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Dynafit Liners

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If Febreeze is no longer a match for your liners, it may be time for a replacement. It’s also time if you’ve ripped out the tongue, completely worn them through at the rivets, or packed them out beyond recognition. Look for replacement Dynafit liners here, all of which are thermo-moldable (TF) so may even fit other boots.

EVO PDG TF – Race liners are thin and some of the first to wear out. The EVO PDG liners fit in the PDG and DyNA boots and feature very flexible ankles. Some folks have even put them in TLTs in order to fit in smaller (and lighter) shells.

TLT6 Custom Ready - The thicker liners used in the TLT6 boots, including the blue and yellow Mountain, and the older green Mountain and Performance.

TLT6 Custom Light - The lighter liners used in the black TLT6 Performance boots. Thermomoldable, just like the Custom Ready.

TLT7 Custom Light- The lighter liners found in the TLT7 Performance and Carbonio boots. Thermomoldable.

Question from David
Hello, will these liners fit any boot? I have a pair of 2005 Salomon boots and the liner is incredibly sticky at this point.
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey David! Not necessarily. Is this your touring boot or an alpine boot?
Answer from David O
Hi, these are alpine, so strictly downhill.
Answer from jbo
Hi David, these are generally going to be too thin for alpine boots. I'd look at Intuition liners.
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Question from Andy M
I'm looking for a replacement liner for the TLT5 or TLT6 CR liner. What other liner is closest to that in thickness and fit?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Andy! The Palau Tour Lite Performance Liner is your best bet here! Very similar construction, just the Dynafit ones say Dynafit on them instead of Palau! :)
Answer from Andy M
Trace, I've read elsewhere on this site that the Palau TLP liner is similar to the thinner Dynafit CL liner. I want a thicker liner like the CR. Could you please clarify which liner (Palau, Intuition, etc.) would be the best replacement for the CR? Thanks, Andy.
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Andy! Doh! Sorry about that, I misread. Yes, you are correct, the Palau Tour Lite is most similar to the CL Liner. Something more along the lines of the CR liner is the Intuition Pro Tour which will definitely suck up a bit more volume in the foot than the Palau Tour Lite. The cuff on the Pro Tour is big and burly though, so keep that in mind. The LV version is more of a direct replacement liner whereas we tend to use the MV (standard) liner as a way to eat up a bunch of volume, which may work in your favor in this instance.
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Question from Ann
Are you going to offer the Dynafit TLT7 CR Liners? (The women's version would be great, with the lower rear cuff!)
Answer from jbo
Hi Ann, yes we are expecting availability in a week or two.
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Question from Nikolay
I have a pair of TLT6 Mountain older model(green boots, first year after tlt5), size 27.5(297mm shell). In a spring conditions my CR liner is too warm for me.

Is it a good idea to get a CL liner for my TLT boots? Is liner's size 27.0 gonna be too small? I know I need 27.5 but it's not in the stock.

Answer from jbo
Hi Nikolay, yes the CL is a thinner liner and is not as warm as the CR. Your fit may be affected, as there will be a bit more volume in the boot with a thinner liner. There isn't a big difference between the 27 & 27.5, especially after some skiing.
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Question from Mike
I have a pair of TLT-5 with size 307mm shell. Can I fit them with a 28.5 EVO PDG TF liner? what is the weight/pair of the EVO PDG TF liner?
Answer from eric
Hey Mike, Yes a 28.5 PDG liner would work as a replacement for the TLT5 liner. The PDG liner is a little thinner in the toe box area than TLT5 was. If that would cause a fit problem, try the same size in the TLT6 CL liner.
Answer from Don B
September 2017 now ... I have the same Dynafit Boot as Mike TLT-5 307mm shell ... looking for a 28.5 liner. Is the 28.5 PDG liner going to be available this year? Any other recommendations? Thanks Don
Answer from jbo
Hi Don, the best bet going forward is the Palau TLP liners. They are close match for the performance liners found in the TLT Performance boots.
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Question from Jeb
Wondering if the thicker TLT 6 CL liner will fit in the TLT 6 Performance CR boots (the black and orange ones).
Answer from jbo
Hi Jeb, the CL liner is the one that ships with the black and orange boots. It is thinner than the CR liner which ships with the mountain version. They are interchangeable.
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