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Beal manufacturers over 8 million meters of rope annually in their facility in Vienne, France. Advanced construction techniques are refined with practical testing by a core group of professional climbers, mountaineers, and safety professionals. Folks all over the world trust their lives to Beal.

Beal Escaper
The Beal Escaper may challenge your sensibilities. The Escaper is clever design that allows a descending party to rig their rappel as a retrievable single line. Not only can you ditch the weight and bulk of the second rope, but in many cases the Escaper w..
Beal Accessory Cord
Versatile, convenient and can save the day! Beal's accessory cord has as many uses as a caterpillar has legs. These smaller diameter options can be used for repairs, for hanging or attaching things to your pack or yourself, or as a small lasso for your ca..
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