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Sometimes, when two things are combined, they produce something far greater than the original constituents. History is marked by such fusions: fire and meat, iron and carbon into steel, ski poles and ice axes, J-Lo and Shakira. Now, two of the best options for backcountry boots have joined forces to form the all-new, all-powerful F1 LT. By combining lightweight race features from the immensely popular Alien RS with the time-tested durable and reliable F1, SCARPA has created a boot that will change the game for years to come. While some boots may walk the line between race boot and touring boot, the F1 LT is the line. Built for long and fast tours as well as deep, technical descents, this is the boot for skiers who want to chase the most ambitious of objectives while spitting at the notion that skiability and weight are trade-offs.

The lower of the F1 LT was inspired by the Alien RS: made with a Carbon Grilamid LFT shell that is built with the same 3D Lambda Torsion Frame used by the RS to provide more direct power from your foot to the ski, the lower is secured by a simple Boa dial that cinches the waterproof gaiter across the top of your foot providing a quick, dry, and secure fit. Strategic cutouts on the exterior eliminate excess weight and material wherever possible while maintaining enough structural rigidity to drive high-fat skis with ease and confidence. The cuff (also made of the same Carbon Grilamid LFT) trades out the cord-closure of the RS for an F1 buckle strap to increase power and reliability and an additional removable powerstrap for even more control on the descent. The spring-loaded ski-walk mechanism is easy to flip and provides an incredible amount of low-friction articulation that will make sure these boots are the last thing to hold you back when speeding uphill. The F1 LT is the boot that will make freeride skiers want to race and make racers want to freeride. Plus, a sexy orange-black paint job will give your ski partners something to look at as you fly past them in your new SCARPA F1 LT's.

  • The prodigal child of two of SCARPA's most popular boots, the F1 LT sets the bar for other hybrid race/touring boots.
  • Carbon Grilamid LFT construction ensures the highest possible power-to-weight ratio.
  • 3D Lambda Torsion Frame increases direct power transmission from foot to ski.
  • Boa-secured waterproof gaiter will keep your feet cozy and dry.
  • Dynafit Quick Insert tech fittings make stepping in a breeze.
  • Ankles rejoice! 72° degrees of motion is a 10° improvement over the F1 and is more akin to that of race boots.
  • A surprisingly powerful race boot, or an impressively light touring daily driver, this boot can and will do it all.
convert to ounces
1041g [27.0]
Weight (pair) 2082g [27.0]
Buckles Velcro strap and Boa, w/ additional top power strap
Boot Sole Length 270mm [24]
278mm [25]
286mm [26]
294mm [27]
302mm [28]
310mm [29]
318mm [30]
Binding Compatibility Tech only
Cuff Rotation 72°
Forward Lean(s) 9°, 11°, 13° (+/- 2°)
Materials Carbon Grilamid LFT
Liner Intuition Cross Fit Tour LT
Sole Vibram UFO RS
Skimo Co Says
Usage Light and fast touring with confident downhill performance.
Notes Top powerstrap which is removable to shed weight.
Bottom Line A light-as-possible touring boot that boasts the reliability, durability, and skiability of traditionally heavier boots.
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Kat
I am starting up touring again this year (covid goal) I Still down hill ski pretty frequently but I have not toured in sometime. Would this be a good boot to begin with? I like the fact it is light and would likely be easier to move on. How is warmth factor on it? I also take a women size 11, which would be a Mondo 28, would you recommend sizing down? or just stick with a 28?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Kat, thanks for reaching out! We have not skied on this boot yet, but it should be moderately warm. There are definitely warmer touring boots out there, but they will all likely be heavier than these. As for sizing, fill out our online Boot Fitting Form with any boots(resort or touring) you've skied in or tried on. Then we'll help find the perfect boot for you!
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Question from Hadrien Huttenmoser
How do you compare them with the Atomic Backland Carbon 2019 ?
Do they have less volume near the ankle joint (feet instep) ?
I have low arch feet and had too much volume in my atomic.
Answer from Zak M
Hey, Hadrien because we havent received the new F1 LT boots yet we can't quite say if the volume in the rear of the boot will be that much narrower. What we do know is that the older Alien RS is a lower volume boot than the Backland and since the new F1 LT maintains the same lower shell it should be similar.
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Question from Simon
It looks like they ditched the tongue, but I can't find any videos of people opening these up. Tongues or no?
Answer from jbo
Hi Simon, there is no tongue. The LT is based on the Alien RS design which gets its (surprising) stiffness from the spine, supported by the carbon-infused lower. It's nice getting in and out without having to fold a tongue out of the way, à la F1 and Maestrale.
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Question from Andy
Another fit question: I have been in a 28.5 F1 for a few years and a 28.5 original Maestrale before that. Both fit very well. Any suggestions for 28 vs. 29 in the F1 LT? Thanks!
Answer from Cole P
Hey Andy, I would recommend going with size 29 as the 28.5 fits similarly to the 29.
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Question from Dabu
The Scarpa Maestrale RS is by far the best fitting and skiing boot I've toured in. It felt like it had already been fitted to my foot when I sat down and tried it on at Skimo for the first time.

Then I tried the Dynafit PDG2 to explore lightweight options. After lots of fitting it still fits and skis terribly (for me). Maybe I need the crutch of a big boot to compensate for lack of balance and skill?

Anyway, I'm interested in this new F1 LT. Is there any similarity in fit between the Maestrale RS and the new boot? Similar sizing? And, most importantly, can the shell be blown out around the MTP joints?

Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Dabu, the F1 LT should have a last width that is maybe a millimeter or two narrower than the Maestrale RS. The PDG 2 is essentially the TLT7 lower shell, which has a significantly wider and higher volume fit than these other boots. The F1 LT's lower is the same as the Alien RS, which Scarpa says shell punching voids the warranty for. The Carbon Grilamid LFT may be slightly less workable in certain areas, but we have absolutely punched the Alien RS for customers who accept the potentially voided warranty.
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Question from Peter
Hi. Wondering how the sizing on these boots compares to Alien RS and the old F1? Last width, length? Largest size will 31 - does that mean the new F1 31 is the same as RS 31? Thanks.
Answer from Jeff
Peter, Yes the lower is the same as the Alien RS, which had 99mm last. Scarpa is saying the F1 LT is 100mm. The change, according to Scarpa, is they lowered the footboard a bit, giving a slight bit more volume and lowering the foot to the widest part of the shell. If you tried the Alien 31 and it did not fit, this probably will not work either.
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Question from Andre
Thanks Jeff....I was wondering about the width?
Answer from Jeff
Andre, The lower shell is the same as the current Alien RS which had 99mm last. Scarpa is saying the F1 LT is 100mm. The change, according to Scarpa, is they lowered the footboard a bit, giving a slight bit more volume and lowering the foot to the widest part of the shell. Those widths are for a size 27 shell. In the larger sizes, the width is a good bit more. From customers who got the first 31 size this season, people with a med to wide foot still did not fit well.
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Question from Andre
What is the last size?
Answer from Jeff
Andre, It will be available up to a size 31. We have the current Alien RS in 30 and 31 now. Those sizes in a new model may arrive later in the Fall than the smaller sizes.
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