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Take a peek at some ski mountaineering products that will be coming available.

Featuring steep and committing lines, completing the Chuting Gallery is an accomplishment that only a few ski mountaineers can claim to have done. Hidden in the depths of this book, however, is Kings Peak, which features a 12-16 mile flat approach that typically requires skins to be used both ways. It was for this type of adventure the SR BC series of skis was made. Utilizing the s..
Whether replacing a broken part or building a field repair kit, Slatnar bindings are easily serviceable. Here, you will find parts for Slatnar bindings. Please note U-Sprigs are sold as a pair while the lateral spring and ball are sold individually. U-Spring 2.8 - The stock spring for the "5-6" binding. Roughly corresponds to a release value of 5. U-Spring 3.0 - The stock spr..
From $4.95
Sometimes skin hardware gets tired and needs to be replaced. Below, you will find hardware for Voile skins that will allow your joyful partnership to continue. Hyperglide Tail Hook x1 - Replacement tail hook designed to work with the new (23/24) Voile strap tail system...
From $5.95
The CAMP Nimbus Lock is a compact, HMS-style carabiner that is well-suited for belaying and rappelling. CAMP was able to slim down a traditional pear-shaped carabiner while keeping the carabiner large enough to still fit a clove or munter hitch, providing versatility for all alpine exploits. The nose features CAMP's SphereLock construction, which prevents it from snagging on webbin..
Much like how a photon is a coalesced packet of magnetic and electric fields, the CAMP Photon Wire Carabiner is a combination of intelligent design, ease of use, and smart construction in a light package. One of the lightest carabiners out there, CAMP achieved the low weight by tweaking the geometry to require less material for the same strength, meaning they don't have to shrink t..
Whether you need to cover a spike, pick, or adze, Blue Ice has you covered. As an added benefit, we happen to quite like the Blue colors. Spike Protector - Works well for axes that have a dedicated spike, such as the Akila. Pick/Adze Protector - Best option to cover the Ice axes that have an adze and spike, such as the Hummingbird or Falk. Pick Protector - Best option for ..
The R1 Extension Cord allows the user of the Nao RL headlamp to carry their battery somewhere other than their head. This helps lighten the load placed upon the head and neck, which over the course of a long race, isn't insignificant. If using the headlamp in the winter, the extension cord allows the battery to be stowed in a warmer place, thus improving battery life. No matter if ..
Toko Performance Liquid Paraffin Wax is easy, convenient, and painless. Simply spray it on, let it dry, brush it off, and enjoy the glide! It comes in three colors for different temperature ranges so you can always have the right wax for the day. The formula is fluoro-free, meaning you can enjoy excellent glide and be a better environmental steward. This sounds like a "win-win" if ..
Based on the Pomoca Climb 2.0, there isn't much to dislike about the Precut Skins from Rossignol. With a 70%-30% Mohair Nylon mix, these skins find a compelling blend of durability whilst remaining light and packable. While the glide is perfectly acceptable for long days on the skin track, these skins have excellent grip, making them a strong contender for those who aren't a fan of..
With a simple and durable nylon-mohair mix construction, the Tour Explore skin from Pomoca has the reliability needed to tackle mid-winter powder stashes and big objectives alike. By combining mohair and nylon in a 70-30% split respectively, the Explore skins have sufficient glide without sacrificing durability. Additionally, the plush has been optimized for grip, providing confide..
As its name suggests, the Tour Pro is purpose-built for guides and serious backcountry users. Compared to the other skins in the Pomoca stable, the Tour Pro has the longest plush length, providing the best grip out of the lineup. To reduce friction while skinning, the Tour Pro features a permanent glide treatment that gives it exceptional gliding mannerisms, allowing you to move wi..

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