Jesse M

Jesse M
Shoe Size:N/A
Skier Type:Type III - Aggressive
Ski Frequency:25 - 50 days / year
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My Skiing

Lifelong skier (telemark) who recently went to the dark side and got AT gear. I have gotten hooked on skimo racing as a means to improve my fitness and ability to try more committing things in the mountains.

My Gear

Dynafit PDG skis and boots plus their low tech bindings for racing and now pretty much everything.

Recent Posts

Airbag recovery in action post slide.
Update: At the end of last season I got to actually use it in the field. Long outing on a "triple green" day (low danger on all aspects and elevations), fast companions, long day. I almost didnt take the pack but it is so light I figured I may as well since it already had my stuff in it. I almost felt stupid popping the ripcord handle out conditions were so stable. About 30 feet down a 45 degree slot off the second ridge I hit like the only spot of instability on the mountain. Feet ripped, I could tell ...
I have used the Swix hydrocarbon wax series exclusively for years and have been very pleased with its performance in all snow conditions as a ski and skin wax. The temperature breaks for the wax make good sense to me and with just 3 you can pretty much cover any conditions year long in Colorado. I also refuse to ski in 0 degree weather which helps! Ski waxing is easy even with CH7 which is a tiny bit brittle. It can still be scraped just fine but I prefer to run a piece of Swix Fiberlene over the ski bet...
I have been touring and training in this all season and think it is a pretty good top for people of average proportions. I am 6'4" and the Large is just right in the chest but a tad short in the sleeve without a long gauntlet glove. The fabric has a slight face to it making it a little wind repellent and it breathes well while definitely warming up under exertion. The hood is a tad loose but warm on cold days. The fabric has a funny smell to it even after a season of washes and long excursions. The color sc...
I have skied with this airbag all winter and love it. It is super light and very comfortable to carry on long days with the weight of the airbag barely noticeable. It carries everything I need for a day of extended skimo training- spare set of skins, spare water bottle, puffy, wind breaker top and bottom, spare gloves, repair kit, InReach, and typical avy gear plus saw. The one thing I don't like about the pack is the rear entry feature. I get it but it is a little tough to get out your avy tools without s...

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