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1/16/2020 Hole Pattern Recognition

Pattern recognition is an evolved specialty of the human brain. This innate ability allows us to recognize faces, spot a lion in the jungle, and see objects in the clouds. Despite the effortlessness of employing this skill, it is not well understood nor can it be replicated by machines, even after decades of computer science research. So take some pride in it.

A somewhat confusing array of holes, letters, numbers, and arrows on the Hagan jig by ATK.

But before we get too cocky, let’s test our abilities by taking it to the next level. Can we recognize patterns of patterns? In this case, we mean screw-hole patterns. The kind needed to mount tech bindings to your skis. Let’s see if we can spot any “meta patterns”:

Binding Toe Pattern (WxL) Heel Pattern (WxL)
ATK Crest / Kuluar / RT 30 x 27 45/25 x 60
ATK Haute Route 10 30 x 27 25 x 86
ATK C-Raider 30/45 x 35 45 x 60
ATK [Free]Raider Evo 45 x 44 45 x 60
ATK Freeraider (2021+) 45 x 44 45 x 60
ATK Freeraider (2020) 30/45 x 35 45 x 60
ATK Raider 12 (2021+) 45 x 44 45 x 60
ATK Raider 12 (2020) 30/45 x 35 45 x 60
ATK R12 (2019) 45 x 44 45 x 60
ATK RT Evo 30 x 27 45/25 x 60
ATK Revolution / SL / Trofeo 30 x 27 25 x 34
Atomic Backland / Summit 40 x 38 27 x 58
BD Helio 110 / 145 / 200LT 30 x 27 25 x 34
BD Helio 180 / 200 30 x 27 25 x 86
DPS R10 / H10 30 x 27 45/25 x 60
DPS R14 45 x 44 45 x 60
Dynafit DNA / Mezzalama 30/40 x 35 28 x 30
Dynafit Low Tech Race 30 x 39 23 x 25
Dynafit LTR 2.0 / PDG 30 x 39 28 x 30
Dynafit LTR 105 24/42.5 x 25 28 x 30
Dynafit Speed Superlite 30 x 39 23 x 37
Dynafit Superlite 150 24/42.5 x 25 34/28 x 28
Dynafit Superlite 2.0 / 175 30 x 39 34/28 x 28
Dynafit Speed / Speedfit 30 x 39 28 x 38.5
Dynafit Blacklight 30 x 39 28 x 38.5
Dynafit Speed Turn 30 x 26.5 (+19) 32/36 x 52.5
Dynafit Speed Turn 2.0 30 x 39 32/36 x 52.5
Dynafit Ridge 30/40 x 36 30 x 69
Dynafit Seven Summits+ 30/40 x 36 30 x 69
Dynafit Vertical Series 30 x 26.5 (+19) 32/36 x 52.5
Dynafit Radical Series 30 x 39 32/36 x 52.5
Dynafit Radical 2.0 42.5 x 58 35.5 x 88
Dynafit Rotation 10/12 42.5 x 58 35.5 x 88
Dynafit Rotation 7 42.5 x 58 32/36 x 52.5
Dynafit Expedition 30 x 39 25 x 25
Fritschi Vipec / Tecton 44.0/39.5 x 66.0 28.5 x 60.5
Fritschi Xenic 44 x 33 28.5 x 60.5
G3 ION / Zed 40 x 45 36.5 x 52.5
Grizzly GR98 / Olympic 30 x 27 25 x 34
Hagan Boost 30/45 x 35 45 x 60
Hagan Core 30 x 27 45 x 60
Hagan Core Pro / Evo 45 x 44 45 x 60
Hagan Pure / Pin Up 30 x 27 45/25 x 60
Hagan Ride 30 x 27 25 x 86
Hagan Ultra / ZR 30 x 27 25 x 34
Kreuzspitze SCTT/GT/RS 30 x 27 20.5 x 25
Kreuzspitze EL 30 x 27 32/36 x 52.5
La Sportiva RSR 30 x 27 25 x 25
Marker Alpinist 38 x 46 36 x 40
Marker Cruise 38 x 46 36 x 77
Marker Kingpin 38 x 46 36 x 77 (+115)
Plum Race 99/120/135/145/150 30 x 26.5 20.5 x 26
Plum Race 165/170 / Oazo 30 x 26.5 25 x 55
Plum Pika / WEPA 30 x 26.5 32/36 x 53
Plum Caribou 36 x 69 32/36 x 53
Plum Guide 30 x 26.5 32/36 x 53
Plum Summit / Karibou 36 x 69 36 x 72
Plum Yak 50 x 50 55 x 58
RC1 by PG 32 x 32 28 x 33.5
Salomon MTN / Summit 40 x 38 27 x 58
Ski Trab TR Race / Titan / Vario 30 x 27 25 x 31
Ski Trab TR / Titan Adjustable 30 x 27 40 x 40
Ski Trab Vario Adj. / Vario.2 30 x 27 45.5 x 37.5
Ski Trab TR-2 36 x 28 45.5 x 37.5 (+51.5)
Ski Trab TR-1 36 x 28 45.5 x 49 (+74)
Slatnar ST Touring 41 x 36 36.5 x 73

The numbers are the distance between sets of holes in width (across the ski) and length (along the ski) in millimeters. The "slash" widths (e.g. 32/36) indicate the front holes differ in width vs the rear. The 3rd number on the Vertical toes is the 5th hole behind the lock lever which is also present on older TLT Speed and Comfort series bindings from Dynafit. It is located 19mm up the ski from the first set of holes (+19). Similarly, the Kingpin and TR-2 have a 5th heel hole far in front of the others.

Whether or not you see race bindings when you look at clouds, we can see some patterns when drilling holes in skis. Knowing something about the history of tech bindings also helps, since it becomes clear that several manufacturers have borrowed measurements from previously patented Dynafit bindings. As such, many drill-hole patterns on toe pieces can be reduced to two competing standards, what we call “Classic Dynafit” 30 x 26.5mm and “Radical” 30 x 39mm. Bindings with the same patterns can be mounted in holes drilled for other bindings using the same dimensions.

The astute will notice a half-millimeter discrepancy in some toe-hole lengths: 26.5 vs 27mm. Luckily, this doesn’t prevent us from reusing drill holes as binding hole diameters have seemingly standardized at 6mm, while screw thread diameters are set at 5.5mm, leaving a half-millimeter of wiggle room.

However, fans of race bindings know that a half-millimeter can affect binding release characteristics, amount of heel rub in flat-on-ski mode, and degree of alignment between boot tech fittings and heel pins. And since binding screws are often countersunk, the act of tightening a screw can easily move a binding by this amount. Thus you often have to be conscious of the order in which you tighten binding screws, making sure not to tighten ones that pull in an unwanted direction first.

The same half-millimeter discrepancy is apparent in drilling jigs that manufacturers provide to their dealers. So make sure to ask your shop if they are using the correct jig, as some might be tempted to cut corners and use a common Dynafit jig to drill holes for a less common Ski Trab or Plum binding, for example. The result could be a little sloppy.

The Plum jig’s combination of common and uncommon drill hole patterns.

Heel hole patterns are less standardized unfortunately, but there are often solutions to compatibility issues in the form of adjustment plates. For example, a Hagan adjustment plate can be mounted with any heel that is 25mm wide, including the La Sportiva RSR and Ski Trab TR-Race bindings. The differing lengths of those bindings will affect the resulting boot sole length (BSL) range, but they will slide fore or aft just fine. Dynafit race heels, in contrast, will only work with the Dynafit adjustment plates, as they are a unique tripod design.

As you can see, there is quite a bit of variability between mounting patterns for race heels. This means the chances of being able to swap heels with another model and no adjustment plate are low.

In summary, before grabbing a drill and turning your skis into Swiss cheese, take a moment to check the screw hole pattern. Similar to tech binding heel gaps, a few unwritten standards have evolved. It’s possible another binding or adjustment plate will fit into existing holes or some simple planning will give you future flexibility. That could free your brain to recognize more interesting patterns such as possible ski lines.

This article was originally published on 1/29/2014 and was last updated on 1/16/2020.


Comment from Ezra
Do you guys have the pattern for the long travel version of the alpinist?
Reply from jbo
Hi Ezra, the LT has the same pattern as the regular Alpinist. The track juts out further to the rear.
Reply to this comment:

Comment from Ezra
Do you guys know the hole pattern of the kreuzspitze heel plates? Specifically wondering about the 18mm plate thanks
Reply from jbo
Hi Ezra, yes those are 36 x 52.5. We have them detailed in our article about binding adjustment plates.
Reply to this comment:

Comment from Homi K
Do the Blacklight heels share hole pattern with any other heel? Not a fan of the blacklight’s minimum heel rise in climb mode
Reply from jbo
Hi Homi, sadly not! They use the Speed/Speedfit pattern which is pretty unique.
Reply to this comment:

Comment from Homi
I have a set of skis mounted with the original speed turn but there is play in the heelpiece.
Is it possible to get an original speed turn heelpiece?
Or do the original speed turn and the speed turn 2.0 have the same heel mount pattern?
Reply from jbo
Hi Homi, the heels have the same pattern, only the toes changed.
Reply from Homi K
Thank you for confirming!
Reply to this comment:

Comment from Wanhe Z
this is great info! i am thinking of replacing my original Plum Oazo 8 Binding with speed Radical. Was wondering if the new binding could be mounted given the hole patterns are not the same? If so, would the Radical ST toe shims and related 19mm torx screws could also be potentially be added to compensate the pin height delta?
(FYI i had the Dynafit TLT8 Expedition Boot - Women Boot Size: 26.0)
Reply from jbo
Hi Wanhe, you will need to do some drilling. Best bet is to re-use the two rear toe holes while drilling two new ones in front to keep your pin position the same. The heel doesn't really overlap so you will need to just find a clean spot and adjust the heel into range. And yes, shimming the toe on those is not uncommon, be careful which flavor of Radical ST toe shim you get as the shaped changed with the newer aluminum toe. If in doubt grab the 6.4mm B&D Classic shim.
Reply from Wanhe Z
Thanks jbo for your quick response:) I assume I do need additional 19mm torx screws also? How many screws do I need for B&D Classic shim?
Reply from jbo
Correct Wanhe, you need a longer screw for each toe hole, meaning eight total.
Reply from Wanhe Z
Sweet! thanks, will grab those!
Reply to this comment:

Comment from dang3rtown
Hi there, I have a set of the new ATK Haute Route 10 bindings and I was wondering if they are a 30X27 toe piece mount like most of the other ATK bindings? I have a BD jig for Helios bindings so I'm hoping I will be able to use that. Thanks!
Reply from Will McD
Hey, the ATK Haute Route 10 uses the exact mounting pattern as the Helio 200 with the standard 30 x 27 toe hole pattern. Your jig will work perfectly for the Haute Route.
Reply to this comment:

Comment from Peter K
any thoughts on adding columns for location of the pin line relative to the mounting holes on the toepice (typically 27mm/2 for most dynafit toe pieces except the race 105/superlight 150?) and the location of the plane where the "heel gap" is measured from to the mounting holes on the heelpiece? I'm scheming replacing my LTR 1.0 heels with something compatible with brakes and while I'm expecting to have to remount my toes as well, I'm wondering how much things will have to move.
Reply to this comment:

Comment from
BD Helio Brakes seem to be 45/25 x 73 . FYI if you want to add those to the list . ( please verify , I measured with the digital readout on my Mill , since you can only eye ball with calipers due to offset of the forward and back holes ) Don’t know if that is only a Black Diamond specific spec or if there is an equivalent ATK OEM part and if that Lengths is on the Hagen Jig .
Reply to this comment:

Comment from Jo ski
I have just had some mwerks kingpins mounted to my new fisher hannibal 106's and have had a change of heart to go with a lighter setup. I would love to go with an ATK Freeraider however judging by the above patterns redrilling would be too close to the holes from the marker for the front binding? Assuming my only real option would be to go to an Alpinist?
Reply to this comment:

Comment from Jack Z
I need to mount Plum Pikas but don't live near any retailer/shop which has a jig. If I'm reading the above table correctly, does the Pika share the same hole pattern as either the Dynafit Speed Turn or Verticals (30x26.5 + 32x52.5/53)? If so, should I ask my local shop to mount the Pika as if it were one of the Dynafit bindings? Thanks
Reply from jbo
Hi Jack, that should work well enough. They should double-check the heel location if you want it mounted near the center of the track.
Reply to this comment:

Comment from Utah P
Hello, I'm new to Skimo,
I have some fairly new (2020) Fritschi Tecton 12 and the toe-piece holes don't seem to line up very well using the numbers above (43.5/39.5 x 65.5).
I ended up with measurements of 44.0/39.5 x 66.0.
I was able to mount one pair using the Wild snow template which appears to match the Skimo numbers posted above but I got some interference.
Has anyone else noticed this?
Reply from Tristan M

Just measured a binding from stock for you. The measurements for the Tecton toe pattern I measured more closely resembled the hole pattern that you measured at 44.0/39.5 x 66.0. We have changed the listed measurements to reflect this! Thanks for keeping us honest!
Reply from jbo
Now were splitting millimeters! I measure 43.75/39.5 x 65.75, so it's just a matter of whether you round the 0.75 up or down to the nearest half-mm.
Reply from Utah P
How did you measure it? Half a millimeter (0.02") can make a difference especially considering errors when drilling by hand. Best to start dead-on.
0.02" is quite noticeable.
My binding holes have little nubs every 90 degrees in the ID that make the standard caliper measurement of subtracting the ID from the outside distance inaccurate. I printed a 1:1 from SolidWorks and verified the printout center-marks with calipers. I was able to sight the template through the binding holes to obtain confirmation. The alignment was perfect.
Doesn't mean the other numbers can't be made to work due to screw clearances, but any designer worth their salt would choose the nominal.
Reply from jbo
Nice Utah! Thanks for the details of your process. We typically use calipers on the binding or use a jig to mark holes and measure. The Tecton seems a bit more difficult to measure directly, but I like your verified results.
Reply from Utah P
Thanks jbo!
I should mention that the 66 mm is along the ski center axis, and not front to back hole.
The different front/back widths make it a little more challenging.
Wish I'd had the jig!:)
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Comment from Mark M
Hi, do you have a recommendation about a minimum distance between new screw holes and the old hold pattern when switching binding makes on skis? E.g. switching from G3 Zeds to Dynafit Radicals. Thanks.
Reply from Patrick C

Great question! We would recommend a minimum distance of 1cm in any direction between an existing drilled hole and any new holes being drilled. Hope this helps!
Reply to this comment:

Comment from Andrius G
HI Guys,

Can you advice what adjustment plate would fit for Alpinist 12 ?
I need extra 20mm of adjustment capability so heel or toe adjustment would work.

I looked through, but none of them seem to match...
I understood Toe is 38x46 , Heel - 36x40.
Can you advice ?

Reply from Erik M
Marker does an Alpinist Long Travel (30mm adj range) that comes with a brake. Maybe you can source just the plate. as the heel piece is the same.
Reply to this comment:

Comment from Barry O
Thanks for the article and list. I have a pair of K2coombacks with the first year radicals. I still enjoy the skis but I may replace the binding this winter.
Reply to this comment:

Comment from greg s
It'd be really cool if you would update this list with the various adjuster plates as well, with both the drill hole dimensions as well as the heel mount dimensions...

would help in planning franken-bindings

Reply from jbo
Hi Greg, we actually do have a an article on adjustment plates that list those details.
Reply to this comment:

Comment from Gibby
Greetings from Alaska!

I am putting together an unusual setup and could use some help. I have some new Zandstra Nordic Skates. These are typically set up with Nordic bindings but I am wanting to put tech bindings on them (to make my life difficult). The Rail on which they can be bolted is slotted at a width of 26mm on center. Does your chart of hole patterns measure on center, outer edge, or inner edge?

Reply from jbo
Hi Gibby, the listed measurements reflect the distance between the center of the screw holes. Good luck with your interesting setup!
Reply from Zachary G
Thanks for the response. Is there a plate or shim that I could use that would accommodate the toe piece to the skate? I have a pair of 2018 speed radicals I’m trying to mount on them. Thanks
Reply from jbo
Hi Zach, we're not aware of anything specifically made for that might be into a fun DIY project!
Reply to this comment:

Comment from Bob
I have Atomic Warden MNC 13 bindings. Anyone know the hole pattern for these? OR How precise do I have to be in measuring the hole locations to lay out my own template? Thanks!
Reply from Jeff
Bob, We don't have any info on Alpine bindings.
Reply to this comment:

Comment from Kyle Bradley
How do the Alpinist and Alpinist Long Travel hole patterns compare? Seems like you can get 15mm adjustment or 30mm with the long travel if I understand it correctly. But does that additional travel adjustment change the hole pattern for the heels? Toes just share the Kingpin hole pattern correct?
Reply from Cole P
Hey Kyle, You are correct on the heel adjustment that you can get 15mm of adjustment on the Alpinist, and 30mm of adjustment on the Alpinist long travel. Both the Alpinist and Alpinist long travel share the same hole pattern and all share the same toe hole pattern as the Kingpin.
Reply to this comment:

Comment from sherpa s
i would also propose {if capacity and time allows} to publish the hole pattern for the binding plates {shift and extension types} in some type of nice table. i have some measured myself.
ATK XXL plate R03 A {toe plate} 60x60mm suitable for old classic Dynafit TLT toe patterns 30x26.5 or Kreuzspitze/ATK and others 30x27. 3 toe positions.
ATK XXL plate R03 P {heel plate} 60x60mm suitable for any patterns 25xLL or ATK heels, or Kreuzspitze heels rotated 90 degrees {SCTT, SCTTT, GT}. shifting rail length 60mmm.

newer model {now being sold} is wider on the contact/supporting area with binding
ATK XXL plate R08 A {toe plate} 60x60mm suitable for old classic Dynafit TLT toe patterns 30x26.5 or Kreuzspitze/ATK and others 30x27. 3 toe positions.
Reply from jbo
Hi Sherpa, we have info on adjustment plates here.
Reply to this comment:

Comment from Hiroki I
Thank you for the valuable information. I know you don't sell ATK branded bindings but do you happen to know their R12 binding hole patterns are?
Reply from jbo
Hi Hiroki, haven't been able to measure them yet, but we'll have next season as the Hagan Core Pro.
Reply from Hiroki I
Hi jbo, I just got a confirmation from Davide of ATK. 45mm(W)x44mm front and 45mm(W)x60mm rear. Thanks.
Reply from jbo
Thanks Hiroki! Great to have the numbers directly from the source.
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