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Getting the right ramp angle on your bindings can make the difference between skiing on-point or in the backseat with tired quads. B&D makes shims for almost every occasion. Choose a shim based on your binding and desired pin height delta, which can take some experimentation. Shorter boot sole lengths are more affected by delta because they end up with a higher ramp angle, thus look for thicker shims. Shorter skis also may benefit from thicker shims. For long skis and long feet, go thin to win. Some folks who shim their toes also increase the height of their heel risers to compensate. Do this with B&D Nubbins.

►ORDERING NOTE: All shims are sold in PAIRS, while the screws are priced INDIVIDUALLY.

Classic Shims, 3.2mm - Shims that are mounted under tech binding toes in order to reduce your ramp angle. 3.2mm thick, laser cut.

Classic Shims, 4.7mm - 4.7mm thick version of the above shims. All these are drilled to match both Classic and Radical hole patterns.

Classic Shims, 6.4mm - Same thickness as the Radical ST/FT base plates, but used for the Speed Radical and most other tech toes.

Classic Extensions, 3.2mm - Also known as “tips & tails”, these allow the Classic shims to be used with Comfort, Vertical ST, and Vertical FT bindings. They interlock with the 3.2mm Classics.

Classic Extensions, 4.7mm - The Vertical & Comfort series toes have built in base plates that would otherwise overhang the shims. These slide into the Classic shims and work well with 23.5mm screws.

Classic Extensions, 6.4mm - Supports the base plates of older Dynafit bindings while raising the whole thing up 6.4 millimeters. The toe extensions need to be screwed onto your skis with the included wood screws (6.4mm version only).

Radical 1.0 Shims, 3.2mm - Raise up the toe pieces on your Dynafit Radical ST and FT bindings by 3.2 millimeters, reducing your ramp angle.

Radical 1.0 Shims, 4.7mm - Decrease the pin height delta by 4.7mm for those Radical ST/FT 1.0 bindings from Dynafit.

Radical 1.0 Shims, 6.4mm - Effectively double the baseplate thickness under your toes, reducing the pin height delta to less than 10 mils for the Radical ST/FT series.

Radical ST 2.0 Shims, 3.2mm - Although there is a bit less pin height delta on the 2.0 series, it is still relatively high. This will correct it by 3.2mm.

Radical ST 2.0 Shims, 4.7mm - Decrease your delta by 4.7mm on the 2.0 Radical ST bindings. 37g each.

Radical ST 2.0 Shims, 6.4mm - As the thickest shims for the Radical ST 2.0 binding, the 6.4mm shims will neutralize the ramp angle the most.

Radical FT 2.0 Shims, 3.2mm - Radical 2.0 heel pins are about 13.5mm higher than the toe pins. These shims will lower the delta to near 10mm, which some feel is a good target for touring skis.

Radical FT 2.0 Shims, 4.7mm - The happy medium between the 1/8” and 1/4” shims for the Radical FT 2.0 binding.

Radical FT 2.0 Shims, 6.4mm - More toe height means less delta which means less ramp angle and possible tired quadriceps.

G3 ION Shims, 3.2mm - The stock delta of the Ion is 11mm. These shims will bring you down 3.2mm to a very happy ramp angle. When mounting an Ion(10, 12, or LT) with this shim, you'll want to get 21.5mm Pozi screws and grind them to ~19.7mm length.

G3 ION Shims, 4.7mm - Same as the above but reduces delta by 4.7mm.

G3 ION Shims, 6.4mm - Lifting the toes by 6.4mm will leave the Ion feeling pretty close to an alpine binding.

Vipec / Tecton Shims, 3.2mm - The thinnest flavor of a toe shim for the Fritschi Vipec bindings. These do *not* have drill holes for screws and will need to be drilled. 18.9mm Pan screw is needed.

Vipec / Tecton Shims, 4.7mm - Medium-est rise for Vipec toes. It also works with the Tecton. No drill holes. 20.3mm Pan screw is needed.

Vipec / Tecton Shims, 6.4mm - Stack it up under the Vipec and you'll be close to flat. No drill holes. 22mm Pan screw is needed.

Kingpin Shims, 3.2mm - Although the Kingpin has no heel pins, we’ve estimated the effective delta at +9.5mm. This can be lowered with these shims.

Kingpin Shims, 4.7mm - A thicker shim for the Kingpin will get you close to +5mm.

Kingpin Shims, 6.4mm - Closest to flat you'll get with a single shim under the Kingpin toes..

18mm Pozi Screw - If you add some shims, you're going to need longer screws. These are alpine screws with a large head that works well with Plum bindings.

19mm Torx Screw - These are good for shimming lots of toes with 6.4mm shims. Small Torx head works especially well with Dynafit bindings.

21.5mm Pozi Screw - Another alpine-style, large-head screw that works best with G3 ION and Plum models.

23.5mm Pozi Screw - Perfect for 4.7mm shims under Radical 1.0 & Vertical toes that already have baseplates. Medium size head.

28mm Pozi Screw - These are for raising the Radical ST or Vertical ST toes past 4.7mm, amongst other uses. Watch your depth, you may need to grind 'em down.

Metric conversions: 3.2mm = 1/8". 4.7mm = 3/16". 6.4mm = 1/4"

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Nick
I have Dynafit ST rotation 10s and i bought a 6.4mm shim.
I did not buy the screws with this.
What screw size do i need?
Do i have to buy these screws from you?
My skis area currently in a shop ready to be mounted, but thye just realized they dont have long enough screws.
Answer from Julieana
Hey Nick, yes the normal mounting screw for the Rotation 10 is a 15.9mm screw, and so if you add the 6.4 shim to it you need a screw that is 22.3mm. You'll want to buy the 23.5 screws and probably grind down the ends a bit so they don't risk puckering the ski bases.
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Question from Eric
Do you have a shim that would fit the Hagan Core 12 Pro?
Answer from Will
Hey Eric,

We do not have a shim that would fit that binding. I'd suggest reaching out to B&D Ski Gear to see if they may be offering that in the future.

Best of luck!
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Question from Bryan A
Vipec/Tecton 4.7mm shim requires 20.3 mm pan head screw. You don’t seem to sell that screw. Ideas for place to buy or what screw to buy and sand down?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Bryan,

Unfortunately, there is not a screw with that exact length. I would recommend that grind down the 21.5mm screws.
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Question from Daniel
Hi! What type/length of screw do I need for the 4.7mm Shims on Kingpins?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Daniel,

The Torx 19mm screws would be the right size for a Marker Kingpin M-Werks 12 with 4.7mm shims. If you do not have the M-Werks version, I would recommend double-checking the length of the toe mounting screws.
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Question from Andrew Sargent
If I went with the 3.2/4.7mm shims for the Ion, and I was using them with QK inserts, I'm guessing I would probably want to go hunting for a 20mm M5 screw?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Andrew, the screw that QK recommends for the Ion (without shims) is a 14mm flat head. Adding a 3.2mm shim comes out to 17.2mm, and I think an 18mm flat head screw could work alright. Adding a 4.7mm shim comes out to 18.7mm. There's a chance that the 18mm screw may be too short here, so carefully grinding down a 20mm flat head may be an option.
Answer from Andrew S
Went with the 4.7mm Shim and was using Binding Freedom inserts and a 20mm flat head screw worked perfectly. Only Bummer is I couldn't find it in Pozi, but my multi-tool has a No.2 Phillips that works perfectly for those toe screws.
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Question from Patrick
Is it accurate that the 19mm Torx screws are currently sold out? Looking to put the 6.4mm classic shims under my Speed Rads, and that would be the right screw, correct?
Answer from Jeff
Patrick, sold out here, but not here Screws
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Question from Firnspeigel
I have 4.7mm shims and 23.5mm screws that I am installing on the Radical ST. Due to the head being fatter than the stock Dynafit screws I will only get about 5mm of screw penetration into the ski instead of 8mm which is one less screw thread embedded in the ski. As a solution I am considered buying the 28mm screws and grinding them down. I'm just wondering how long the threaded portion of the 28mm screws is since i will be removing material. Also, just want to confirm they have the same thread pitch as it looks a little bigger in the photo.
Thanks Skimo!
Answer from Julieana
Hey Firnspeigel, the threaded portion of the 28mm screw is 12.5mm long. The thread count is just a bit less in the 28mm than the 23.5 and the width is 6mm instead of 5.4mm, but that screw should work just fine! You'll need to grind it down by about 3mm but it will still be very secure.
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Question from Max
I have a pair of Dynafit Radical ST bindings, and my boots my boots already have a lot of forward lean. I'm considering the 6.4 mm shims, and was wondering which screws to buy them with? First, do the bindings come with screws, and if not, which length would be optimal? I appreciate the help.
Answer from Cole P
Hey Max, you will want the 28mm Pozi screw. They may need to grind them down a little so that you don't get any dimples on your ski base. It will mostly depend on what ski you have and you may not have to if you have a thicker ski. Lay everything down on the ski and see how far the screw will go into the ski and grind down accordingly. If you need any further assistance we are always more than happy to help, email us at help@skimo.co for any more questions.
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Question from Lewis R
Hi, I want to get a 4.7mm shim under my bindings on the ski as pictured. So far I’ve twice ordered what seem to be the wrong shims to fit these bindings. Do I need the the Radical 1.0 shims? Am I better off buying the Dynafit Radical ST Toe Plates to achieve the same rise?
Thanks, Lewis
Answer from TSB
Hey Lewis, sorry to hear about the purchasing issue! The Speed Radical/Speed Turn toe pieces pair well with the B&D classic shims, which you can order in a 4.7mm. Don't hesitate to reach out to us by phone or email if the situation continues to confuse!
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Question from Steve N
I'm looking at toe shims for G3 Ion 12 bindings. Will the 4.7mm shims work with 21.5mm Posi screws? 6.4mm shims with 23.5?

Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Steve, the Ion 12 toe stock mounting screws are 16.6mm long flat head screws. Adding a 6.4mm shim, you'll need the 23.5mm screws and possibly grind them down 0.5mm to match the stock screw protrusion.
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Question from lsem
Do you have heel shims for Marker Alpinist?
Answer from Teddy Young
My apologies, we don't carry any shims for the Alpinist binding.
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Question from Jeremy
Hi. I'm looking to put a 6.4mm shim under both Dynafit Radical ST 1 and ST 2bindings (2 sets of skis). Which screw lengths and head types do I need for each of these set-ups?
Answer from TSB
Hey Jeremy, for the Rad ST 1.0s you'll need full 28mm Pozi screws. For the 2.0s the 23.5mm screw should be more than long enough, since the stock mounting screw is 15.5mm in length (and you'll need at least a 21.9mm length with your 6.4mm shims). Happy de-ramping!
Answer from Jeff
Jeremy, For your ST 2.0 use the 23.5 Pozi. The Radical ST (if also using the plate it comes with) you will need the 28mm, but check the length of your current screws, because you may need to grind off about 1mm.
Answer this question:

Question from Steve
I have some Radical FT 2.0 bindings with a Scarpa Freedom SL boot in with 307mm sole length. It feels like I'm pitched forward and I find my quads burn much more than in my old Telemark setup, even after adjusting the forward lean to be less agressive.

I'm wondering if adding a toe shim is likely to help? If so, how thick of a shim do you recommend?

What length/type of screws do I need?
Answer from TSB
Hey Steve! Oof, we feel your pain! The Radical FT is running a hefty +15mm binding delta, so you could safely start with the 6.4mm shim to bring the delta down to a more manageable +8.6mm. For screws, you'll need Torx-head screws that are longer than the 19mm Torx typically used on the Rad FT toe piece.
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Question from Erica
Would like some shims for my Dynafit Speed turns (2.0) and am curious which size and screws I should be ordering. Thank you!
Answer from Jeff
Erica, you would get one of the Classic shims. With the 6.4 shim get the 19mm Torx Screws.
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Question from Ludd
Does any of the shims fit a ATK Freeraider 14?
Answer from Alex S
Hi Ludd, unfortunately none of the B&D shims we stock are going to be wide enough for the mounting pattern on the Freeraider toe.
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Question from Hideki
Hi, I have an old Dynafit TLT bindings and my toe plate is thin that they do not match that toe piece. The toe piece front part is lifted. I need a thick plate or shim. What should I buy? web has pic
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Hideki, just because things can change between different models and years, could you send me a quick photo at (help@skimo.co)? I’ll be able to give some better info that way.
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Question from Mike
Do any of the toe shims fit the Black Diamond Helio 200 bindings?

Answer from jbo
Hi Mike, yes the Classic shims will work. You could also get the Kreuzspitze toe shift plates for some additional functionality (ability to move the toes).
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Question from Erik

I have Salomon MTN 95 Explore (177cm), Radical ST and Salomon MTN Lab (sole length 321mm), I am 183cm/6'0'. As soon as the surface gets bumby/funny I immediately find myself in the back seat with little or no control. Considering trying shims, but unsure about the thickness. Do you have any recommandation?

Answer from eric
Erik- I would just go for the 4.7mm shim with that binding. The other idea is try a spoiler in the back of the boot.
Answer from Erik L
Thanks. I'd tried som self made spoilers, and it does help some. Do you sell spoilers?

Also, do you stock the 23.5mm Pozi Screw for mounting the 4,7mm shims under the toe piece+baseplate?
Answer this question:

Question from Cliff
Just want to clarify which screws for Radical ST 2.0 for 4.7mm shims and then separately, which ones for the 6.4mm shims?
Answer from jbo
Hi Cliff, ideally you want 20mm screws for the former case and 22mm for the latter.
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Question from Joe

Looking at a 6.4mm shim for a vipec. What screw length should I get? I would expect a 23.5mm screw length but I dont see that as an option.

Answer from Matt P
Hey Joe,

You need a 25mm pan head screw which we do have in stock but is not on the website. So you will have to call us @ 801-942-9084 and we can take the order from there.

Hope this helps. Thanks

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