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Intuition Pro Tour Liners

Brand: Intuition
Model: Pro Tour
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Closed-cell EVA foam is known for its ability to hold a mold. That means after having your liners heat molded, it won’t start to return to a former shape and crowd your feet. The foam is also warmer than some other liner materials and is very dense which helps in high-performance skiing. All Intuition liners are made with specially formulated close-cell EVA foam, which is why they are often the first choice for pro skiers. The Pro Tour is an Intuition foam liner with flex zones to improve articulation in touring boots.

  • Uniform cell structure traps gasses for the highest quality memory foam.
  • Patented foam without fillers is lighter than traditional sewn or injected liners.
  • Ankle flex zone increase comfort and range of motion when skiing uphill.
  • Integrated lacing system securely wraps your foot to help avoid blisters.
  • Liners can be reheated several times and will still retain their shape.
  • Medium volume thickness.

* Please note all stock is the medium volume version, not the new thicker HVs.

Question from joel
fitting these in dynafit tlt6 performance cl size 30.5 (shell size 30.0 - 30.5)
intuition website recommends rounding up from half size, but the shell is the same as the 30.0
feel like i am swimming a bit in the dynafit stock liners so would like to snug up the fit if possible
which size liner would you recommend? Thanks
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Joel. I don't think a size 31 liner would even fit in that, I'd stick with the 30. Intuition blatantly says "Round Up" with the Pro Tour on their website but from our experience it causes more issues than if you were to round down (by round down I mean stick with the size 30). -Trace
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Question from Sather Ekblad
Third year in Spectres, liners seem shot. Best size for 26.5?

Thank you

Sather Ekblad
Answer from jbo
Hi Sather, you want the 26s for that shell. Hope they work well.
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by Matt (downright abused product)
Intuition liners are the gold standard for a reason. They can cure a number of boot fitting problems which are often attributed to the shell. For me, they are a godsend when more instep room is needed, which is often and do a great job of locking my narrow heel into boots which fit my wide, flat forefoot and bony ankle.

They are almost always warmer than stock liners, which can be a good or bad thing, and can be very high volume when compared to many stock touring liners. If the stock liner isn't cutting it, there is no replacement I could more highly recommend. Life expectancy seems to be about 80-100 days, which seems reasonable to me.
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Question from Thomas
Could you put a size 29 liner in a size 28 shell for more room for toes or would it be too big too fit in shell? Dynafit TLT 6 mountain boots
Answer from jbo
Hi Thomas, that wouldn't fit very well. Best way to make more space is a heat mold with a toe cap using a size 28.
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Question from Chris
Can these liners be used with any modern ski boot, more specifically the Solomon Impact series?
Answer from jbo
Hi Chris, they sure could. Though these are specifically designed for alpine touring boots since the flex zone in the back helps with the walk mode.
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