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ARVA Emergency Blanket UL 55g

Like the elven cloaks of Lórien, the ARVA Emergency Blanket UL 55g can save your life when your adventure goes awry. While this emergency blanket won't camouflage you from keen-eyed Haradrim, the red and silver coloring makes you easy to spot by rescuers or the eagles of Manwë. The reflective coating reflects 90% of your body heat, preventing you from freezing in the storms atop Caradhras while simultaneously insulating you from heat so you can survive the fires of Mount Doom. With a meager weight of 55ish grams, there is little reason to leave the Emergency Blanket UL 55g from ARVA behind, even if you must abandon your gear to pursue the orcs of Saruman on their way to Isengard.

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Model: EMERGENCY BLANKET UL 55g MPN: PRCOU55 UPC: 3700507914929

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