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Skimo Product Preview

Take a peek at some ski mountaineering products that will be coming available.

We all try to save weight on those crazy long days with long, technical approaches. Water? Who needs it? Fuel? Meh...Now you can leave your shovel shaft behind without putting your partners at risk with Black Diamond's LT Transfer shovel blade. You will however need to bring along a Venom Classic LT axe, but you'll need that anyway for that crazy booter. The two together combine li..
If you’re anything like us, your hands tend to get really sweaty, especially during hard pushes on the skin track or at the thought of holding the hand of that special someone. To help solve the pandemic of sweaty hands, Crazy Idea created the Ski Alp Race glove. Using a breathable softshell fabric with selectively placed windproof protection, the Ski Alp Race allows moisture to es..
Mid December
Cold feet can make ski touring unpleasant and potentially cut your day short. Snüx aims to eliminate cold feet for long tours or multi-day adventures. Specifically designed for ski boots, Snüx Overboots are engineered with 5-layer COZYTECH thermal technology that enables heat to be retained across the overboot, along with promoting dryness. Unlike other boot covers, Snüx fully wrap..
Mid December
When describing Atomic's Racing cap, words like sturdy, rugged, and handsome come to mind. The embroidered Atomic logo won't be going anywhere as it is stitched into a 100% cotton canvas material. The built-in sweatband can help move moisture away from your forehead as you start getting worked up over the first time snow is in the forecast - in September? If you get a big head afte..

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