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Black Diamond Ice Axe Accessories

Black Diamond makes it easy to add, subtract, or replace parts for their Ice Axes. Here, you will find those accessories to enhance your experience in the mountains.

When used and abused, ice axe picks can wear out. Thankfully, Black Diamond was kind enough to ensure the picks on the Venom LT ice axes are replaceable. So fear not, simply replace your worn out pick and plod on with confidence. Venom LT Tech Pick x1 - Constructed of steel with a reverse curve for penetrating harder surfaces. Compatible with both models of Venom LT. Venom LT..
This is a sliding pommel designed specifically for both iterations of the Venom LT Ice Axe. If you find yourself often in technical terrain, this is a worthy upgrade. ..
Whether needing to hammer in pitons or just climbing with MC Hammer, the Venom LT Hammer is for you. Compatible with both iterations of the Venom LT, this hammer bolts quickly onto the adze, making a versatile axe even more versatile...

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