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Brooks-Range Alpini Shelter


The Alpini is quite possibly the lightest, smallest, most packable-est shelter that squeezes by the Elk Mountain Grand Traverse checklist. Alpini refers to a historical Italian infantry division who dominated the high mountains using light-n-fast tactics. The shelter is essentially a frameless tent, providing protection from the wind and rain while trapping some heat. If you need to bivouac or just want to stop for a pleasant lunch in a storm, whip up the Alpini and ignore your surroundings. The breathable fabric and vents minimize condensation of your breath and sweat.

Two average-sized humans with a moderate amount of flexibility and coordination can squeeze into this shelter, though you will use every nook and cranny of extra space. One average-sized human can fit in the shelter with a backpack, poles, a bit of extra head room, and a deck of cards.

  • 6 Stake Attachment Points to anchor the shelter to the ground.
  • 3 Guy Line attachments on the roof.
  • 3 "Catch Pockets" built into the roof so your ski poles can create extra head room.
  • 2 Mesh Side Windows for to help with condensation and warmth regulation.
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Sidecut   Packed: 6" x 5"
Unpacked: 47.6" x 38.7" x 25.2"
Specs Verified Yes
Skimo Co Says
Usage A rapidly deployable, highly compressible, and impressively versatile emergency shelter that most backcountry travelers should keep handy
Notes Warms up frighteningly quick with two people inside
Bottom Line The best "Boy that weather sure came in quick" insurance money can buy

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Model: UltraLite Alpini Shelter 200 UPC: 0816113015912

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