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Wax your skins and skis to win the local race series or simply to avoid getting stuck in spring. Make sure your bases and edges are in good shape so you don’t slide for life on icy steeps. Find backcountry ski-tuning gear here.

Waxing your skis is like flossing. Just like you may or may not fib to your dentist about your daily flossing routine, those skis aren’t getting waxed daily (or monthly) either. Start has a brilliant solution to your lazy base care woes. Start RG Race Liquid Wax is glide wax that can readily be applied in liquid form from straight from the applicator. After letting things sit, you ..
When seconds are what stand between you and the podium, you'd best use the race wax from mountainFLOW. Built using their proprietary Ceramic Nanotechnology, the mountainFLOW race wax provides the same level of performance as other high-end race waxes, while being fluoro-free and biodegradable. This means you can now stand atop the podium while being a good steward of clean drinking..
HS could stand for "Han Solo," "Handsome Sonofagun," "Homely Sailer" - the list goes on. Swix thought it should stand for "High Speed" when they came out with their HS liquid wax line. Spray on, let sit for 15 minutes, brush it out and hit the snow. Your future is now, convenience is the name of the game with waxing now that you can ditch the iron and stop dedicating an entire gara..
Many skiers neglect their ski bases throughout the ski season only giving them the needed maintenance a few times a year, opting for après over ironing and scraping. From the Finnish wax aficionados, Start has created a product that cuts out the most laborious part of waxing. No more ironing or scraping just apply Start SG liquid wax, wait, and brush, easy enough to do at any point..
Toko Performance Liquid Paraffin Wax is easy, convenient, and painless. Simply spray it on, let it dry, brush it off, and enjoy the glide! It comes in three colors for different temperature ranges so you can always have the right wax for the day. The formula is fluoro-free, meaning you can enjoy excellent glide and be a better environmental steward. This sounds like a "win-win" if ..
All good things must come to an end and in this case, it is the CH line of waxes from Swix that have pulled an Irish goodbye. No need to worry however, Swix is still in the bar wax game and one of their offerings is the Performance Speed line. The PS line is the replacement of the CH line bringing better durability and performance. The PS waxes are fluoro free and ready to make you..
Sure, you make sure your beer cans and candy bar wrappers aren't left behind in the backcountry, but did you know your ski is causing pollution? Wax from skis and skins is scraped off by snow crystals and is left behind in the snow. It will eventually wind up in local watersheds as the snow melts. If you want to do your part to prevent hydrocarbon pollution, MountainFLOW All-temp E..
If you crave convenience in ski waxing, then the mountainFLOW Quick Wax is for you. Forgoing irons, vices, clamps, scrapers, and a flock of brushes, you simply need to apply the wax onto the base with the included applicator and then buff the base with a cloth. Thats it! The wax is biodegradable, plant-based, and contains no petroleum, ensuring it is safe for you and the planet. Fo..
The Finnish leader in low-friction snow gliding has infiltrated Skimo Co and we couldn’t be happier. Once you get a taste of Start wax, there’s no going back. Addictingly fast, long-lasting, and Finnish. With a broad assortment of waxes to choose from, there is no reason your skis and skins shouldn’t be properly waxed before every tour and race. Waxing skins is a secret trick that ..
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Hot wax is the embodiment of a low-tech but effective solution, both in the ski and spa industries. This is the stuff for racing, serious training, or if you just want your wax to last a while. Toko’s wax comes in three color-coded variations for different snow temperatures. The fluoro-free formula is environmentally friendly and meets competition requirements. Get wax, go fast, an..
While the longer days, bird calls, and cessation of Seasonal Affective Disorder are signs that spring has finally sprung, unfortunately so is dirty snow. In Salt Lake City, we are fortunate to live by the Great Salt Lake, which is becoming less great mostly due to the diversion of water to other high-priority things, such as watering lawns, etc... With the receding lake levels, mor..
What's packable, bright yellow, and improves glide? Well obviously, the Express Liquid Wax from Toko! With its small profile, the Express Mini (75ml) conveniently stows away, ensuring you can have optimal glide, even on a hut trip. The integrated sponge applicator makes application a breeze while the universal formula provides consistent glide across a variety of snow conditions. B..
Waxing is part science and And when the science lines up, the result is exceptional performance in a variety of conditions. The Swix Glide Wax Cleaner was created as the first part of the waxing equation, allowing you to get the most from your liquid or hot wax. Unlike cleaners designed to completely strip off wax, the Glide Wax Cleaner uses more gentle compounds, w..
Sometimes in the backcountry we can have a love-hate relationship with snow; it's overwhelmingly fun to play in, but a drag when it clings to the two planks of wood tied to our feet. It seems pretty intuitive that as skiers, we don't want the snow to hang on to our skis' topsheets. So, instead of shopping for a bottle of Crisco or sprayable oil in a can at your local grocery store,..
With the IR Waxer 2.0 from mountainFLOW, less is truly more. As with all infrared waxers, the IR Waxer 2.0 increases the absorption of wax into the structure of the ski base, allowing you to use less wax with arguably better results when compared to traditional waxing irons. Because more wax is absorbed into the base structure, there is less residual wax to messily scrape onto your..
Nothing improves speed like a good hot wax. If you are an “Instagram skier” then you probably don’t need this, because it’s likely that you look fast enough. Swix’s Waxing Iron is the golden ticket for skiers that prefer to go fast in real life. Easily melts any kind of ski wax, butter, or whatever glide-y substance you smuggled out of Europe. Use on your ski bases and skins (at lo..
Interfacing perfectly with your tech bindings, the Backcountry Ski Vice from Toko is ready to help make your next base repair or wax job a lot easier. The centerpiece features two holes that allow the toe pins of your tech bindings to easily click in, keeping your ski in place even while scraping stubborn p-tex from your base. Being made from durable ballistic plastic, these things..
Simple is as simple does. The Plexi Blade 5mm GS is exactly as it sounds: five millimeters of clear Plexiglass designed to help efficiently remove wax from your ski base. Three rounded corners keep your hands happy and cut-free while a single, notched corner allows you to remove wax from your edges in one pass. Make scraping hassle-free with the Plexi Blade 5mm GS from Toko...
Anyone who has tuned skis can tell you that scraping the wax is the most time-consuming and tedious task of the process, and lacking a sharp plastic scraper makes it that much more onerous. With the Swix World Cup Scraper Sharpener, you'll never lack a sharp scraper again. Swix built this scraper with two vertical walls to ensure a clean 90° edge every time. With a 100mm long file ..
Acrylic scrapers tend to lose their edge over time, especially with repeated use. The Toko Scraper Sharpener brings your Plexi scrapers back to life, allowing you to scrape even the most stubborn wax from your bases. Multiple slots in 3, 4, 5, and 6mm widths to fit whatever you’ve got at home or in the shop. The stylish yellow coloring ensures you never misplace this tool, ensuring..
You know you ski a lot (or just wax a lot) when your scraper becomes dull. The folks at Swix ski a lot and decided it was time that somebody made a sharpener for wax scrapers. If your wax scraper has rounded edges, the Swix Plexisharpener is the perfect tool to revive it. Slide any acrylic scraper over the file and it becomes square, meaning less passes to scrape off your hot wax. ..
Waxing is an important ritual that every skier and swimmer must do in order to keep themselves gliding efficiently. Apart from keeping skiing fun and fast, waxing also keeps the integrity of our ski bases in tip-top shape. Prep your ski bases before waxing with the brass brush. After applying the excellent and environmentally friendly MountainFLOW Eco Wax, follow up with a pass of ..
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We are entering a new era in which liquid wax is becoming ever more popular due to its quick and easy application. The Toko Liquid Paraffin Polishing Brush is a specialty brush with softer bristles designed for high-performance liquid waxes, such as the Performance Liquid Paraffin. Its stylish yellow color makes it easy to see, all but ensuring this brush will be around for the lon..
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Wax on...wax off...Congrats, you just waxed your skis, but the job is only half done! Time to brush your sticks for maximum speed and minimal drag out there in the wilds with the lineup from Swix. These brushes are the best around, and nothing's gonna ever keep them down. Multiple options can help you keep it simple or dig into the nerd side of waxing by utilizing the right materia..
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Liquid waxes are quite popular because of their easy application; simply spray or rub on, wait 30 minutes, brush off with cork, finish with a nylon brush, then ski! The Thermo Cork from Toko is designed to generate heat as you rub the base with the cork side once the wax is dry. Similar to using an iron when hot waxing, the heat generated by the friction between the cork and base m..
There’s no sense in having a state-of-the-art ski, boot, and binding combo that is poorly maintained. Use a Swix Gummy Stone to remove all the rust and inconsistencies along your ski edges to make the most of your gear. The soft blocks are also great for detuning your skis near the tips and tails to reduce grabbiness or hookiness. Apply to new skis or freshly filed edges...
Swix’s Diamond Stone is good for polishing edges and removing burrs from rocks or aggressive filing. Less suitably used on finger nails and woodshop projects, this Diamond Stone is perfectly tuned for making sharp ski edges even sharper. Eliminate burrs and make your skis slice through snow like a knife through butter. This a medium grit stone which is a good for backcountry skiing..
For serious scraping jobs, reach for the Steel Scraper Blade. Great for removing excess P-Tex and stubborn base material, a steel scraper is a must-have for jobs requiring base repair. Stainless steel construction won’t corrode and is in it for the long haul. Do yourself and your bases a favor, and get the Steel Scraper Blade from Toko...
If your bases look like a dirt road full of frost heaves after a questionable base weld, tap in Wintersteiger's metal scraper to smooth out the ride. When your plastic scraper just doesn't have the "oomph" to get the job done you can put it on the bench and sub in this wonderfully wide scraper...
Early or late season days can take their toll on your gear. After such abuse, make sure your edges are clean, sharp, and happy. Two pre-set side edge angles are built into the 2x2 Edger for simple and accurate hand-tuning. Side Edge angles are set at 87 and 88 degrees (aka 2 or 3). The two options are well labeled for easy identification, so you spend less time reading tuning manua..
If you own the Swix 2x2 Edger and use it as often as you should, the file will eventually wear out. Replace your file in a jiffy with the Replacement File and get back to sharpening your edges instead of petting them...
Lightweight skis may require some unusual mounting tools. For example, some ski specs call for drill bits that are typically used for child skis. Yes, your expensive skinny skis may in fact be designed for children. But hopefully you mount them like an adult by using some of the tools below. 3.5 x 7.5mm Drill Bit - Custom size required for Vapor Svelte and shorter Nano skis (164..
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Sometimes there are sharks in the water. Sometimes there are rocks in the snow. If you get bitten by the latter, use the tools below to help repair your kit. P-Tex: Both black and clear 8mm sticks of P-Tex, good for placing base welds on your expensive ski bases. Sold individually, price is per stick..
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If you do any serious binding mounting or adjusting, then you should be using G3 Pozidriv tools. Comfortable grips, precise fit, and hardened steel tips make the ShopTech Pozidriv the tool you want to use on your precious gear-babies. The Pozidriv head fits a sizable portion of mounting and adjusting screws in the ski industry, including all screws on the G3 ION and ZED bindings. G..
Big backcountry adventures are that much better when your gear is fully dialed in and that much worse when they're not! We don't love excessive weight but this tool is anything but excessive when it saves the day. So don't let a loose binding or backed out screw on your boots lead to trouble. Light enough to travel into the backcountry and compact enough to live in your glovebox, t..
It's never good to have a screw loose, especially in the backcountry. G3 has a minimalist tool with maximum effectiveness that even has the word backcountry right in the name! G3 Backcountry Binding Tool is ready to help you out when things get loose (but not the fun kind). A combination of a #3 Pozidriver on one end and a Torx T20 interface on the other end you can service most bi..
Because of the perceived hassle of hard wax, many skiers forgo waxing altogether, to the detriment of gliding performance and base longevity. Caring deeply about your gliding performance and base longevity, Swix has introduced the PS Pro Liquid Wax, which offers excellent performance, decent longevity, and easy application. Utilizing a sponge applicator, the PS Pro dispenses wax cl..

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