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Kreuzspitze Adjustment Plates

Brand: Kreuzspitze
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Kreuzspitze has come to the rescue for skiers who find they have too much ramp angle in touring bindings. The 14 millimeter adjustment plates are screw-hole compatible with Dynafit TLT Vertical / Radical / Comfort / Speed heel units. That means you can replace a touring heel with a race heel without redrilling. Also available are 18mm and 40mm heel plates, a fast rental-style 40mm adjustment system, and a 3 position toe shift plate that works with any Dynafit Classic toe pattern. PRICED and SOLD in PAIRS.

Here is what ships: Two plates (a pair) with all the adjustment nuts & bolts. NO "mounting screws" are included! See Note below about the screws.

  • Heel adjustments offer 14mm, 18mm, and 40mm of adjustment range.
  • Adjustment slots are compatible with Kreuzspitze or Plum 135/145* heel pieces.
  • New adjustment bolts have stronger Torx heads for reduced chance of stripping.
  • Demo adjustment plate can quickly move the heel piece with a flathead screwdriver.
  • KR Hole Adjuster effectively moves existing drill holes for SCTT and GT bindings, allowing +/- 10mm.
  • Universal plate works with Trab, ATK, Montura heels. Plus the SCTT mounted sideways.
  • Toe shift plate has 3 slots spaced 13.5mm apart to help center boots on the ski.
  • TLT Heel Shifter lets you move Classic Dynafit heels in 6mm increments.
  • LTR Heel Shifter fits the old 4-hole Low Tech Race bindings from Dynafit.
Plate Weight (g) Weight (oz)
14mm 18 0.6
18mm 20 0.7
40mm 26 0.9
40-Rental 36 1.3
KR Hole Adjuster 30 1.1
Universal 25mm 29 1.0
Toe Shift 33 1.2
TLT Heel Shift 34 1.2
LTR Heel Adjuster 30 1.1

The plate mounting patterns are found here.

*Note you need Kreuzspitze screws to mount the plates as the Plum screws won't fit in the recessed holes.

Question from Mike
I confuse. If bindings have too much ramp, why would you lift the heel? Would that not increase the ramp?
Answer from jbo
Hi Mike, these let you adjust the heel pieces to boots of differing length. The ramp increase is mild in comparison to the added feature.
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Question from Brian
Do the weights for the plates include the weight of the screws? (like the Hagan plate weights do?)
Answer from eric
Hey Brian The weights of the plates are for the plate only.
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Question from Peter
Could you please tell me what the width of the screw attachment (in mm) to the ski for the Kreuzspitze Universal 25mm and Toe Shift plates are? I contacted Kreuzspitze directly for this information but they have not answered. Thanks much...
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Peter. The Universal 25mm plate rail dimensions are 25x62 and the Toe Shift plate "rails" are 30x27 with holes every 13.5mm. More info here.
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Question from Robert W
Is there any estimate on when the K-14 Adjustment plate will be in stock?
Answer from jbo
Hi Robert, we are expecting more within two weeks.
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Question from liming z
if I have quiver killer installed on my ski, what kind of scrws (to mount the plate to the ski) should I order for 14 Kreuzspitze Adjustment Plates? I think by default the screws come along with will be the one derictly mount on ski on wood basis, not the the one for quiver killer
Answer from jbo
Hi liming, you want the Kreuzspitze Fastener Kit.
Answer from Phil H
You provide a Kreuzspitze Fastener Kit for both GT and SCTT. I'm looking for one for the Adjustment plates. Are all of those bolts the same? (GT/SCTT/Adjustment plate?)
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Question from lyman
is the 14 adjustment plate comes with flat head screws?
Answer from jbo
Hi lyman, they are Torx 20 bolts for the adjustment.
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Question from Rando Richard
Got a pair of KREUZSPITZE bindings but my new boots a tad too long. I'm using the K18 heel plate. Would you recommend I swap out to a 25mm plate or the 40mm plate? (And then redrill the two rear holes.) Weight difference is a not an issue for me.
Answer from jbo
Hi Rando Richard, you're going to need the 40mm plate for the Kreuzspitze heels.
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by Justin (used product a few times)
The Universal fits La Sportiva RSR heel binders perfectly, mounted with Quiver Killers and Vibra-tite using 5mm x 0.8mm x 10mm flat head Phillips machine screws. Use a T20 Torx instead of a Phillips and all your hardware will take the same driver.
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Question from Shawn
For a set of bindings is the quantity one or two?
Answer from jbo
Hi Shawn, Qty of one is a pair of plates for a set of bindings.
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by Sam (used product regularly)
We live in a special time for ski touring. When before could you combine Dynafit toe, a Plum Race 145 heel, and a 14mm Kreuzpitze plate to create a lightweight setup without having to redrill already-mounted-for-dynafit skis? That setup costs less than $200 and shaves over half a pound off your binding setup (per pair, assuming you already have speed radicals) . So, suffice it to say, these plates are pretty rad.
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