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2018/19 Season Preview
The cycle of life continues: welcome to the 2018/19 ski-season preview!  As we roll into our sixth season, we’d like to start by than...
Little time, Lots of fun
"Let’s go to the Sierras and ski the Mendenhall Couloir and Bloody Couloir!” “Quick trip out to ski Shasta?” A few years ago, if...
A Racer's Secret: The Inclined Plane
We’ve decided to let you in on a little secret. A secret known only to skimo racers, parapalegics, high-school physics teachers and the&nb...
2017/18 Season Preview
It’s that time again, welcome to the 2017/18 season preview!  With a long spring/summer season afforded by ample snowfall throughout ...

Write Reviews, Earn Store Credit

Do you find product reviews helpful? We sure do, and many of our customers do as well.

Unfortunately taking the time to write a nice, detailed review does you little good since you've already bought the product. Instead, you write reviews to benefit others. You then hope to rely on them when making your next purchasing decision. This is all very circular, and in some ways karmic.

Skimo Co is a new shop and thus doesn't have a long history of karmic product reviewing. So we're hoping to grease the wheels a bit by offering store credit for your valuable time. It helps us, it helps other skiers, and in the end, we hope it will help you.

Our initial idea was to offer $1 in store credit for a basic review, which is doubled to $2 for more expensive items like skis and boots. We then started thinking that if you purchased the product from us, we would gladly double those amounts to $2 and $4, as a review from a verified buyer is certainly more reliable than one from a uncertified stranger.

However, since we are not very bright and are starting with zero buyers, we think it might be a good idea to just go ahead and double those amounts for all reviews, at least temporarily. So that's what were going to do: write a review, earn $2 in store credit (deposited weekly). If the review is for a ski or a boot, you'll see $4 appear instead.

As you can probably guess, you'll need an account to have the credit deposited, so make sure to register before clocking in. We also suggest you fill out your skier profile, so you don't have to repeat yourself by listing your foot size and accomplishments with every review of skin wax.

That leaves us with one last major caveat: we reserve the right to delete your reviews if we suspect they are anything less than genuine. If you are thinking of buying a new pair of Dynafit PDG skis by generically reviewing 200 different items, rest assured we'll notice. Also making it difficult is the fact that we don't even have 200 different items.

There you have it. It's not enough to make a living for sure, but we think it's a nice gesture to thank you for your efforts that benefit others. We also hope it is enough to incent people to help you out as well. Happy reviewing!

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