Beal manufacturers over 8 million meters of rope annually in their facility in Vienne, France.  Advanced construction techniques are refined with practical testing by a core group of professional climbers, mountaineers, and safety professionals.  Folks all over the world trust their lives to Beal.

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Beal Escaper
The Beal Escaper may challenge your sensibilities. The Escaper is clever design that allows a descending party to rig their rappel as a retrievable single line. Not only can you ditch the weight and bulk of the second rope, but in many cases the Escaper ..
Beal Gully Unicore Rope
The lightest & skinniest half-rope on the market, the Beal Gully is a great rope for ski cuts, rappels, glacier travel, and emergency climbing. The French company specializes in dynamic ropes that have very low impact forces, so you don’t get jarred i..
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