Chicken Legs

Chicken Legs
Height:6' 0"
Weight:160 lbs
Shoe Size:US 11.50
Skier Type:Type III - Aggressive
Ski Frequency:N/A
My Gear

Voile Objectives 178cm

Plum Race 150

Atomic Backland Carbon

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I'm a science teacher, so a quick physics lesson. Work = force x distance, and force = mass x acceleration. If you want to decrease the amount of work you do in the backcountry, then the easiest thing to do is lose some mass. These accomplish that and are still super fun to ski. Voile killed it with this ski. Their light weight is a boon while skinning and I hardly notice them on my back when putting in a booter. Ski performance is fantastic. The rockered tips keep me smiling in funky snow, they turn on d...

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