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Getting the right ramp angle on your bindings can make the difference between skiing on-point or in the backseat with tired quads. B&D makes shims for almost every occasion. Choose a shim based on your binding and desired pin height delta, which can take some experimentation. Shorter boot sole lengths are more affected by delta because they end up with a higher ramp angle, thus look for thicker shims. Shorter skis also may benefit from thicker shims. For long skis and long feet, go thin to win. Some folks who shim their toes also increase the height of their heel risers to compensate. Do this with B&D Nubbins.

►ORDERING NOTE: All shims are sold in PAIRS, while the screws are priced INDIVIDUALLY.

Classic Shims, 3.2mm - Shims that are mounted under tech binding toes in order to reduce your ramp angle. 3.2mm thick, laser cut.

Classic Shims, 4.7mm - 4.7mm thick version of the above shims. All these are drilled to match both Classic and Radical hole patterns.

Classic Shims, 6.4mm - Same thickness as the Radical ST/FT base plates, but used for the Speed Radical and most other tech toes.

Classic Extensions, 3.2mm - Also known as “tips & tails”, these allow the Classic shims to be used with Comfort, Vertical ST, and Vertical FT bindings. They interlock with the 3.2mm Classics.

Classic Extensions, 4.7mm - The Vertical & Comfort series toes have built in base plates that would otherwise overhang the shims. These slide into the Classic shims and work well with 23.5mm screws.

Classic Extensions, 6.4mm - Supports the base plates of older Dynafit bindings while raising the whole thing up 6.4 millimeters. The toe extensions need to be screwed onto your skis with the included wood screws (6.4mm version only).

Radical 1.0 Shims, 3.2mm - Raise up the toe pieces on your Dynafit Radical ST and FT bindings by 3.2 millimeters, reducing your ramp angle.

Radical 1.0 Shims, 4.7mm - Decrease the pin height delta by 4.7mm for those Radical ST/FT 1.0 bindings from Dynafit.

Radical 1.0 Shims, 6.4mm - Effectively double the baseplate thickness under your toes, reducing the pin height delta to less than 10 mils for the Radical ST/FT series.

Rotation Shims, 3.2mm - Although there is less pin height delta on the ST Rotation series, it is still relatively high. This will correct it by 3.2mm.

Rotation Shims, 4.7mm - Decrease your delta by 4.7mm on the Rotations or Radical ST 2.0 bindings. 37g each.

Rotation Shims, 6.4mm - As the thickest shims for the Rotation or Radical ST 2.0 bindings, the 6.4mm shims will neutralize the ramp angle the most.

Radical FT 2.0 Shims, 3.2mm - Radical 2.0 heel pins are about 13.5mm higher than the toe pins. These shims will lower the delta to near 10mm, which some feel is a good target for touring skis.

Radical FT 2.0 Shims, 4.7mm - The happy medium between the 1/8” and 1/4” shims for the Radical FT 2.0 binding.

Radical FT 2.0 Shims, 6.4mm - More toe height means less delta which means less ramp angle and possible tired quadriceps.

G3 ION Shims, 3.2mm - The stock delta of the Ion is 11mm. These shims will bring you down 3.2mm to a very happy ramp angle. When mounting an Ion(10, 12, or LT) with this shim, you'll want to get 21.5mm Pozi screws and grind them to ~19.7mm length.

G3 ION Shims, 4.7mm - Same as the above but reduces delta by 4.7mm.

G3 ION Shims, 6.4mm - Lifting the toes by 6.4mm will leave the Ion feeling pretty close to an alpine binding.

Xenic Shims, 3.2mm - Made for the Xenic binding and will reduce ramp to +11.3mm.

Xenic Shims, 4.7mm - Custom made for the Xenic binding and will reduce ramp to +9.8mm.

Xenic Shims, 6.4mm - The thickest shim and will reduce the ramp to +8.1mm.

Vipec / Tecton Shims, 3.2mm - The thinnest flavor of a toe shim for the Fritschi Vipec bindings. These do *not* have drill holes for screws and will need to be drilled. 18.9mm Pan screw is needed.

Vipec / Tecton Shims, 4.7mm - The middle option for Vipec and Tecton bindings. This version sports a slightly revised geometry compared to the 22/23 version. These come predrilled.

Vipec / Tecton Shims, 4.7mm - 2022/23 - Medium-est rise for Vipec toes. It also works with the Tecton. No drill holes.

Vipec / Tecton Shims, 6.4mm - Stack it up under the Vipec and you'll be close to flat. No drill holes. 22mm Pan screw is needed.

Kingpin Shims, 3.2mm - Although the Kingpin has no heel pins, we’ve estimated the effective delta at +9.5mm. This can be lowered with these shims.

Kingpin Shims, 4.7mm - A thicker shim for the Kingpin will get you close to +5mm.

Kingpin Shims, 6.4mm - Closest to flat you'll get with a single shim under the Kingpin toes.

ATK Raider Shims, 3.2mm - Works with ATK Raider 10/12 and Freeraider 14/16 bindings. Decrease your ramp angle to +8.3mm.

ATK Raider Shims, 4.7mm - Great way to decrease your ramp angle on your ATK Raider 10/12 or Freeraider 14/16 down to +6.8mm.

ATK Raider Shims, 6.4mm - Bring your ramp angle down on your ATK Raider 10/12 or Freeraider 14/16 to a measly +4.8mm.

ATK C-Raider Shims, 3.2mm - Bump down the ramp angle on your C-Raider 10/12 bindings to +7.8mm.

ATK C-Raider Shims, 4.7mm - Lower that ramp angle on your C-Raider 10/12 to +5.3.

ATK C-Raider Shims, 6.4mm - Ultimate ramp angle equalizer for your C-Raider 10/12 leaving you at +3.6mm.

ATK Raider Universal Shims, 3.2mm - Compatible with both C-Raider and non-evo Raider models (utilizing aluminum toe piece), decrease ramp to +7.8mm or +8.3mm respectively.

ATK Raider Universal Shims, 4.7mm - Works with both C-Raider and non-evo Raider bindings from ATK, reduces ramp to +5.3mm or +6.8 respectively.

ATK Raider Universal Shims, 6.4mm - The thickest shim that is compatible with both C-Raider and non-evo Raider models, drops ramp to +3.6mm or +4.8mm respectively.

Backland / MTN Shims, 3.2mm - Perfect for your Atomic Backland or Salomon MTN bindings to level things out just a touch, leaving you at +5.3.

Backland / MTN Shims, 4.7mm - Hit the sweet spot getting to a ramp angle of +3.8 with this shim.

Backland / MTN Shims, 6.4mm - For a near-zero ramp angle this will land you at +2.1.

18mm Pozi Screw - If you add some shims, you're going to need longer screws. These are alpine screws with a large head that works well with Plum bindings.

19mm Torx Screw - These are good for shimming lots of toes with 6.4mm shims. Small Torx head works especially well with Dynafit bindings. Find the screws here.

21.5mm Pozi Screw - Another alpine-style, large-head screw that works best with G3 ION and Plum models.

23.5mm Pozi Screw - Perfect for 4.7mm shims under Radical 1.0 & Vertical toes that already have baseplates. Medium size head.

28mm Pozi Screw - These are for raising the Radical ST or Vertical ST toes past 4.7mm, amongst other uses. Watch your depth, you may need to grind 'em down.

Metric conversions: 3.2mm = 1/8". 4.7mm = 3/16". 6.4mm = 1/4"

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Mike P
I'm going to do the 6.4mm toe shim for my FT Rotation binding. Are the 19mm torx head screws the correct length?
Answer from Niko M
Hi Mike! For the 6.4mm Rotation Shims you'll want the 23.5mm pozi screw. Thanks!
Answer this question:

Question from Saide
Hey there- which B and D shim should I use for the Dynafit Radical binding as of 2024?
Answer from Emmett I
Hi Saide,

Both the Classic and Radical ST/FT 1.0 will work - the Classic has holes for both classic and radical hole patterns, while the Radical ST/FT 1.0 is a bit more machined to fit the Radical series.
Answer this question:

Question from CONORD
Any idea which riser plate would work best for a dynafit beast 14 toe?
Answer from Niko M
Hi Conord! The Rotation Shims are what you are looking for. Thanks!
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Question from Sarah
I have marker cruise bindings with boots size 23.5. What shims and screws should I buy? Thank you
Answer from Emmett I
Hi Sarah,

The shim is the Kingpin shim, you could go 6.4 or 4.7 depending on how much you want to shim them. For the 6.4, you'll want the 21.5mm pozi screw, and file/grind it down to 21mm. For the 4.7mm, the 19mm Torx screw will work.
Answer this question:

Question from Hugh

I m used to ride a BD helio 200 w/o toe shim I like the ramp angle.

I just mounted a C-raider 12. Thinking to add the 4.7mm or should I go to 6.4mm? What are your thougt? Too flat with 6.4 or just fine with 4.7?

Also will need the screws for the shim. I've look your website and did not find the 21mm panhead screws!!!

Answer from Carlos M
Hi Hugh,

The Helio 200 has a delta of 6.5mm. The ATK C-Raider comes (no shim) with a delta of 10mm. So the 4.7mm shim would put you just about in the same spot. Whether the 6.4mm shim is too flat or not is up to you, but it will put you a little flatter than you are on the Helio.

Screws for the C-Raider are really tricky. They use a unique hole design that does not have room for the heads of most mounting screws. When you decide which shim you want, email us at and we can advise on what screws you need and what modifications will be necessary. The heads (and maybe the shafts) will need to be ground down to fit.
Answer this question:

Question from Eric S
Would the shims for the Kingpin work just fine for the Marker Cruise? Same hole pattern but I wanted to make sure there’s nothing weird about the dimensions that would cause a problem. Thanks!
Answer from Jeff
Eric, Will work fine. The Kingpin, Cruise and Alpinist, all use the same toe piece.
Answer this question:

Question from Claire C
I just got a pair of C-Raider 10s and my plan for them is to 1) remove brakes and throw in a brake pad cover, 2) Freeride spacers, 3) toe shims since I have small feets (BSL 283). What size shim would you recommend based on how I want to mod these bindings?
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Claire,

Just depends on what kind of delta you like! If you're not sure, the 4.7mm shim (middle size) will bring you to around a 5mm delta, which is plenty flat for most people. Of course, the 6.4mm option will get you the flattest. If you feel like the delta is way too high/if you have boots that you feel have too much forward lean, then the 6.4 might be appropriate.

Brakeless + spacers might be the coolest way to set up a Raider :)
Answer this question:

Question from Elizabeth P
What shim and screws would I need to shim the toe of Dynafit Speed Turn bindings? Thanks in advance!
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Elizabeth,

The B&D Classic shims on this listing will work for the Speed Turn. Thicker shims will neutralize the delta more than thinner shims. So if you want them as flat as possible, order the 6.4mm thickness. For the 6.4mm shims, you will want the 19mm torx screws  listed here. .
Answer this question:

Question from Björn
What shim/screw combo would you recommend for Dynafit Speed Radicals? I can't seem to figure out which style would work best from the info listed. Also, I'm in a 27.5 boot, and I know it depends quite a bit on the skier and preference, but which thickness would you suggest?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Björn, the Speed Radicals have a rather high delta out of the box, so you might as well go for the 6.4mm thickness. The Classic Shim has the correct hole pattern for that binding. You'll want some 19mm Dynafit Torx Screws to match.
Answer this question:

Question from Ozzy
I am thinking of purchasing "ATK Raider Universal Shims, 6.4mm" for my ATK Raider 11 Evo.
If so, which type of screws will fit: Pozi Screw, Torx Screw, or Pan Head Screw?
Also, what length is suitable?
Answer from Niko M
Hi Ozzy! You'll want the 19mm Dynafit Torx Screws. Thanks!
Answer from Ozunu K
Hi Niko,

Thanks for sharing your screw recommendations!

And please tell me one more thing about Shims.
Compared to ATK's original Shims, those of B&D do not seem to be lightning. I believe that makes the weight difference between ATK and B&D Shims quite significant.

So, I am thinking of lightening the B&D shims. Of course I am willing to accept the risk of strength loss due to this.
Can you tell me if there are other risks besides the reduction in strength, such as performance impact on the run?
Answer this question:

Question from Kip
Want to shim some ATK C-Raider 12s.
Want to use the 4.7mm height.
There's some conflicting information in the comments/questions below. SkiMo seems to offer this exact shim now?
And what size screws will I need to purchase?

Unrelatedly - want to remove the brakes and use the replacement cover. Do you sell these too?

Really unrelatedly - Have some Atomic Backland Pures and thinking a stomp pad might be useful and a toe shim. Do you have these items as well??

Thanks much
Answer from Emmett I
Hi Kip,

We do have the exact shim. You'll want 21mm panhead screws.

For the brake cover, it's under ATK Binding Parts, called the "brake seat cover".

We do have toe shims for the Backland Pure, called "Backland/MTN shims" above. We don't have stomp pads.
Answer this question:

Question from Lee Lazzara
Will the Radical 1.0 shims (either/or the B+D shim or the stock Radical shim) work with the toe piece for the Backlight?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Lee, the Radical ST/FT 1.0 shims do work with the Blacklight toe. Note the footprint of the Blacklight toe is smaller than those bindings, so there is some extra shim sitting around the binding. But it works!
Answer this question:

Question from Harald Setsaa
Hi, you have allready helped me out once with a C-Raider shim which worked out great.
I am just wondering if there are shims og plates available to even out the delta on Salomon shifts og Marker duke pt’s?
I dont understand why they would give a high delta on an alpine like binding?
Answer from Emmett I

At the moment we don't have any way to shim a Shift or Duke PT.
Answer this question:

Question from Jessie M
Tried to read and answer my own question, but couldn’t find it. I want to shim the front of my Salomon MTNs. I wear Atomic Ultra Hawx te 120 boots. Thinking the 6.4 because I tend to wear a zero drop shoe, and I’d like to get my heels down. I very often feel like I’m in the back seat while skiing! Which screws do I need? Also, I’m open to being advised toward a smaller shim…
Answer from Will McD
Hi Jessie
Shimming the toepiece is actually going to put you further in the back seat (because you'll have to compensate more to keep your weight forward). Instead, I would recommend increasing the forward lean on your boot to help pitch your weight forward and out of the back seat.
In any case, if you get the 6.4 shims I'd recommend ordering the 19mm Torx screws on our Dynafit Screws page for the best fit.
Answer this question:

Question from Seth
Hi, looking to get the 4.7mm shims for my ATK Crest 10s, which screws should I get?
Answer from Jeff
Seth, You would need a 19mm screw.
Find it here
Answer this question:

Question from Wanhe Z
Hi Skimo, trying to add a toe shim for atk rt10 evo, was wondeirng will b&d Shims, 6.4mm compatible with the toe piece? And what set of screws do I need?

Answer from Jeff
Wanhe, the ATK RT10 Evo shares a hole pattern with the ATK Crest and race toes at 30x27. The Classic shims will work with these. And you will need the 21.5mm Pozi screws.
Answer from Wanhe Z
Sweet. Sweet. Thank you Jeff:)
Answer this question:

Question from David
I need to shim my c-raiders. Is my only choice B&D shims (ie not a AL12) ? And if so what screw length do I need for a 4.7 shim?
Answer from Will McD
Hi David, you can use the AL12 Raider Shim with the C-Raider, but the AL12 has some plastic that sticks up at the front of the shim that you will need to grind down or cut off to make it work with the C-Raider toepiece. You'd also need to order screws as the screws that come with the AL12 are for the Raiders, not the C-Raider.

For screws for either shim, you'll want pan-head screws with a total length between 20mm and 21mm and a head diameter no greater than 9mm. Unfortunately all of our screws that are long enough have heads that are too wide to fit in the countersinks of the C-Raider toe, but you should be able to find something that will work at your local hardware store.
Answer this question:

Question from Ben
Will you be getting any more of the 6.4mm ATK Raider shims in stock any time soon? I am currently using the ATK made 4mm shims with my Raider toes, but still find the ramp excessive. Feels like I'm skiing while standing on toes.

Or, have you heard of anyone stacking a 3.2mm BD shim and a 4mm ATK shim to get the ramp down to a non-absurd level on these bindings? Thank you.
Answer from Brett S
Hey Ben, in general, it's not a good idea to stack shims. We are hopeful to receive more of these in the near future! If you'd like to be notified when they come in, please reach out to
Answer this question:

Question from Scott Padavan
Hi Skimo,
You've done mounts for me in past; I'm interested in buying Tecton bindings and setting up a couple skis with them, using inserts, and the 6.4 mm toe risers. I usually go with Binding Freedom, and per their site an unshimmed Tecton toe takes their 14mm lowhead screw. 14 + 6.4 = 20.4....They do sell 20mm lowheads: do you think this would be solid and provide adequate engagement, or would that 0.4mm difference prove an issue? Really appreciate the time you to take to answer all these queries. Best, Scott.
Answer from Jeff
Hi Scott,
The .4 difference is fine. The machine threads have a great grip.
Answer this question:

Question from paul richey
I think I need the classic shim for a Dynafit Rotate 7. What size screw for a 3.2 mm plate?
Answer from jbo
Hi Paul, for a Rotation 7 you want the Rotation / Radical ST 2.0 shims. Aim for 19mm with that thickness.
Answer this question:

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