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Bloody Couloir

Elevation gain

4000 ft

Highest point

12558 ft

Lowest point

10800 ft










Many of the monster lines in the Eastern Sierra are remote and have pretty lengthy approaches. The Bloody Couloir gains classic status in that it’s highly visible from the road and not that far from it either. It’s a beauty for sure and not as steep as it appears from the road, but there are places in the mid 45 degree range that would be spicy in poor conditions. The tendency for a wetter snow allows this line to fill in quickly and it can be skiable for most of the season, but spring is the safest and best bet. The line itself starts off with some steep turns form the summit of Bloody Mountain and wraps into a couloir with two channels that are bisected by two rock prows. They both maintain a healthy pitch for several hundred feet, but the left line is the much steeper of the two and the right is much more wide open. The run opens into a wide glorious apron with plenty of room to open it up for the finish.


The trailhead is just south of highway outside Mammoth Lakes. Drive up the dirt road as far as you dare, or your subaru will allow and park. This is a very simple and straightforward approach since you can see the line almost the entire time.Follow the road grade up into the upper basin and cut to the west towards Laurel Lakes. From here just skin and or boot up the chute.


4X4 drive on approach


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