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The F1 is back! This time with a standard ski/walk mode switch. When the first edition of this boot was recalled due to over-innovation, we had a hard time getting all the boots back from customers (in fact some still have them). That’s because the F1 walks and skis so well that folks were willing to deal with an occasional hiccup in the Tronic hands-free mode switch.

With the new version, you can now have the ski boot you want with reliable transitions at the flip of a lever. Kudos to SCARPA for pushing the boundaries with the F1 Evo, and an even bigger kudos for boldly issuing a recall at the first sign of a quality problem. You can be sure you’re getting a good product with a company that behaves like that.

The F1 is lightweight ski touring boot, with full coverage plastic and comfy Intuition liners. The designers borrowed Alien technology by inserting carbon fiber into the lower shell in a splayed pattern that transfers power directly from your leg to the ski. The boot is topped off with a BOA system that cinches a generous 102mm last for just the right forefoot fit.

  • Carbon Core Tech is fiber reinforced nylon that makes the lower shell more rigid.
  • Fast Buckle works in conjunction with a burly Velcro strap for simple and secure cuff.
  • Alien style Boa® lacing system in the lower shell lets you dial in the perfect fit.
  • SCARPA Intuition® liners (221g [27]) are heat moldable and preloaded with flex zones.
  • Evo tongue is designed to flex with your leg and can be topped up with a power strap (+26g).
  • UFO EVO soles are the latest in durable grip from the Vibram® family of overachievers.
  • 62 degree range of motion is what your ankles would demand if they could talk.
  • Dynafit Quick Insert fittings help make stepping into tech bindings a treat.
  • Three forward lean settings let you tune your stance to match your style.
-> ounces
1227g [27]
Weight (pair) 2454g [27]
Buckles 1 + boa
Boot Sole Length 280mm [24.5/25]
289mm [25.5/26]
297mm [26.5/27]
305mm [27.5/28]
314mm [28.5/29]
322mm [29.5/30]
330mm [30.5/31]
Binding Compatibility Tech only
Cuff Rotation 62°
Forward Lean(s) 20°, 22°
Specs Verified Yes
Materials Carbon infused nylon shell w/ Pebax tongue
Liner Intuition Pro Flex Evo
Sole Vibram UFO Evo
Skimo Co Says
Usage Light & fast touring
Notes Classic ski/walk mode mechanism
Bottom Line Alien-infused touring
by ABP (used product regularly)
After logging about 60 days in the F1 this year, I'm convinced that it is one of the best light touring boots out there. I've toured exclusively on the tlt series since the 5 came out, but the tlt5 and 6 were never quite wide enough for me, and the tongue was always annoying to take in and out, so I thought i'd give these a try this season. The first thing you notice is that they are comfortable, like super comfortable, so comfortable that I put them on in my house, drive to the trailhead, wear them all day, then drive home in them, all without ever feeling like I was wearing a ski boot. Second of all, they tour very well, better than the tlt5 and 6. I appreciate having the ski/walk lever separate from the buckle, this allows me to throw them into ski mode quickly when I encounter a skiable hill when nordic shuffling out of a zone (something we do a lot of in Montana). They push a fat ski just fine with good technique (I personally switch to a Salomon Mtn Lab for anything over 100mm in the waist but I know many people who use them with powder skis). The only concession I'll make is that they're quite fiddly to get all the parts lined up when putting them on, but once you've got them sorted they are one of the best boots i've ever used.
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Question from Andy M
Jason, thanks in advance:

How does the sizing run in these compared to other Scarpa boots? I wear a 28 in Maestrales, original F1s, etc.

Also, the forward lean options of 20 and 22 seem overly aggressive compared to other similar boots -- are they really that aggressive (maybe don't look like it from the photo), and, if so, is there an option to make them less so?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Andy. Length is exactly the same as the other boots in the Scarpa line, I think you'd be safe to try the 28. It does have a different last than the original F1 and Maestrale but it's still a Scapra so the shape is fundamentally pretty similar. You're right, even at the most upright position at 20 degrees, it is quite a bit more aggressive than the other boots in this category. If you feel like you are too far forward you can always shim the toe pieces a little bit. What binding are you using?
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Question from Scott A
Had maiden voyage today and was thrilled with the fore and aft flex. And the stiffness down a tight tree trail in Colorado's Front Range, inspired confidence through just below average conditions!

Question....what trick do I need to know to slip my foot in and out of these without wrestling the Carbon Core Tech....???
Answer from jbo
Thanks for the feedback Scott. These are much easier than the F1 Evos when they first came out! The tongue pops off the snap right at the ankle to gain space. They also get a little easier with a mold or some breaking in.
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Question from Mike
I have been interested in this boot for awhile to finally get into a light boot with a great range of motion in walk mode. The problem is my 31.0 shell size. This boot and a few Sportiva models seem to be the only boots in this category made in my size. And even fewer retailers stock these large sizes. I have only been able to find my size in this boot on your site and another online retailer. Is there a reason for this? Should I be concerned that the lighter boots will not work well for bigger people?
Answer from jbo
Hi Mike, no reason to be concerned, you're just observing market economics. The lighter stuff is not yet mainstream in the U.S. versus heavier kit, so many local shops are loath to carry odd sizes.
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Question from Coyne
How do you guys think this boot compares to the Atomic Backland Carbon? Seems like the Backland Carbon has many of the same slick features, but it will ski a bit stiff and therefore push a ski in the 105mm category?
Answer from jbo
Hi Coyne, after break-in it may be a touch below the absolute stiffness of the Backland Carbon, but the flex feels a bit more natural in my opinion. I wouldn't say there is a material difference in the ski size you can push around.
Answer from Travis N
I would say in a 28.5 for each the F1 is far more supportive both for aft and edge to edge than the Backland Carbon. Having had both boots, the backland was mushy and unsuportive by comparision IMO. The F1 is essentially as good as a Orange Maestrale for support and power transfer.

2016/2017 lightweight AT boots i've tested ranked from Mountain Travel performance to downhill ski performance: Arc'Teryx Procline Carbon Support, Fischer Travers Carbon, Atomic Backland Carbon, La Sportiva Spitfire 2.0, Dynafit TLT 7, Scarpa F1 (Auto and maual), Scarpa Maestrale, Sportiva Spectre, Salomon MTN Lab, Scarpa Maestrale RS.....
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