thimble those got lost in the crash. lol
Answer from eric
Adam- All of the parts you need, lateral springs, adjuster, thimble come with the heel piece.
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Question from Steven Wilson
I have a pair of Radical ST's and the heel wants to rotate counter clockwise while skinning, do you have a stop that will only allow rotation in the clockwise direction?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Steven! Here is a part that should help solve your problem. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you!
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Question from Charlie
I tore the pins and heel risers off the heel piece on both of my Radical ST bindings last weekend (it did not feel very rad). None of the parts that broke off were retrieved. Do you have parts to fix? If not, can I buy the heel piece separate? Has Dynafit maintained the same pattern for mounting crews that attach the heel piece to the ski?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Charlie. It doesn't look like we have any of that part lying around, however, please click here to view replacement Dynafit heel pieces. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
Answer this question:

Question from tom
the toe piece on my dynafits broke after ski took off down a run and hit a rock. This is the binding with the carbon fiber plate connecting front to back. Do you have any replacement toe pieces?
Answer from jbo
Hi Tom, potentially! There is more than one binding that fits that description, so a photo would go a long way.
Answer this question:

Question from Andrew
Hi. I'm looking for the Heel Adjustment Screw (currently available), Heel Thimble Bushing (currently available), and most importantly the accompanying two springs for Speed Radical bindings. It appears that the springs aren't available. Could you confirm? Thanks.
Answer from Patrick C

At the moment we do not have the springs, but we never know what will walk through the door or appear in the mail! If you emails us at we can set you up to receive a notification should a set of springs appear.
Answer this question:

Question from ORIN D MULLEN
Hi, I need a replacement centering spring for the AFD on my Radical ST 2. I should probably get a couple of sets of the slider, pads, springs, slug and screws given that the whole mess fell off. Had I been on snow it would have been gone forever.
Answer from eric
Orin- We have radical 2.0 afd replacement kits in our Dynafit Brake Parts listing.
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Question from George
Hi! Can you please post a photo of Speed Turn Heel Roof?
Answer from Will M
Hey George,

Take a look, the image is up!
Answer this question:

Question from Ben
Would a speed turn 1.0 heel piece work with the comfort heel plate you have for sale?
Answer from Jeff
Ben, tough question. It should, not 100% on our answer. The diameter of the top of the post is about 18mm. If it is the same on yours, it will work.
Answer this question:

Question from Chris R
Do you have a replacement heel housing for an ST
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Chris, I don't believe we have any of those in stock currently, my apologies!
Answer this question:

Question from Ronda Hopkins
Do you have a replacement part for this? Thank you
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Ronda, thanks for reaching out! There are some aftermarket parts that replace that roof and heel riser, let me know how else I can help!
Answer this question:

Question from Gabriel
I'm looking for the spring set of the brake. It's a Dynafit Radical. I just want to be sure in which subassembly this part is. Will it come with the Radical ST Brake? Thanks!
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Gabriel, we do not have this spring set available separately for this Radical ST 2.0, but you can purchase the whole brake/baseplate assembly. Note that these are sold as individuals(you will need 2 for a pair of skis), and the type you need is labeled as "ST Rotation" because that binding has been renamed.
Answer from Gabriel P
Thanks Teddy. Just to be sure, are you telling me this assembly isn't available used? Does the "used" name is the same as the "new" name? Thanks again.
Answer from Teddy Young
Correct, we don't have any available used, but they would be labeled "Rotation Brake" or "Radical 2.0 Brake" if we did have any on this used page. The "Radical ST Brake" is a different binding model that uses the '1.0' design. Dynafit naming conventions are certainly tricky!
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Question from Vincent M
I damaged one of my bindings while attempting to adjust them forward for a new boot with a shorter sole. The plastic part in which the forward adjustment bolt screws broke. Who you have a spare part?
Thank you!
Answer from Julieana
Hey Vincent, we do have some spare base plates and parts that might work for you. If you could email us at with a little more information on what exactly broke and which part(s) you're needing we can hopefully get you squared away!
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Question from Chloe

The toe lever broke on one of my speed fit bindings - I'm wondering if you have a used one that I could use to replace the part on mine or if I could buy one speed fit toe piece? let me know thank you!
Answer from Jeff
Chloe, We do not have any used toe pieces now. You can purchase a complete new toe here Dynafit toe pieces. The Speed 12 is the same as the SpeedFit.
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Question from Richard Codell
I just got a used ski set with Dynafit bindings. Heel says "FT" but that's all I know. On of the heel steps is broken and I would like to replace it. One of the parts listed under used parts looks similar or identical, but I don't know what you call it. I attached photo of the broken part. Can you sell just the part I need or must I get the whole heel unit?
Answer from Jeff
Richard, You have the Dynafit Radical FT binding. The part listed as Radical Roof x 1 is the one you need to fix the riser.
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