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Here lies some common hardware that can be useful in keeping your alpine touring ski boots in working order.

Boot Foam - Sold 8"x 8" in either 1/8" or 3/16" thicknesses.

Chicago Rivets - Sold individually, these rivets screw together so you don't need a press to fix riveted buckles and other parts. The flush heads are gentle on plastic and carbon fiber. Use with Vibratite to keep the rivets from unscrewing. Three lengths available: 3/16", 1/4", and 1/2". Get the middlest length for use with the "toe triangle" on Dynafit TLT 5 & 6 boots.

Boot Shims - Sold individually, these shims are an uncompressable cardboard shim to take up volume in a boot. Shims come in 2 thicknesses 1/16" and 1/8" and in one size to trim to fit.

Heel Lifts - Sold as a pair. Durable, dense, firm foam means these heel pads are made to work and last, yet comfortable so you dont feel like you have a wedge of wood in your boot. On top of that they are Water proof and mildew resistent. They are 1/4" thick and are sold as Small (5-7), Medium (8-10), and Large (11-13).

Questions & Reviews

Allen T (used product regularly)
Sorry guys, the Chicago rivets just aren't strong enough for boot buckles. I just started using them (like 2 weeks ago) and have already broken three (on two different pairs of boots). Two from buckle tension alone and a third when I bumped a rock with the buckle. They are fine for power straps, but I think that's about it. If there is a beefier version that could work, I was so hopeful for these, but alas they just don't cut it in their current form.
Reply from Allen T
Just a quick update. I searched through McMaster-Carr for something better and this is what I found. Part #'s 98002A910 and 98002A709. They are basically a beefier stainless version of the Chicago rivet. The heads are a little too rounded to work right out of the box so I ground them down (Photo: original left, modified center, Chicago right). The barrel is a little wider than the Chicago rivet, but it's a perfect fit for a Dynafit buckle. I think these are going to be significantly more robust and with the head ground down they are low profile and smooth. Did I mention you have to buy 50 of them...
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Question from
Do you sell bootboards for the Atomic Backland XTD 120? I'm thinking of buying a pair that has a broken bootboard.

What about using a dense foam? I'm wondering if this would cushion a somewhat sensitive metatarsal area?

Answer from Jeff
The Backland XTD is this seasons all new boot, that one? We do not have the boot boards for it. We do for the other models, and I compared them. Not the same, Sorry
Answer from Craig S
Yes, that's the one. Seems a bit delicate, but there you go. In the meantime, duct tape and Popsicle stick will have to do!
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Question from Steve M.
Need ankle assembly for La Sportiva Spectre boot (mondo 31.5). See photo. Can you help?
Answer from Jeff
Steve, These rivets are Not Cuff pivots.
Sorry, the cuff pivots for these are long out of stock.
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Question from David
Do you know when you will have boot foam back in stock?
Answer from Niko M
Hi David! We should have some more in stock very soon. Send us an email at if you'd like to be signed up for a restock notification. Thanks!
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Question from Elliot C
are the chicago rivets metal or plastic? thank you,
Answer from Jeff
Elliot, They are Metal and quite solid.
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Question from Miles
Do the boot boards come in a set? ie left and right? Thanks!
Answer from eric
Miles- They are sold as singles and no left or right. You just flip the shim depending on the boot its going into.
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Question from Michelle
I'm looking to install a booster strap on my Lange LX boots. I have to drill out the existing rivets to remove the stock strap. I would prefer to use a screw to connect the booster strap to the boot versus rivets. Would the Chicago 3/16" rivets work?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for the question, Michelle. The Chicago rivets aren't the burliest option, however, the 3/16" would work to connect a booster strap to your boot. If you're after something stronger, getting a metal nut/bolt from your local hardware store would be the best option. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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Question from kkopischke
I drilled the rivets out of my powerstraps on Fischer Transalp Tour boots because sometimes I don't want or need them on the boot. I'm ordering the chicago rivets in a couple different sizes to have the option to reattach when I want. Is this a better choice then purchasing the Skimo powerstraps? I know it's the cheaper way to go.
Answer from Cole P
Hey Kkopischke, the 3/16 chicago rivets would work fine to replace your power strap on your Fischer Transalp.
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Question from Danny C
When will the 1/2" size Chicago Rivet be available?
Answer from Cole P
Hey Danny, we put an order in earlier this week, and we are expecting to receive the shipment next week. Feel free to call or email us at and we can set up a notification for that product.
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Question from Christopher W
Are these the right diameter to replace loose rivets on a LaSportiva Sideral 1.0 instep buckle? Anyone know someone who has done this successfully? Would steel pop rivets be a better choice?
Answer from Jeff
Chris, Diameter of these is 5mm, then measure the length you need. If you have access to a rivet gun that would work too.
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Question from Rasto

In your text for Chicago Rivets three lengths are mentioned to be available: 3/16", 1/4", and 1/2". When trying to order, 1/4" doesn't appear as an option in drop-down menu. And yes, this is exactly the size I'd like to have.

Answer from Nate
Hi Rasto, when an item does not appear in the menu it means that we are currently out of stock. I've double checked our inventory and that does appear to be the case with the 1/4" size at this time.
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Question from Nick
Hi Guys,
Would these be the right diameter for a backcountry fix on a Vulcan/Mercury instep buckle strap or toe buckle strap connection to the boot shell?
What is the diameter on the barrels?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Nick! Totally possible! Might be a better idea to use a t-nut and matching screw just for the sake of getting the tension a bit higher, but the outer diameter of the barrel is 4.95mm.
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Question from Robie Pruden
On the Chicago rivets .
I have TLT 6 boots. one of the triangle rivets has broke and needs to be replaced. You recommend the middle length which I assume to be 1/4 . Problem 1/4 is not listed in the drop down menu ????. What to do ?
Robie Pruden
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Robie! I would get the 1/2 length and then file the threads down. It'll file down pretty easily with a metal file or even outside on the sidewalk or driveway.
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Question from Stephen
Hi there,

What size do I need to attach a cuff buckle to a TLT6?

Answer from jbo
Hi Stephen, in lieu of a rivet press, your best bet for those are steel pop rivets.
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