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Being synonymous with comfort and performance, Intuition has rightfully been atop the leaderboard when it comes to high-quality after-market liners. Taking over from the venerable Pro Tour liner, the Tour Tongue has received subtle design updates that improve upon this already successful formula. As with all Intuition liners, the Tour Tongue is built using a highly customizable foam that when heated, comfortably accommodates many different foot shapes. While the main body of the Tour Tongue uses a moderately compliant dual-density foam, the toebox utilizes a low dual-density foam that aims to provide more comfort during a big day out. Purposefully designed with modern touring boots in mind, the Tour Tongue features a rear flex zone that allows you to capitalize on the impressive range of motion definitive of modern touring boots, allowing you to move quickly and efficiently. Compared to the Pro Tour, the Tour Tongue features a thinner sole thickness, a revised J-bar that allows for better heel hold and ankle support, and a sewn-in tongue for durability. Finally, the Tour Tongue is offered in three thicknesses, allowing you to select the best option for the fit of your boots.

Whether you want to add warmth, performance, or comfort to your existing touring boot, the Tour Tongue is a worthwhile upgrade.

  • Fully heat-moldable for a comfortable and individualized fit.
  • Low-density foam is strategically used in the toe box, helping provide comfort on big days out.
  • Internal J-bar helps to lock down the heel and provide support for bony ankles.
  • Rear flex zone allows you to enjoy the excellent range of motion found on modern touring boots.
  • Antimicrobial treatment (helps) fight off odor-causing bacteria.
  • Included 4mm high-density foam shim allows you to modify liner volume.
  • 9mm is low-volume, 12mm is medium volume, and 15mm is high-volume.

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Questions & Reviews

bruno wick (used product regularly)
I made the upgrade from the venerable Pro tour to the new model and have found them to be an overall upgrade. They walk much better than the older model. I had the LV in the older and was able to use the MV or regular thickness in the new ones and they have the same if not better walkability than the old model. Additionally, the "grippys" on the bottom of the liner are a nice addition, ensuring a secure fit in the boot.
My only gripe is the lacing system, I wish they would find a way to have the loop at the top have a "home". In between transitions the loop will jus the dangling next to my boot or in the snow. and while not a terrible thing, it is annoying.

overall a great aftermarket liner.
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Question from Tony
do you think the lv would fit into a scarpa f1 lt/gt/xt? would it give a bit of a boost to downhill performance over stock liner? Guessing that skinning range of motion would take a hit.
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Tony,

It would physically fit, I just tried it. You would need to round down the size on the whole number, i.e. for a 26.0 Scarpa you would use a 25 Tour Tongue liner. This is due to Scarpa sizing breaking on the half size. While these liners do fit into the GT/XT/LT shell, they create a very snug fit, even in the LV. With a heat mold, I think you could get a good fit. But as you guessed, they will definitely stiffen up the walk mode substantially, and I'm not convinced the downhill performance would get that much better if the stock liner fits you well. The main benefit, I think, would be for someone with exceptionally skinny calves and ankles, who wants a tighter fit in the cuff and is okay with compromising the walk mode to get it. But for most, I wouldn't recommend it. The best liner for the more uphill-oriented Scarpa boots is usually the stock liner, which is made by Intuition and very high quality, and I think that holds true in these boots for most people.
Answer from bruno wick
Hi Tony,
I put some of these bad boys into my f1xts. I have found them really enjoyable and improved the fit for me. I echo Carlos in that I do downside them (27 liner in 28 boots) It does take some walkability away, but I now have 5 tours in them (about 25 hours in them) and they are getting better every tour. Not sure if that is a good or bad sign. On the down I feel that they have made them ski in a class above. That may be because the boots are that good but I have to give some credit to the liner. Overall, I recommend the upgrade, I did the same in F1Lts with the last gen Intuition liner to the same result.
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Question from Mike
I'm interested in knowing how this liner compares to the older Pro tour. I am a telemarket skiing scarpa tx pros about 50/50 resort/bc. I noticed these are about 200 grams heavier and trying to decide if they are worth the added weight . I used pro tours before and they were good...but am open to an upgrade. Thanks!
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Mike,

They are a direct replacement for the Pro Tour, so they aren't fundamentally all that different. However, there are improvements which include a thinner sole, a revised J-bar that allows for better heel hold and ankle support, and a sewn-in tongue rather than the velcro attachment on the Pro Tour.

As far as weight goes, I was surprised to hear such a difference and so I grabbed a couple of our pairs and weighed them. Between the Pro Tours and the Tour Tongues, both size 26, the Tour Tongues were approximately 10 grams heavier per liner. So very comparable. I wouldn't hesitate on the basis of weight!
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Question from Todd
Would Tour Wrap or Tour Tongue be a better replacement for 2020 Scarpa T1?
My boot is a size 26.5. Which size 26 or 27?
Answer from Jeff
Todd, I suppose that would fall under personal preference. The stock liners are a tongue so if they work now, stick with that. You would get the size 27 12mm.
Some people like the Wrap for comfort or increased stiffness. I had a wrap liner in the 2nd Gen T2 boots, and they were rather nice, no tongue to move around.
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Question from Gary T
Hi, I have the Atomic Backland Carbon from last year and the liner that came with it does not fit me well. It's loose and does not have great heel hold even with a shim. checking on the intuition liners if this version would provide more volume and checking on what size to choose. My boot is 25-25.5.

Answer from jbo
Hi Gary, while fixing fit issues with liners does not often work, there is a chance the Intuitions would take up enough heel space for you. The low-volume version has potential as a drop-in replacement, but if you are able to mold a medium volume you would take up even more space. Note the cuffs on these liners are substantially thicker than your stock liner so you'll be buckling up differently.
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