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Ski Trab World Cup Skins

Brand: Ski Trab
Model: Gara Aero WC
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The Gara Aero race skins are made with 100% mohair and are designed to attach to the Gara Aero World Cup skis. The skins feature the Attivo fixing system that has wide tip clasps with a pull tab. These are parallel race skins that don't need trimming. In fact, Trab even pre-rounded the tails for you. Just hook the clip on the tip, run your hand along the length of the skin to help the glue stick, and start winning. These are some of the fastest skins around and rip off easily due to the oblong tail shape. The skins come in a nice padded bag.

by Jonathan S (used product regularly)
Five Stars for a race skin with reliable glue and typical fast mohair glide.
By comparison, I've used 100% mohair skins from Atomic, Black Diamond, CAMP, Colltex, Dynafit, plus various unidentifiable black sources.
Something about the Trab material feels very nice to the touch -- just hanging them up to dry is a joy to touch them with bare hands(seriously!), yet they have enough stiffness for clean rips.
The tapered tail is also very nicely designed. I even plan to start using it as a cutting template for other race skins!
I have lots of experience using the proprietary Trab tip attachment on my Magico ski. But the Trab tip attachment is also very secure on any squared-off tip like the Hagan X-Race. For a more rounded-off tip, like on my older-generation X-Race, I have managed to lose a skin twice, once by just affixing it very sloppily, and another time on a really nasty sidehill where I was slapping my skis around.
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by CBSkiMoMafia-jb (downright abused product)
I've used a variety of CAMP and TRAB skins over the years and to me this is one of the quickest out right now. Glide testing in a number of conditions this particular skin wins out every time. They are noticeably lighter as well - the backing is thinner and more supple than previous TRAB skins. Added bonus is the glue ... I have been using this skin in CO where traditionally we re-glue our skins right out of the box but the glue has been reliable even on cold mornings below -10. I've never used POMOCA but compared to previous CAMP/TRAB's these are money! If fast/light is what you are looking for this skin is a great choice.
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