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Ski Trab Adjustment Plates

Brand: Ski Trab
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Have a Gara Titan or older TR-Race binding that won’t fit your new boots? Ski Trab adjustment plates are the solution. All plates sold in pairs.

Flex 30 Plate – A flexible techno-polymer plate that doesn’t interfere with your ski flex! Weighing a mere 57g, the Flex 30 has an integrated slider-bolt to make adjustments super easy and quick. The mounting pattern has screws that are a bit closer together lengthwise than other plates, further enabling your to enjoy the true flex of your ski. Comes with toe shims so you can keep the same ramp angle. Works perfectly with the Titan brakes.

by Dane H (used product a few times)
Easy to install, works as advertised giving you a bunch of length adjustment. Also impressed with the build quality of the heel plate.

I use it with the older TR race and it works just fine, but I had to dremmel off ridges on the toe shim to get my TR toes to sit flush. I assume they align properly to the Gara Titan toe pieces. I also really like the built-in crampon adapter on the toe shim.
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Question from Dane H
Does this include mounting screws? Perhaps longer screws for the toes as well or will the oem screws work with the shims?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Dane, thanks for reaching out! It comes with a ton of hardware. Everything you need for mounting the plate to the ski, the heel to the plate, and new screws for the toe and shim. Just no paper mounting template unfortunately. Ski Trab was assuming only the most experienced skiers would be using this and therefore assumed some pretty advanced mounting techniques that include making a jig yourself or employing world class eyeballing for an accurate mount!
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Question from Randy Oakley
Will these work with these ?
Answer from jbo
Hi Randy, yes the Flex 30 plates work with the TR Race binding.
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