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Used Backcountry Ski Gear

We maintain a demo fleet of backcountry ski gear in Salt Lake City and also offer a generous return policy. In addition, we operate a unique binding recycling program to help reduce our industry's environmental footprint. As a result, you can find some used backcountry ski gear and parts below.

From time to time we sell used demo skis, previously mounted new skis (from canceled orders, e.g.), and new sample skis that we obtained as part of our worldwide search for quality lightweight ski gear. We offer great deals, typically selling at or below our cost. We got to see them, you get to ski them. Win, win! All demo skis come with a limited 90-day warranty covering manufa..
From $349.00
We like to let folks test out ski boots. That means we occasionally have used boots for sale. Some of them are listed here for your purchasing pleasure. All demo boots come with a 90-day warranty covering manufacturing defects. If the boots do not fit, you may return them unused within 10 days. Atomic Backland Pro W, 24/24.5 - Brand new boot, 23/24 season model, never skied in a..
From $249.00
From time to time we sell used demo bindings and/or previously mounted new bindings (from canceled orders, e.g.). These come with a limited 90-day warranty covering manufacturer defects (not abuse). Demo bindings may be returned unused within 10 days if you find they won't work for you. Salomon MTN Tour Binding, 90mm - Brand new in the box...rare edition with 50mm adjustment tra..
From $449.00
Due to our generous return policy, we end up with some gear that's been tried out but still functionally new. Another customer got to try it, you get to buy it at a great price. Just another "win, win" situation. Please note most photos are of new gear from the manufacturer, and the used item may show slight signs of wear. Also included are unused items that can't be sold as new; f..
From $19.00
New parts for old bindings can be hard to find. Used parts for old bindings should now become easier. Trade in your used and/or broken Dynafit bindings for store credit, and we will make the working parts available for others. Please note that the photos shown here are often of new products, simply for reference. The item you receive may have visible wear. Used parts can be returne..
From $1.00
We have an eco-friendly Binding Recycling program so we end up with some used parts. Hopefully, you can find a part to keep your expensive tech bindings chugging along for another season. We do a basic visual inspection on the parts but cannot guarantee they are defect-free, so buy at your own risk. If you're not comfortable with that, please check out our wide selection of new par..
From $10.00
As you might imagine, ski shops come across a fair amount of spare boot parts. Our shop is staffed with tireless tinkerers and mad scientists, and we don't like to throw all the useful parts they come up with into the trash. So instead of letting this gear pile up in a forgotten corner, we figure we know the pool of adventurers that can make use of such bits and pieces. Please n..
From $2.00

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