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Getting the right ramp angle on your bindings can make the difference between skiing on-point or in the backseat with tired quads. B&D makes shims for almost every occasion. Choose a shim based on your binding and desired pin height delta, which can take some experimentation. Shorter boot sole lengths are more affected by delta because they end up with a higher ramp angle, thus look for thicker shims. Shorter skis also may benefit from thicker shims. For long skis and long feet, go thin to win. Some folks who shim their toes also increase the height of their heel risers to compensate. Do this with B&D Nubbins.

►ORDERING NOTE: All shims are sold in PAIRS, while the screws are priced INDIVIDUALLY.

Classic Shims, 3.2mm - Shims that are mounted under tech binding toes in order to reduce your ramp angle. 3.2mm thick, laser cut.

Classic Shims, 4.7mm - 4.7mm thick version of the above shims. All these are drilled to match both Classic and Radical hole patterns.

Classic Shims, 6.4mm - Same thickness as the Radical ST/FT base plates, but used for the Speed Radical and most other tech toes.

Classic Extensions, 3.2mm - Also known as “tips & tails”, these allow the Classic shims to be used with Comfort, Vertical ST, and Vertical FT bindings. They interlock with the 3.2mm Classics.

Classic Extensions, 4.7mm - The Vertical & Comfort series toes have built in base plates that would otherwise overhang the shims. These slide into the Classic shims and work well with 23.5mm screws.

Classic Extensions, 6.4mm - Supports the base plates of older Dynafit bindings while raising the whole thing up 6.4 millimeters. The toe extensions need to be screwed onto your skis with the included wood screws (6.4mm version only).

Radical 1.0 Shims, 3.2mm - Raise up the toe pieces on your Dynafit Radical ST and FT bindings by 3.2 millimeters, reducing your ramp angle.

Radical 1.0 Shims, 4.7mm - Decrease the pin height delta by 4.7mm for those Radical ST/FT 1.0 bindings from Dynafit.

Radical 1.0 Shims, 6.4mm - Effectively double the baseplate thickness under your toes, reducing the pin height delta to less than 10 mils for the Radical ST/FT series.

Radical ST 2.0 Shims, 3.2mm - Although there is a bit less pin height delta on the 2.0 series, it is still relatively high. This will correct it by 3.2mm.

Radical ST 2.0 Shims, 4.7mm - Decrease your delta by 4.7mm on the 2.0 Radical ST bindings. 37g each.

Radical ST 2.0 Shims, 6.4mm - As the thickest shims for the Radical ST 2.0 binding, the 6.4mm shims will neutralize the ramp angle the most.

Radical FT 2.0 Shims, 3.2mm - Radical 2.0 heel pins are about 13.5mm higher than the toe pins. These shims will lower the delta to near 10mm, which some feel is a good target for touring skis.

Radical FT 2.0 Shims, 4.7mm - The happy medium between the 1/8” and 1/4” shims for the Radical FT 2.0 binding.

Radical FT 2.0 Shims, 6.4mm - More toe height means less delta which means less ramp angle and possible tired quadriceps.

G3 ION Shims, 3.2mm - The stock delta of the Ion is 11mm. These shims will bring you down 3.2mm to a very happy ramp angle.

G3 ION Shims, 4.7mm - Same as the above but reduces delta by 4.7mm.

G3 ION Shims, 6.4mm - Lifting the toes by 6.4mm will leave the Ion feeling pretty close to an alpine binding.

Kingpin Shims, 3.2mm - Although the Kingpin has no heel pins, we’ve estimated the effective delta at +9.5mm. This can be lowered with these shims.

Kingpin Shims, 4.7mm - A thicker shim for the Kingpin will get you close to +5mm.

18mm Pozi Screw - If you add some shims, you're going to need longer screws. These are alpine screws with a large head that works well with G3 ION and Plum bindings.

19mm Torx Screw - These are good for shimming lots of toes with 6.4mm shims. Small Torx head works especially well with Dynafit bindings.

21.5mm Pozi Screw - Another alpine-style, large-head screw that works best with G3 ION and Plum models.

23.5mm Pozi Screw - Perfect for 4.7mm shims under Radical 1.0 & Vertical toes that already have baseplates. Medium size head.

28mm Pozi Screw - These are for raising the Radical ST or Vertical ST toes past 4.7mm, amongst other uses. Watch your depth, you may need to grind 'em down.

Metric conversions: 3.2mm = 1/8". 4.7mm = 3/16". 6.4mm = 1/4"

Question from sbf

Kingpin shims sold out?
What type/length of screws for the different shims?

Answer from Trace Leches
Hey sbf! Kingpin shims are indeed sold out, however we place refill orders pretty regularly so if you're interested in getting a pair let me know and I'll see what we can do! Screw length is a pretty straightforward topic but depends on exactly which shim you end up with! One easy way to solve the dilemma is to measure the length of the standard mounting screws you have and then add the thickness of the shim to that length!
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Question from Gnorway
I have a pair of Radical FT 1.0 and Dynafit Beast boots (320mm sole lenght), and I am wondering about purchasing either 4,7mm or 6,4mm shims. What do you recommend? And what kind of screws goes with the two alternatives?

Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Gnorway! I think if you're gonna go with a shim to flatten out the ramp angle, you should go all the way and get a really thick shim to minimize the ramp angle! Just my thought on that, but the 4.7mm will work just fine as well! As for screws, the 6.4mm shim will need the 28mm screws (though you may need to grind them down a touch), whereas the 4.7mm shim will need the 23.5mm screws.
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Question from Linda P
I just got a pair of Fischer My Travers size 24.5 ski boots. I took them out today using my old skis with old Dynafit TLT Vertical ST bindings. The forward lean was extremely uncomfortable. My question is: I will ultimately be using these boots with my new Atomic Backland bindings and I was wondering if I will need a shim under the toe to reduce this forward lean or do you think this binding will have enough of ramp angle backwards (compared to the Vertical ST) to reduce the lean? Do you even have a shim that will fit on the Backland? I will also try compacting the thick Intuition liners in the calf area to help.
Answer from jbo
Hi Linda, there is much less ramp in the Backland (details here). You should be fine without a shim. B&D has not yet made one specific to the Backland either.
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Question from Gem
I am buying the BD Classic 6.4MM for my Plumes. They are currently mounted on my BD Judge. Is the screw size that comes in package enough? Just want to make sure... Thanks.
Answer from jbo
Hi Gem, the shims do not come with screws since every situation is different. In this case you'll need screws around 21mm. Note you can also shim the the Plum Guides with rental toe plates that are thicker and add some function.
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Question from Eric
Hi there, I'm looking at purchasing a 6.4mm shim to put under a Dynafit Speed Radical binding toe piece that's currently mounted on quiver killer inserts. Can you tell me what screws I would need in order to make this happen? Thanks!

Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Eric, thanks for reaching out! That'd be a 16mm Flat Head screw with an M5 thread! Let me know if you'd like to proceed and I can probably get you set up with an order!
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Question from Duretteski
Will the classic shim work with the Fritschi Evo toe? Is an extension required?
Answer from jbo
Hi Duretteski, unfortunately the classic shim doesn't work with the Vipec. Rumor has it there is a Vipec shim coming available though.
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Question from Jon B

I have a pair of Plum Guide bindings with a Scarpa 27.5 Maestral boots. I want a neutral (flat) or nearly neutral (flat) ramp angel.
Here are my questions:
1. Will the 6.4mm Classic shim get me a neutral (flat) ramp angle (with 19mm screws)? If not, what should I stack on top of it?
2. What screw should I order if I stack on top of the 6.4mm?
3. Will the crampons work with a Classic 6.4mm shim? Will they work if I need to stack higher?

Thanks very much! I can't believe it me took this long to figure out why I disliked skiing my AT set-up vs my on area set-up.


Answer from Rebekah S
Hi Jon,

The 6.4mm Classic shims will get you closer but not quite flat. You'll certainly feel the difference. You'll need 21.5mm screws for those. We generally advise against stacking multiple plates on top of each other. You could order the Plum Guide Rental toe plate to get even closer as they are 9.5mm thick. Crampons work with the shims, and would also work if you're adjusted near the rear of the rental plates.
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Question from toddball
I bought some 6.4mm shims for Dynafit Radical ST 2.0s, which I currently have mounted with Binding Freedom inserts. Any ideas for where to get longer screws for those? Doesn't look like BF makes 20mm Pozi Smallhead screws, which is what I would need (I think) if I bought from them.
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Toddball, any 20mm x M5 machine screw should do, though you will have to shrink the head of the screw in order to make this work (that is the reason the cost of the Radical 2.0 fastener kits are more expensive). I do have a few 20mm flat head Torx screws that I can sell you but it would still involve shrinking the diameter of the heads. Let me know what works for you, I can get that organized if you'd like.
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Question from Rich S
can you please advise which shim to lift a speed turn 2.0 toe up, and which screws? mounting to a Hannibal 94. I'm thinking 4.7mm "classic" is the one i want. what size screws do I need to accommodate for the additional ~5mm of shim? do the screws need to be filed down?
Answer from jbo
Hi Rich, yes you need the Classic shims. The thickness can be a personal preference, but easiest is the 6.4mm which uses the 19mm screws as is. Otherwise you need to shorten some screws.
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Question from Cim
Do you have any shims that fit G3 IONs? Since the screw pattern is different from Dynafit bindings, I assume those shims won't work. Would it be possible to drill extra holes in the B&D Radical Shims to fit the ION screws? If so, which model will be best?
Answer from Nate
Hi Cim,

The official answer is no, we do not have any shims for the G3 Ion.

I did take the time to size up some of the B&D shims to see if your idea of drilling extra holes would work. It appears that the Radical FT/ST shim could work, but I can't say for how long as it is not intended to be used with that binding. Drilling extra holes in the shim may cause it to crack or fail in some other manner. If you decide to try it, keep in mind that you'll need to replace the screws with longer ones as well.
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