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Getting the right ramp angle on your bindings can make the difference between skiing on-point or in the backseat with tired quads. B&D makes shims for almost every occasion. Choose a shim based on your binding and desired pin height delta, which can take some experimentation. Shorter boot sole lengths are more affected by delta because they end up with a higher ramp angle, thus look for thicker shims. Shorter skis also may benefit from thicker shims. For long skis and long feet, go thin to win. Some folks who shim their toes also increase the height of their heel risers to compensate. Do this with B&D Nubbins.

►ORDERING NOTE: All shims are sold in PAIRS, while the screws are priced INDIVIDUALLY.

Classic Shims, 3.2mm - Shims that are mounted under tech binding toes in order to reduce your ramp angle. 3.2mm thick, laser cut.

Classic Shims, 4.7mm - 4.7mm thick version of the above shims. All these are drilled to match both Classic and Radical hole patterns.

Classic Shims, 6.4mm - Same thickness as the Radical ST/FT base plates, but used for the Speed Radical and most other tech toes.

Classic Extensions, 3.2mm - Also known as “tips & tails”, these allow the Classic shims to be used with Comfort, Vertical ST, and Vertical FT bindings. They interlock with the 3.2mm Classics.

Classic Extensions, 4.7mm - The Vertical & Comfort series toes have built in base plates that would otherwise overhang the shims. These slide into the Classic shims and work well with 23.5mm screws.

Classic Extensions, 6.4mm - Supports the base plates of older Dynafit bindings while raising the whole thing up 6.4 millimeters. The toe extensions need to be screwed onto your skis with the included wood screws (6.4mm version only).

Radical 1.0 Shims, 3.2mm - Raise up the toe pieces on your Dynafit Radical ST and FT bindings by 3.2 millimeters, reducing your ramp angle.

Radical 1.0 Shims, 4.7mm - Decrease the pin height delta by 4.7mm for those Radical ST/FT 1.0 bindings from Dynafit.

Radical 1.0 Shims, 6.4mm - Effectively double the baseplate thickness under your toes, reducing the pin height delta to less than 10 mils for the Radical ST/FT series.

Radical ST 2.0 Shims, 3.2mm - Although there is a bit less pin height delta on the 2.0 series, it is still relatively high. This will correct it by 3.2mm.

Radical ST 2.0 Shims, 4.7mm - Decrease your delta by 4.7mm on the 2.0 Radical ST bindings. 37g each.

Radical ST 2.0 Shims, 6.4mm - As the thickest shims for the Radical ST 2.0 binding, the 6.4mm shims will neutralize the ramp angle the most.

Radical FT 2.0 Shims, 3.2mm - Radical 2.0 heel pins are about 13.5mm higher than the toe pins. These shims will lower the delta to near 10mm, which some feel is a good target for touring skis.

Radical FT 2.0 Shims, 4.7mm - The happy medium between the 1/8” and 1/4” shims for the Radical FT 2.0 binding.

Radical FT 2.0 Shims, 6.4mm - More toe height means less delta which means less ramp angle and possible tired quadriceps.

G3 ION Shims, 3.2mm - The stock delta of the Ion is 11mm. These shims will bring you down 3.2mm to a very happy ramp angle. When mounting an Ion(10, 12, or LT) with this shim, you'll want to get 21.5mm Pozi screws and grind them to ~19.7mm length.

G3 ION Shims, 4.7mm - Same as the above but reduces delta by 4.7mm.

G3 ION Shims, 6.4mm - Lifting the toes by 6.4mm will leave the Ion feeling pretty close to an alpine binding.

Vipec / Tecton Shims, 3.2mm - The thinnest flavor of a toe shim for the Fritschi Vipec bindings. These do *not* have drill holes for screws and will need to be drilled. 18.9mm Pan screw is needed.

Vipec / Tecton Shims, 4.7mm - Medium-est rise for Vipec toes. It also works with the Tecton. No drill holes. 20.3mm Pan screw is needed.

Vipec / Tecton Shims, 6.4mm - Stack it up under the Vipec and you'll be close to flat. No drill holes. 22mm Pan screw is needed.

Xenic Shims, 3.2mm - Made for the Xenic binding and will reduce ramp to +11.3mm.

Xenic Shims, 4.7mm - Custom made for the Xenic binding and will reduce ramp to +9.8mm.

Xenic Shims, 6.4mm - The thickest shim and will reduce the ramp to +8.1mm.

Kingpin Shims, 3.2mm - Although the Kingpin has no heel pins, we’ve estimated the effective delta at +9.5mm. This can be lowered with these shims.

Kingpin Shims, 4.7mm - A thicker shim for the Kingpin will get you close to +5mm.

Kingpin Shims, 6.4mm - Closest to flat you'll get with a single shim under the Kingpin toes.

ATK Raider Shims, 3.2mm - Works with ATK Raider 10/12 and Freeraider 14/16 bindings. Decrease your ramp angle to +8.3mm.

ATK Raider Shims, 4.7mm - Great way to decrease your ramp angle on your ATK Raider 10/12 or Freeraider 14/16 down to +6.8mm.

ATK Raider Shims, 6.4mm - Bring your ramp angle down on your ATK Raider 10/12 or Freeraider 14/16 to a measly +4.8mm.

ATK C-Raider Shims, 3.2mm - Bump down the ramp angle on your C-Raider 10/12 bindings to +7.8mm.

ATK C-Raider Shims, 4.7mm - Lower that ramp angle on your C-Raider 10/12 to +5.3.

ATK C-Raider Shims, 6.4mm - Ultimate ramp angle equalizer for your C-Raider 10/12 leaving you at +3.6mm.

ATK Raider Universal Shims, 3.2mm - Compatible with both C-Raider and Raider models (utilizing aluminum toe piece), decrease ramp to +7.8mm or +8.3mm respectively.

ATK Raider Universal Shims, 4.7mm - Works with both C-Raider and Raider bindings from ATK, reduces ramp to +5.3mm or +6.8 respectively.

ATK Raider Universal Shims, 6.4mm - The thickest shim that is compatible with both C-Raider or Raider models, drops ramp to +3.6mm or +4.8mm respectively.

Backland / MTN Shims, 3.2mm - Perfect for your Atomic Backland or Salomon MTN bindings to level things out just a touch, leaving you at +5.3.

Backland / MTN Shims, 4.7mm - Hit the sweet spot getting to a ramp angle of +3.8 with this shim.

Backland / MTN Shims, 6.4mm - For a near-zero ramp angle this will land you at +2.1.

18mm Pozi Screw - If you add some shims, you're going to need longer screws. These are alpine screws with a large head that works well with Plum bindings.

19mm Torx Screw - These are good for shimming lots of toes with 6.4mm shims. Small Torx head works especially well with Dynafit bindings. Find the screws here.

21.5mm Pozi Screw - Another alpine-style, large-head screw that works best with G3 ION and Plum models.

23.5mm Pozi Screw - Perfect for 4.7mm shims under Radical 1.0 & Vertical toes that already have baseplates. Medium size head.

28mm Pozi Screw - These are for raising the Radical ST or Vertical ST toes past 4.7mm, amongst other uses. Watch your depth, you may need to grind 'em down.

Metric conversions: 3.2mm = 1/8". 4.7mm = 3/16". 6.4mm = 1/4"

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Harald Setsaa
Hi, you have allready helped me out once with a C-Raider shim which worked out great.
I am just wondering if there are shims og plates available to even out the delta on Salomon shifts og Marker duke pt’s?
I dont understand why they would give a high delta on an alpine like binding?
Answer from Emmett I

At the moment we don't have any way to shim a Shift or Duke PT.
Answer this question:

Question from Jessie M
Tried to read and answer my own question, but couldn’t find it. I want to shim the front of my Salomon MTNs. I wear Atomic Ultra Hawx te 120 boots. Thinking the 6.4 because I tend to wear a zero drop shoe, and I’d like to get my heels down. I very often feel like I’m in the back seat while skiing! Which screws do I need? Also, I’m open to being advised toward a smaller shim…
Answer from Will McD
Hi Jessie
Shimming the toepiece is actually going to put you further in the back seat (because you'll have to compensate more to keep your weight forward). Instead, I would recommend increasing the forward lean on your boot to help pitch your weight forward and out of the back seat.
In any case, if you get the 6.4 shims I'd recommend ordering the 19mm Torx screws on our Dynafit Screws page for the best fit.
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Question from Seth
Hi, looking to get the 4.7mm shims for my ATK Crest 10s, which screws should I get?
Answer from Jeff
Seth, You would need a 19mm screw.
Find it here
Answer this question:

Question from Wanhe Z
Hi Skimo, trying to add a toe shim for atk rt10 evo, was wondeirng will b&d Shims, 6.4mm compatible with the toe piece? And what set of screws do I need?

Answer from Jeff
Wanhe, the ATK RT10 Evo shares a hole pattern with the ATK Crest and race toes at 30x27. The Classic shims will work with these. And you will need the 21.5mm Pozi screws.
Answer from Wanhe Z
Sweet. Sweet. Thank you Jeff:)
Answer this question:

Question from David
I need to shim my c-raiders. Is my only choice B&D shims (ie not a AL12) ? And if so what screw length do I need for a 4.7 shim?
Answer from Will McD
Hi David, you can use the AL12 Raider Shim with the C-Raider, but the AL12 has some plastic that sticks up at the front of the shim that you will need to grind down or cut off to make it work with the C-Raider toepiece. You'd also need to order screws as the screws that come with the AL12 are for the Raiders, not the C-Raider.

For screws for either shim, you'll want pan-head screws with a total length between 20mm and 21mm and a head diameter no greater than 9mm. Unfortunately all of our screws that are long enough have heads that are too wide to fit in the countersinks of the C-Raider toe, but you should be able to find something that will work at your local hardware store.
Answer this question:

Question from Ben
Will you be getting any more of the 6.4mm ATK Raider shims in stock any time soon? I am currently using the ATK made 4mm shims with my Raider toes, but still find the ramp excessive. Feels like I'm skiing while standing on toes.

Or, have you heard of anyone stacking a 3.2mm BD shim and a 4mm ATK shim to get the ramp down to a non-absurd level on these bindings? Thank you.
Answer from Brett S
Hey Ben, in general, it's not a good idea to stack shims. We are hopeful to receive more of these in the near future! If you'd like to be notified when they come in, please reach out to
Answer this question:

Question from Scott Padavan
Hi Skimo,
You've done mounts for me in past; I'm interested in buying Tecton bindings and setting up a couple skis with them, using inserts, and the 6.4 mm toe risers. I usually go with Binding Freedom, and per their site an unshimmed Tecton toe takes their 14mm lowhead screw. 14 + 6.4 = 20.4....They do sell 20mm lowheads: do you think this would be solid and provide adequate engagement, or would that 0.4mm difference prove an issue? Really appreciate the time you to take to answer all these queries. Best, Scott.
Answer from Jeff
Hi Scott,
The .4 difference is fine. The machine threads have a great grip.
Answer this question:

Question from paul richey
I think I need the classic shim for a Dynafit Rotate 7. What size screw for a 3.2 mm plate?
Answer from jbo
Hi Paul, for a Rotation 7 you want the Rotation / Radical ST 2.0 shims. Aim for 19mm with that thickness.
Answer this question:

Question from R C
Given that I want the thick shims, which model work with the old Raider 12 2.0 (front brake)?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi R C, the Raider 2.0 toe used a different mount pattern than either the current Raider or C-Raider. It's 30x27 vs. the 45x44 of the current Raider/Freeraider or 30/45x35 of the C-Raider. Neither ATK or B&D makes a shim with this whole pattern.

ATK does make a Toe Adjustment Plate (R13) that accommodates the 30x27 mount pattern. But this'll require drilling some new holes in the ski. The adjustment plate is 6.4mm thick, so that is within spec for you, too!
Answer from R C
38g per binding which seems like a lot. How janky is it to use the Dynafit shims which share a 30x27 hole pattern?
Answer from jbo
Hi R C, the Classic shim has that pattern but it's more of an issue with support under the binding, the Front Raider would overhang. Nothing we stock would work for you, sorry!
Answer this question:

Question from Patrick
Where can I get screws for Vipec bindings? Haven't made up my mind on thickness of shim yet, either 4.7mm or 6.4mm.
Answer from Emmett I
Hi Patrick,

For the 4.7mm, we do have a few 20.5mm Panhead screws. Reach out to us at if you'd like to grab a few!

For the 6.4mm, you'll need a 22mm Panhead screw, which we don't have at the moment, unfortunately.
Answer this question:

Question from bcvizina
What shim would work with the low tech race 2.0 toes?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi bcvizina,

The Low Tech Race 2.0 has the Radical hole pattern in the toe (30x39), which means that a variety of shims will do the trick. The Classic would certainly work.

Keep in mind, the Low Tech Race 2.0 has a very flat binding delta out of the box, so shimming the toe will likely create a negative ramp angle if you have the binding fixed mounted.
Answer this question:

Question from Keith Rollins
Want to order a pair of 4.7mm shims for a Look HM 12 /Radical FT 2.0 what screw size do I need .

Answer from Emmett I
Hi Keith,

You'll want the 21.5mm Pozi screw. It's on this page, just select it from the dropdown above.
Answer this question:

Question from Claire C
I have a pair of 165 BD Helios with Dynafit ST Radical bindings and size 24 boots, so I can feel the difference in height between my heel and toe pretty significantly. What shims would work for my setup? And, this may be a silly question, but is it possible to add shims when the bindings are already mounted, or would adding shims be something that needs to be done when the skis are being mounted?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Claire,

If you are looking to reduce the delta in your Dynafit Radical ST bindings, I would start with the 4.7mm Radical 1.0 shim paired with the 23.5mm pozi screws. This will get you from 15mm to 10.3mm, which is a more reasonable delta.

The 6.4mm Radical 1.0 shims will be the most you can reduce delta, but you will need to source your own screws, or grind down the 28.0mm pozi screws we have listed about. You are aiming for 8.0mm of screw penetration into the ski.

You will need to remove your toe piece and add the shim underneath. If you would like more details, feel free to reach out to!
Answer this question:

Question from Dawson
Hello! I got a new pair of Dynafit radicals last year with a delta of +13. My resort bindings have +4 so I wanted to shim the toes as close to that as possible. My issue is Dynafit seems to have changed the branding for the 2021 model and I’m not sure which radical shims I need. Please help me out with what shims and screws to purchase. Thanks!
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Dawson. The shims for 21/22 bindings are also compatible with 22/23 bindings. If you have a Speed Radical, the Classic shim is the way to go. If you have a Radical ST, then the Radical 1.0 Shims are what you're after. If you have an older radical binding (unlikely) please send an email to and we'll get it figured out!
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Question from Josh
Do you have any shims or options for an Atomic Backland toe? Finding the ramp doesn’t work for me and unfortunately but them on a few skis this year. Ideally in the 6mm range.
Answer from eric
Josh- At this point there have been no shims made for the Atomic toe. You might be able to buy the Vipec/tecton which has no holes and custom make yourself one. Might be a lot of work for multiple pairs of toes though.
Answer this question:

Question from Lee
So why is there a different shim for the Radical FT and Speed Radical from the same generation? I can't see a difference . . . . Looks like one is white and one black.

Have a set of FT's minus toe piece. Want to use them plus the white speed radical toe piece with BD shims. Don't want to spend +$100 on a toe piece for 8 year old bindings.
Answer from jbo
Hi Lee, the Radical FT had a baseplate under the toe, which this shim is designed to go underneath. If you're simply replacing the under-toe plates with this shim, then that would work fine.
Answer this question:

John P (used product regularly)
I have added B&D shims to 2 different ski setups over the years on g3 and dynafit toes. Both toe shimectomys I have performed have been on toe pieces that were already mounted. Here is my method: start with a bone dry ski and back the screws out, clean and brush holes. When a ski is mounted the screw driving into the ski will raise some material around the screw hole, test your shim and check if this raised material interferes with getting a perfect flat matchup with ski and shim. If it does then use a knife to shave that material down. I use JB weld to fill the holes and hopefully permanently hold the new longer screws that are going to receive more torque as they will sit higher off the ski. Dry for a long time in a warm dry place. I have been really happy with my shim jobs and how they change my stance.
Comment on this review:

Question from Anthony O
Judging by the looks of it I can put a vipec shim under a trab toe and trim down as needed? No drill holes so no problem?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Anthony. You have a few options to shim a Trab toe piece. First, you can use the Titan Toe Shim/Lock Plate if you have a ski trab binding that isn't shimmed, such as the gara titan. If you have either Titan Vario Adjustable or the Titan Vario 2 (both have the shim), and you want to get increase the toe height, you could use a classic shim, found in the drop-down menu above, in conjunction with the ski trab shim. There would be a little overlap of the titan toe shim on the classic shim, however, you could trim this away. Finally, if you wanted to use the toe piece solely with a B&D shim, the classic or vipec shim would work. Please keep in mind that the toe lever relies on "structure" in order to be locked out, so there would be some fiddling involved in order to achieve that. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
Answer this question:

Question from Regina Rosander

Looking for a heel shim to my Marker alpinist - can you advice on what to buy/what will work?

I am pretty happy with the delta of shifts and kingpin so I would like to achieve around the same with the alpinist (given that I have a 266mm sole).

I have searced everywhere for heel lifters.

Thanx in advance!
Answer from Teddy Young
Thanks for reaching out Regina, we do not carry any heel shims unfortunately. If your local alpine shop is able to do canting for customers, they may have some thick plastic that could work!
Answer this question:

Question from Fisher M
Looking to reduce the angle on a pair of BD Helio 350’s (similar to ATK Raider 12 / Hagan Core Pro, but no measurement on your Delta table) - I have these at a 15.88mm delta for the median out of 3 measurements and would like to put them in the range of the Tectons / Shifts (8/9mm)

Are shims for the Helio toes available, and if so could you point me to them on your site? Or, are any of the options here viable for those toes?
Answer from jbo
Hi Fischer, the Classic shims above work for the Helio 350 toes.
Answer from Fisher
Thanks @ jbo!

Any recommendation on screws? Putting these into a pair of BD Route 95s. I'll either go with the 4.7 or 6.4 shim, leaning towards 6.4 since I'm also using a shorter boot (F1 LT) on this rig than normal (Maestrale)
Answer from jbo
Hi Fisher, you should be targeting 13mm + (4.7 or 6.4). So basically, the 18s or 19s depending on which way you go.
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