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Have a Gara Titan or older TR-Race binding that won’t fit your new boots? Ski Trab adjustment plates are the solution. All plates are sold in pairs.

Race Heel Plate - A bolt-tension plate with 60mm rails. With these plates, a Ski Trab race (gara) heel will have around 25mm of adjustment range. Made with bomb-proof Ergal aluminum which weighs in at 29 grams (1.0 ounce) per side. Includes nuts, bolts, and mounting screws.

Titan Flex Vario - The standard Flex 30 plate, but taken up a notch. The Flex Vario plate is similar in construction to the Flex 30, but it has a spring-loaded track built into the adjustment plate. As your ski flexes, the heel piece of the binding moves closer to your boot and if the ski flexes far enough, the heel fork can jam against your boot. The spring-loaded travel means the whole heel piece will slide back in this scenario so the release mechanism doesn’t bind. This plate says "Ski Trab" on both sides and ships with hardware. The Vario plates have 24mm of adjustment and weigh 68g each, plus another 10g if you install the included toe shims that lessen the ramp angle change.

Vario Rental - Similar to the Titan Flex Vario, but a longer heel track. Useful if you want to accommodate a large BSL difference as these have 34mm of adjustment range. The single plate weighs 70g.

Flex 30 Plate (older version now succeeded by the Titan Flex Vario) – A flexible techno-polymer plate that doesn’t interfere with your ski flex! Weighing a mere 57g, the Flex 30 has an integrated slider-bolt to make adjustments super easy and quick. The mounting pattern has screws that are a bit closer together lengthwise than other plates, further enabling your to enjoy the true flex of your ski. Works perfectly with the Titan brakes and it says "Titan 30" on the sides. No hardware included, so you will need some M5 machine screws to secure your heels.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Ben
What is the weight difference between the Vario Rental and Titan Flex Vario plates?
Answer from eric
Ben- The Vario Rental plate weighs 70g whereas the Flex Vario weighs 68g.
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Question from Zach W
A few more questions, sorry:

First, if mounting the toes on top of the toe shims, will the mount dimensions still be 30x27 like the native toe? I'm asking because I want to swap Plum 99s for some Gara Titans that I have.

And second, does the Flex Vario plate do much for the gara titans given they are not gapless?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Zach, the shim should still work fine with those hole patterns. Also, the springs in the plate don't do much in normal skiing but they are there if you overflex the ski to still allow for release in those extreme scenarios. They do make adjusting for different BSLs easy, of course.
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Question from Sofie
I've got the Ski Trab Gara Titan binding and would need the place for "Race heel". Do you know if it has the same measurements as the ATK adjustment plate or any other brand's plate?
Answer from Jeff
Sofie, the Heel piece has a 25mm wide pattern that works with ATK made and other plates. The others we have are listed under Black Diamond and Hagan, but pretty much the same as this one.
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Question from Andrew D
Will you be getting the race heel plates in stock for this season? Thanks!
Answer from Teddy Young
We will be getting more! Shipment should be coming in a few weeks.
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Question from Geir
Dear Skimo

I have a pair of Skitrab Gara Titan WC bindings mounted on Skitrab race skis. My boots are about 1 cm shorter than the already mounted bindings. Will the holes of the back plate fit the already drilled holes of the skis? Assuming they will fit, which plate would you recommend for me?

Thanks, Geir
Answer from Trace Leches
Hi Geir! Thanks for reaching out! I would probably recommend the 60mm plate, though none of the existing holes will be able to be used.
Answer from Geir Ivar N
Thanks for your reply. I’ve tried finding a pic of the 60 mm plate with no success. Does it look like the ATK R01 plate? One more thing: Do I need a plate under the toe as well? Thanks, Geir
Answer from jbo
Hi Geir, I uploaded a photo of the 60mm race heel adjustment plates for you. Toe plates are neither necessary nor included.
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Question from Yannick
Hey everyone!
Is the weight (57gr) for both plates or just one? Are these the same plates as already mounted on the titan gara adjustable? (My gf has that fix and I think it's quite massive)
I mean the atk plates are 20gr each so that's almost 3 times more...

Thanks for your answer!
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Yannick! Thanks for reaching out! Good eye. It's a different plate altogether than the one on the Gara Titan Adjustable. The weight for the one individual plate is 57g per side so definitely a bit heavier than the super light ATK plates, but these will make sure your skis maintain their normal flex pattern and don't stiffen up once installed.
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Question from Doug
Will these work to replace the plastic heal rails that have broken on my ski trab Tr2 bindings?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Doug, they won't but send us a picture and we might be able to get some parts for you. Ski Trab is really good about having an array of spare parts available for their bindings.
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Dane H (used product a few times)
Easy to install, works as advertised giving you a bunch of length adjustment. Also impressed with the build quality of the heel plate.

I use it with the older TR race and it works just fine, but I had to dremmel off ridges on the toe shim to get my TR toes to sit flush. I assume they align properly to the Gara Titan toe pieces. I also really like the built-in crampon adapter on the toe shim.
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Question from Dane H
Does this include mounting screws? Perhaps longer screws for the toes as well or will the oem screws work with the shims?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Dane, thanks for reaching out! It comes with a ton of hardware. Everything you need for mounting the plate to the ski, the heel to the plate, and new screws for the toe and shim. Just no paper mounting template unfortunately. Ski Trab was assuming only the most experienced skiers would be using this and therefore assumed some pretty advanced mounting techniques that include making a jig yourself or employing world class eyeballing for an accurate mount!
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Question from Randy Oakley
Will these work with these ?
Answer from jbo
Hi Randy, yes the Flex 30 plates work with the TR Race binding.
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