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Dynafit Adjustment Plates

Brand: Dynafit
Model: Adjustment Plates
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Availability: In Stock
Price: From $99.95
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Mounting these plates between Dynafit race bindings and your skis will give you some fore/aft adjustment. This allows you to use different boots with the same skis, adding to their useful life and increasing the resale value of your rig.

  • Plates are just 4.8mm thick to minimize ramp angle changes.
  • Come with a full set of mounting screws and adjustment nuts & bolts.
  • Includes stick-on mounting template to help with manual installation.
  • Superlite 2.0 plates are compatible with the optional brakes.
  • All plates are sold in pairs.
Plate Range Weight
Low Tech Race 2.0 Heel 30mm 21g (0.7oz)
Superlite 2.0 Heel 20mm 46g (1.6oz)
LTR / Superlite 1.0 Toe 30mm 34g (1.2oz)
LTR / Superlite 1.0 Heel 30mm 19g (0.7oz)
-> ounces
34g [front]
19g [back]
Weight (pair) 68g [front]
38g [back]
Specs Verified Yes
Materials 7075 aluminum
Question from Thatcher
I'm looking at the Superlight 2.0 heal adjustment plate and I have a couple questions:
1. Are these packaged in twos or do I need to add two items to the cart in order to get two?
2. Do you recommend a toe shim to keep the foot from being too forward leaning? or is it not a big deal?
3. Is it a fairly easy adjustment if I'm regularly switching between two different boots?
Answer from jbo
Hi Thatcher,
1. These are sold in pairs so Qty of 1 will suffice.
2. It makes a bigger difference for shorter boots and shorter skis, but in general I wouldn't worry about it unless you notice it affecting your skiing.
3. It's not too bad, there are for screws to loosen and re-tighten.
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Question from Scott S
Are the Superlight 1.0 and 2.0 toe patterns the same? (They look similar.) Will a 2.0 toe adjustment plate work for a 1.0 toe?
Answer from jbo
Hi Scott, the toe pattern didn't change, but unfortunately the toe plate is not available for the 2.0. We have some toe shift plates from B&D and Kreuzspitze and hopefully will have a replacement bolt-tension option soon.
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Question from Fedor F
Are you going to have an old style of the front plates in stock?
Answer from jbo
Hi Fedor, we are unable to get any more of those from Dynafit, but we should have something similar. I will let you know.
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Question from Mace
Do you know if the mounting pattern for the heal plates matches the standard tlt/radical heal mount?
Answer from jbo
Hi Mace, they do not. The pattern is listed here.
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Question from Michela
Hello Skimo.co,

I would like to get an adjustment plate for my old race set up and use a speed radical heel piece. Will this plate work? I couldn't quite tell from the descriptions. Thanks in advance!

Answer from jbo
Hi Michela! Actually no, these heel plates are meant to the tripod heel found on the Low Tech Race and Speed Superlite. The toe piece does work with the Speed Rads though. The Radical heels have adjustment built in though, so you shouldn't need these.
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Question from Brian
Regarding the rear plate and SLs - is there a feeling if these would provide a more "stable" or "secure" mount with the enlarged bolt pattern than the tripod alone or is the real world difference negligible? Do skis "feel" any different with the plates vs. direct mount of SLs?
Answer from jbo
Hi Brian, I haven't noticed any feel difference using the plates. It's hard to quantify the difference without breaking a lot of skis, but I think for most skiers on most skis the difference is somewhere between negligible and irrelevant.
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by Jonathan S (used product a few times)
Five Stars for a beautifully engineered variation on the typical race binding adjustment plate, with a toe plate that is unique as a nearly universal option for race bindings.

Background on product familiarity: I’ve set up the heel plates for a partner’s Dynafit Speed Superlite, and am currently setting up the toe plates for my own Plum Race.

First, the first impressions out of the box: Dynafit definitely put in some extra effort to minimize both the weight and height, as the undersides of the plates are beautiful just to hold and behold. But the unheralded feature is that although the heel plates work only for the Dynafit Low Tech Race and Speed Superlite “1.0” versions, the toe plates are a unique option for a continuously adjustable nearly universal race binding adjustment plate.

Second impressions, in use, for adapting to other toes: The front of the toe plate has a section that is entirely open. If your race toe has a separate striker plate (i.e., for the toe lever) that requires some support underneath, then the original 30mm adjustment range in front will be reduced to ~17mm in order to avoid this void. Alternatively, if you don’t plan to use ski crampons, or if your binding model’s ski crampon clip doesn’t require support underneath, then you can simply mount the toe plate backwards. (The only asymmetry other than the void is entirely cosmetic, so swapping is possible even after mounting.)

You might also need to grind down the provided T20 screws (i.e., same head style as all current Dynafit bindings), or you can experiment with grinding down any M6 10mm screws from a hardware store (but keep in mind that you’ll probably be limited to a Phillips or socket head, so potentially another driver style to keep in your repair kit).

Third impressions, for long-term durability: As with similar designs for heel plates from other brands, very straightforward once adjusted. But you plan to swap between different boots very often, then better to get a single-screw “worm drive” design.
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Question from Mike
Will the heel plates work with the Superlight 2.0 and still allow the brakes to fit on? Hard to tell from the images of the 2.0 with brakes, but it looks like the add-on brake needs to fit flat on the ski and so the plate will prevent that.

Somewhat related: it sounds like the 2.0 will have an unofficial flat position. Think that will work with the brakes attached too? (clearly I am keen on the 2.0 only if the brakes are going to work for my uses!).
Answer from jbo
Unfortunately not Mike, these plates have a 3-hole heel pattern whereas the 2.0 is a new 4-hole pattern. I'm told a 2.0 plate is in the works, but no word on the availability yet, or how it works with the brakes. The toe plate will work however, so you can get some adjustability in a somewhat unorthodox manner if the flatter ramp angle works for you.

Good question about the flat mode + brakes, that could be related to the unofficial-ness. Will see what I can find out, but I might not have a definitive answer until the bindings arrive in October.
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Question from Joe
Thanks for the reply. Will u be sourcing the c-one heel possibly? It (or the superlight on plates) is a great alternative heel rather than getting a goofy stopper for a speed radical...ive looked at euro sites but only seeing full sets...we sent back a set of superlights as the ski tech didnt want to mount the three screws out of plumb. If we knew the plates were an option would have stuck with the superlight but sadly now have speed rad holes in the ski and want less delta....do u imagine the rear dynafit adjuster plate could be offset well enough from speed rad holes for solid mounting?

Answer from jbo
Hi Joe, yes you can offset the plate enough for a solid mount, though you might not end up with the BSL range you are aiming for. Give us a shout via e-mail for heel availability.
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Question from joe
I want a superlight c-one. Have u made one with a speed rad base before. Looks like a straight swap. What would the pin height be? Is the speed base higher than this rear adjuster plate? Cheers
Answer from jbo
Hi Joe, unfortunately there is no easy way to get a Superlite heel onto a speed rad base (which indeed is thicker). The heels pins on the C-Ones are 38mm high, giving a +9mm delta.
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