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We make exploring the backcountry on skis easier and more enjoyable, whether you’re just beginning, ticking off big lines, or competing in skimo races.

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Why Shop at Skimo?

Expert advice from backcountry skiers

You can’t fake passion. We test our products in the mountains daily and obsess over the right gear for you by taking the time to understand your needs. Reach out with any questions by phone, email, or stop by the shop in person.

Why Shop at Skimo?

Trusted Brands and Vetted Gear

We curate the most complete collection of ski mountaineering gear. That can mean stocking a tiny part from a garage manufacturer, supporting a young innovative company, or being the sole U.S. importer for a quality European brand.

Why Shop at Skimo?

World Famous Mounting Precision

Mounting specialized tech bindings is equal parts art and science. Our expert shop techs have spent countless hours fine tuning every step of our mounting process to ensure a precise fit. We also offer other services for the backcountry skier.

Featured Gear

Professional Boot Fitting

If you're local to Salt Lake City, come and see us! A well-fitting boot makes all the difference. Knowing that every customer is unique, we have a team of experienced fitters that work hard to find you the right boot specifically for ski touring.

Expert Knowledge

Check out our articles on touring, racing, the backcountry community, and everything in between.

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