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Sometimes, when two things are combined, they produce something far greater than the original constituents. History is marked by such fusions: fire and meat, iron and carbon into steel, ski poles and ice axes, J-Lo and Shakira. Now, two of the best options for backcountry boots have joined forces to form the all-new, all-powerful F1 LT. By combining lightweight race features from the immensely popular Alien RS with the time-tested durable and reliable F1, SCARPA has created a boot that will change the game for years to come. While some boots may walk the line between race boot and touring boot, the F1 LT is the line. Built for long and fast tours as well as deep, technical descents, this is the boot for skiers who want to chase the most ambitious of objectives while spitting at the notion that skiability and weight are trade-offs.

The lower of the F1 LT was inspired by the Alien RS: made with a Carbon Grilamid LFT shell that is built with the same 3D Lambda Torsion Frame used by the RS to provide more direct power from your foot to the ski, the lower is secured by a simple Boa dial that cinches the waterproof gaiter across the top of your foot providing a quick, dry, and secure fit. Strategic cutouts on the exterior eliminate excess weight and material wherever possible while maintaining enough structural rigidity to drive high-fat skis with ease and confidence. The cuff (also made of the same Carbon Grilamid LFT) trades out the cord-closure of the RS for an F1 buckle strap to increase power and reliability and an additional removable powerstrap (+30g) for even more control on the descent. The spring-loaded ski-walk mechanism is easy to flip and provides an incredible amount of low-friction articulation that will make sure these boots are the last thing to hold you back when speeding uphill. The F1 LT is the boot that will make freeride skiers want to race and make racers want to freeride. Plus, a sexy orange-black paint job will give your ski partners something to look at as you fly past them in your new SCARPA F1 LT's.

  • The prodigal child of two of SCARPA's most popular boots, the F1 LT sets the bar for other hybrid race/touring boots.
  • Ankles rejoice! 72° degrees of motion is a 10° improvement over the F1 and is more akin to that of race boots.
  • Carbon Grilamid LFT construction ensures the highest possible power-to-weight ratio.
  • 3D Lambda Torsion Frame increases direct power transmission from foot to ski.
  • Boa-secured waterproof gaiter will keep your feet cozy and dry.
  • Dynafit Quick Insert tech fittings make stepping in a breeze.
  • A surprisingly powerful race boot, or an impressively light touring daily driver, this boot can and will do it all.
  • Forward lean can be adjusted by moving the ski/walk lever mounting position, with choices of 9°, 11°, or 13°.
  • Removable rigid spoiler on the back of the liner is attached with Velcro so you can further tweak the forward lean (+/- 2°).
  • Included power strap (+30 grams) pops on and off in a snap.
convert to ounces
995g [27]
1060g [28]
Weight (pair) 1990g [27]
2120g [28]
Buckles   Velcro strap + BOA
Boot Sole Length   270mm [24]
278mm [25]
286mm [26]
294mm [27]
302mm [28]
310mm [29]
318mm [30]
Binding Compatibility   Tech only
Cuff Rotation   72°
Forward Lean(s)   9°, 11°, 13° (+/- 2°)
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Carbon Grilamid LFT
Liner   Intuition Cross Fit Tour LT
Sole   Vibram UFO RS
Skimo Co Says
Usage Light and fast touring with confident downhill performance
Notes Removable Velcro spoiler on the liner tweaks the Forward lean
Bottom Line A light-as-possible touring boot that boasts the skiability of heavier boots
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Micah W
By "as well" do you mean questionable power transfer or unsafe b/c you'll pop out?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Micah. The F1 LT offers an incredible performance to weight ratio, however, weighing in at less than a kilogram, it won't drive bigger skis/bindings as well as a beefier boot, such as the Tecnica Zero G Pro Tour. This boot won't have any retention issues when used with "tech" style bindings, however, this boot isn't compatible with heavier hybrid style bindings due to the lack of a sufficient heel welt, etc... Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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Question from Matt H.
Currently use a 27.5 in the F1 which fits very well. What would be a good size in the F1 LT? 27.0 or 28.0???
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Matt, thanks for reaching out! 27.5 and 28 are the same shell size for SCARPA, so I'd start there. That being said, the F1 LT fits a bit narrower than the F1, but you can fill out our online Boot Fitting Form and we can delve into the details with you!
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Riff (used product regularly)
These replaced a pair of Alien RS’s that I really liked. The Aliens were amazing, but I had trouble with the lack of volume in the forefoot, and the liners were wearing out fast. The F1LT definitely has a more generous fit in the forefoot, improving comfort and warmth in my case. The walk mode mechanism is great, and range of motion is the same as the Alien; tremendous. I think the cuff is a bit stiffer and more progressive than the alien as well, I’d say the boot descends a little better. The liner is beefier, and the gaiter seems to be holding up better too. If you were always wishing to rock the aliens but couldn’t make the fit work, the F1LT is worth a look.
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Question from Nathan T
Would you be able to explain what makes the LT model only tech compatible? The heel looks similar to the standard F1, what's stopping these from working with Kingpin or similar freeride binding?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Nathan, thanks for the question! Our best guess is because the position of the walk mechanism differs and is located lower down on the spine of the boot from the F1, they just don't want to work as well with a binding like the Kingpin or Shift. Let us know if you have any more questions!
Answer from Nathan T
Hi Zak, Micah,
I ended up mounting my Kingpins and playing around with the LTs. There are two issues, and while I'm in no way qualified to say for sure, I'd personally feel unsafe skiing the LTs with Kingpins. There are two heel compatibility issues. The Kingpin heel is alpine style, and clamps down on the top surface of your boot heel bump. The LTs have a smaller heel bump (not sure what else to call it, it is the part of the boot that locks into an alpine heel binding), so they can't fully engage. This causes them to really easily laterally eject from the heel when the binding is adjusted to the manufacturer's recommended spacing. The other issue is the walk lever. There's not enough clearance to flip the lever between modes with your boot locked down into the heel. Avoidable if you flip from walk to ski before stomping back into the heel, but annoying (and I think just a solid sign they shouldn't be used together).
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Question from Nick
I have a 25.5 Maestrale RS that fit pretty well that I've needed to punch out on the pinky bunion several times. What size of F1LT should I get? How much can the bunions be punched out?
Answer from Jeff
Hey Nick, Sorry, the F1 LT does not share the same fit as the Maestrale. They are much narrower and Scarpa does not recommend punching this boot out at all.
So it would not be the boot for you. Looking for something in this category, try the TLT 8 or maybe the Fischer Travers CS.
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Question from Gabriel
Hi! I have a pair of black crows freeride touring skis, 96 and 106 underfoot with dyn binding, i have a Maestrale RS, but thinking in something with better ankle mobilty, some lighter but still good downhill performance, F1 LT could be good option to drive this skis? Im not a beast skier in weight and power.
I use the 96mm with maestrales also on the resort, as for freeride powder and couloirs so will de F1 LT have enough power transmition to carve well on the piste as well good skiability on the pow?

Thanks for the help
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Gabriel,

The Scarpa F1 LT is quite powerful for its weight. However, at 995g in the 27.0 shell size, this boot does have its limits. I would not use this boot for lift-accessed laps, especially with the waist width of skis that you are looking to drive. Additionally, this boot is only compatible with tech bindings.

In softer backcountry conditions, you would be just fine on the 96mm waist width, but you will be maxing this boot out on the 106mm waisted ski. Another thing to mention, Scarpa states that this boot should not be paired with a ski above 85mm in the waist width, or you will void the warranty. That being said, plenty of folks use this boot to drive skis far wider than that in the backcountry with great success. If you have any further questions, reach out to us at help@skimo.co
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Question from Jay
I have skied with dynafit tlt 6 w/palau liners, which I really liked at the time. Then upgraded to tecnica zero g pro tours to get more dh performance. Now looking for a boot to ski a 40+ mile and 20 000+ feet traverse. I still have my old tlt’s and I wondering if the f1 lt would be worth the investment.
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Jay,

I am sure you have read the reviews, so you know that the F1 LT lives up to the hype! It is lighter than your TLT6, while packing quite a punch on the way down. However, to really dial in the fit on a new boot, I would recommend filling out a Boot Fitter. A lighter boot will pay dividends over that distance and vert, and will most likely be worth the investment!
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Question from Aaron
Any idea when Scarpa will produce and distribute more F1 LTs in size 28? I’ve been scouring the planet (internet) and they are virtually non-existent. Any leads or updates would be appreciated!
Answer from jbo
Hi Aaron, there likely won't be any surfacing until next season sadly.
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Question from cary
I wear a 29 to 29.5 in Mondo boot sizing. What size F1 LT should I get? Thanks!
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Cary. Please visit our online bootfitter and we would love to give you personalized sizing/boot advice!
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Question from Kyle
How do these boots compare to the La Sportiva Skorpius?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Kyle, while the F1 LT and Skorpius are in the same category there are definitely a few differences. While both are low-volume boots the Skorpius has more room in the toe box but a lower instep compared to the F1 LT. The Skorpius also is a stiffer boot making it more capable driving bigger skis.
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Centerfold (used product regularly)
The search is over. What an amazing boot. Let’s just say I can get these for cheaper but chose to pay full price with skimo because of the service. I loved my time with their bootfitters.

The boot itself is amazing. My third boot and by far my favorite. I say the widest ski you want with these is 105 on powder (but you can ski anything in powder). Otherwise I would stick to 100 mm or less for underfoot.

The boot is durable. More durable than its heavier brother F1.

The fit is difficult. I ended up going up a whole size more than usual. Would not recommend buying online without a proper boot fit. Even then it’s a leap of faith. Spend the extra money for a proper foot bed with these too.

I wish scarpa could get the top strap figured out. I almost prefer a buckle but after getting used to how tight I like it it’s been much easier to figure out.

These things are mobile enough to drive in. Seriously.
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Question from Chris
I'm about 6'2" and maybe 205 lbs on a good day. Is my height/weight going to be too much for this boot? Assume I'm not an overly aggressive skier pushing a 95mm underfoot ski.
Answer from Will M
Hey Chris,

You should be able to use this boot with ease! No need to worry about your height or weight.
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Average Joe (used product regularly)
I had the original and recalled F1 when it came out back in the day (red and blue with the auto ski mode which worked well until it didn't), traded it for the Alien RS and now have about 20 days on the new F1 LT. The fit is much improved from the Alien RS (I think the foot board attached to the boot was changed), the downhill aspects are spot on and the uphill is best ever. Yes the throw of the buckle could be better and the second velcro strap will scrape the skin off your hands, but those are minor issues given the overall performance of the boot.
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Taylor M (used product regularly)
This boot is the Ferrari of the lightweight performance touring boot category. I’ve been through a lot of boots in this category (Dynafit TLT7 and TLT8 Carbonio, Atomic Backland Carbon) and they all fail to stand up to this one. The stiffness and progressive flex the F1 LT offers is more predictable and precise than any of the aforementioned boots. I’ve also found these boots capable of keeping pace on multiple laps with the fastest skinners out there while still driving a stiff, charging ski (I’ve used them several days on a G3 Findr 102 with great success). Looking forward to taking these higher into steep ski mountaineering lines once conditions permit.
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Question from Gregg
Dynafit boots size 26.5 fit me well--what size would you recommend in the F1 LT?
Answer from Julieana
Hey Gregg, the comparable size will be the 27.0, however, these boots have a very different fit from most Dynafit boots. Regardless of the size you will find these to be significantly narrower throughout. If you have any more questions or want some more guidance on finding the right boot feel free to email us at help@skimo.co.
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Question from David
Would the SCOTT Superguide Freetour skis pair well with the F1 LT?
Answer from jbo
Hi David, officially that's wider than SCARPA's guidelines, but I've skied them with the Alien RS (similar performance) and it went well. Probably not getting all the capability out of the ski, but still mucho fun.
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Andy (used product regularly)
These are by far the best boot I've owned. I spent a few years in the original Maestrale and the F1. They walk better than the F1 and ski just as well if not better. They are about 100x easier to get into than the F1.

I use them with skis ranging from 78 to 116 underfoot and have thoroughly enjoyed them with everything.

I had some concern about the gaiter stretching / wearing out with repeated liner removal/insertion so I bought a cheap in-boot dryer which has worked out fine.
Reply from Ben
what kind of in-boot drier did you go with?
Reply from Andy
I got the “DryGuy Travel Dry DX Boot Dryer and Shoe Dryer” from Amazon, I imagine anything similar would work
Comment on this review:

Question from David
Is this boot moldable? My feet are wide and have a high arch. I want a light touring boot that has a single changeover motion from skins to ski.
Answer from Tristan M
Hi David,

The Liner of the Scarpa F1 LT is heat moldable. However, we generally recommend against shell work, as the shell is constructed out of carbon-infused Grilamid plastic, and any punching will void the warranty. If you have any further questions on boots, I recommend that you fill out a Boot Fitter, and we would be happy to guide you towards a boot that will work well for you!
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Teague T Holmes (downright abused product)
Currently the latest best boot. It’s pretty simple. It tours about the same as the alien RS but it drives a ski in charge is downhill better than the F1.
That’s right the F1 light skis better than the F1.
Mostly due to its significantly taller cuff and more performance fit overall
The only critique I have is I could do without the Velcro, in place of a conventional buckle. I will say that the Velcro strap buckle system is much better with the adjustment numbers so that you know where to set it and forget it for the day (and incremental update from the strap on the older F1s. I have an incredibly narrow low-volume foot and by adding some standard boot fitting shims and pad material to take up space, they actually fit and perform perfect. I have a recently badly damaged right foot and my F1 light with an older broken liner is the most comfortable and best piece of footwear I own. Sounds like they fit mid range to wider feet as well which sounds impossible it seems to be working.
It’s worth noting that in eight years of skiing all iterations of the alien as well as the RS and the F1, I’ve only broken a Boa once. And it wasn’t a big deal to ski or replace.
If the game is about building the boot with the best tour-ability, combined with the highest downhill performance for the least amount of weight, this boot wins the whole game hands-down.
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Question from Andrew
Can anybody compare these to the Fischer Travers Carbon? I love the simple functionality of that boot (and this looks pretty similar) but the Fischer really lacks in torsional rigidity. I don’t have much interest in skis wider than 100 but would really love a similar boot that could hold on hard snow with like a 95 under foot.
Answer from eric
Andrew-The F1 LT has some carbon in the lower shell which might give it some more torsional rigidity than the Fischer. We have not gotten enough snow time currently to really say for sure. The Alien RS uses the same materials and that felt similar ski performance to the Fischer for what thats worth.
Answer from jbo
Hi Andrew, judging mainly from the RS (very similar build), the F1 LT is stiffer in forward flex than the Fischer. Laterally I would say so as well, the carbon-infused lower is quite rigid. If by torsionally you mean twisting, the Fischer has a carbon plate in the sole so it's pretty solid there.
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