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CAMP Mach Express Dyneema

No Longer Carry

The Camp Mach Express is an ultralight quickdraw for fast alpine missions on skis or otherwise. The Camp Nano takes hold of the gear end and is small, compact, and easy to place in tight quarters. The Photon Wire carabiner is large and in charge of handling the rope. Redesigned to be larger, safer, and lighter, the Photon is the logical choice for a quick-draw. A 60cm section of ultra-strong, waterproof Dyneema makes up the dog-bone and connects the two carabiners. The Mach Express is a well-thought-out quick-draw that is easy to use with gloves when you are exposed to the elements.

  • The Camp Nano 22 is small and keeps your gear loops organized so you can carry more and focus on the mission.
  • The Photon Wire is one of the lightest full-size carabiners around and has been redesigned for higher safety standards.
  • Dyneema sling measures 60cm for an extendable reach to awkward anchors.
  • A featherweight 73g with big-whipper capabilities.

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Model: Mach Express Dyneema UPC: 8005436090931

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