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When we asked Dynafit team member Benedikt Böhm which binding he uses most, he immediately pointed to the Expedition. Given his casual pastime of skiing 8,000 meter peaks this came as no surprise. The Expedition's durability-to-weight ratio is about as high as they come and the simplicity is tough to beat. The unique rotation-free heel piece is what gives the Expedition its edge. Sacrificing lateral-heel release gives you the benefit of knowing that pre-releases are a thing of the past. Another benefit is eliminating lateral wander found in virtually every other ski binding. Instead of trying to solve the difficult problem of retention vs release, the Expedition eliminated it altogether. Meaning, no matter how hard you load the ski up into a turn, your heel has absolutely no room to wander which delivers razor sharp handling when you need it most. While more complicated bindings get bloggers in a tizzy, the Dynafit Expedition is quietly skiing exposed lines day in and day out. It’s loaded for bear while only weighing 202g per side.

  • No side release means no lateral pre-release.
  • Race-style heel flap covers the pins for lightning fast transitions.
  • Forged 7075 Aluminum heel piece is incredibly stiff and low profile.
  • Low mounting height and flat ramp-angle keeps you centered, close to the ski, and in control.
  • Steel toe piece shrugs off abuse.
convert to ounces
Weight (pair) 404g
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes   None
BSL Adjustment   None
Riser Heights   1
Vertical Release   Fixed
Lateral Release   None
Crampon Ready   Yes, removable
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Forged 7075 aluminum
Skimo Co Says
Usage No-fall skiing, surviving a nuclear blast
Notes No lateral release
Bottom Line The steep skiing machine you can always count on
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Robert W
Is there any structural compromise to installing these on a ski with quiver killers? I see the comment about the screw holes being slightly angled and Dynafit not recommending use with an adjustment plate. It looks like you guys have the QK hardware for the TLT expedition so I'm hoping it's kosher.
Answer from Cole P
Hey Robert, using adjustment plates and/or Quiver Killers has been done before. However, with the slanted bases on the Expedition there is a cracking risk and we do not recommend it.
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Question from Dane H
What tool does dynafit recommend to install heel screws in this binding? Tiny torx key?
Answer from jbo
Hi Dane, Dynafit does not provide any particular guidance on this matter!
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Comment from Dane H
So I’ve done it, and the angles are good. Concept looks and feels excellent. Saves ~270g per foot! Only issue; the TR2 toe wings don’t open wide enough to make exiting very easy. The side release is still rock solid as the wings blow open when that occurs so will have to wait for on snow testing to see if hard exits from ski mode are a deal breaker. Here is a photo of the test mount though in case anyone is interested.
Reply from jbo
I approve of this experiment!
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Question from Dane H
Sorry to ask again but I can't find where I asked the question last time!

I am considering franken-binding the Expedition heel to the Trab TR2 toe. I want to use the Hagan adjustment plate. Could you tell me what the ramp angle would be like in this configuration?

Thank you!
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Dane. Here is the original response from the man, the myth, the computer programmin' legend, Mr. jbo:

"Hi Dane, that's an interesting combo! You can figure out the delta by looking at our pin height article Looks like it would be a negative ramp without a plate. The expedition heels fit on the Hagan plate, but screw stress could be a problem since the screw holes are somewhat slanted in that heel."
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Question from Sather Ekblad
If I'm 26.5 in two models of la sportiva(Spectres and siderals) can you adjust pins to account for slightly different lengths

Answer from jbo
Hi Sather, you'd need an adjustment plate for that. The Hagan plates are compatible, though Dynafit does not recommend the use of a plate with this binding due to the stress on the screw holes.
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Question from Nick
I was shopping for race-style tech bindings on here a couple years ago, and you guys had some helpful information on estimated release values for non-adjustable heel pieces. What are we thinking the vertical release value is estimated to be the Expedition?
Answer from jbo
Hi Nick, they are fairly stiff in the forward direction, typically 10+.
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Question from chris
Is there a flat tour possibly with this binding?
Answer from jbo
Hi Chris, unfortunately not. The heel doesn't turn.
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