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Sneak Peek - Skimo Product Preview

Take a sneak peek at some ski mountaineering products that will be coming available in the future.
The Raid 240 is the sturdy and easy-to-deploy probe every skier should have in their pack before entering the backcountry. It has a pin-locking system for fast and efficient deployment with a handle that snaps onto the shaft, so it is out of the way once the digging portion of a search commences. The segments are built of a robust, 12mm diameter aluminum tubing and the tension cabl..
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With a great boot comes great responsibility - to have a great sock! Crazy Idea Energy socks are a lightweight, well-fitted sock for any activity you might find yourself plunging into in the great outdoors. Designed with ski touring and racing in mind, these long compression socks wick moisture away from your skin and will keep your feet comfortable while you're charging uphill. Si..
Many skiers neglect their ski bases throughout the ski season only giving them the needed maintenance a few times a year, opting for après over ironing and scraping. From the Finnish wax aficionados, Start has created a product that cuts out the most laborious part of waxing. No more ironing or scraping just apply Start SG liquid wax, wait, and brush, easy enough to do at any point..
When the weather changes make sure you're ready for the conditions with the Start low fluoro liquid wax line. It's time to stop ironing and scraping; no more ruined shoes or giving up half your garage just so you can prep your skis. Apply, dry and brush with the liquid line of waxes from Start. These phenomenal Finns are making waxing incredibly easy - to complete your waxing setup..
Did you know that many of us have something in common with Sammy Hagar? Not unlike the famed hair band singer, plenty of people just can not stick to the recommended speed limit. If that's you then well-maintained bases are key to that need for speed. If you're looking for an easier way to maintain your ski bases without the hassle of ironing and scraping, we got you covered. The S..
Waxing is important to your ski base's health. Part of every ski tuner toolbox should be a good nylon brush. Start Nylon brushes are a fantastic do-it-all, works-with-any-wax, set-it-and-forget-it option. Since the goal is to spend the day skiing and not stressing about brush progressions, know that you are ready to go after a good session with this brush. Start brushes are brought..
Proper brushing is a must for ski maintenance, and that should always begin with the use of the Start Brass Brush. As a first pass before, or after the waxing process, this brass brush will do the heavy lifting by breaking dirt free from your bases after a long day in the backcountry, or is the perfect choice to use once your skis are ready for the brushing phase. When waxing your ..
We get it, some people love to be judged, and we here at Skimo Co aren’t judging your affinity for being judged (or are we?). If you fit into this description and opted to be judged nearly 1200 times a second by the POMOCUP, and want to continue that judgement no matter what pair of skis you are using, then the POMOCUP Ski Attachment with Cover can help you achieve that goal. As ha..
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